Huvr gives you a Hoverboard…Not!

Remember a while ago when I talked about the Back to the Future II shoe? Well, we are getting close to the 2015 year that this film took place, and we are still nowhere near flying cars. Back in 1989, when that film was made, director Robert Zemeckis insisted that the hoverboards were real.

I’m not certain why in the world they spread that rumor in 1989 because there is no real Hoverboard product. I am guessing that it was an attempt to get people to see the movie, and it was done before the Internet when all you had to go with was newspapers and word-of-mouth.

Now there is another video out for some company known as HuvrTech, and it is showing people on hoverboards. It is fake, but it certainly is odd that they got the one-and-only Christopher Lloyd to be in it. Yeah, Doc Brown even gives a hoverboard to the one-and-only Tony Hawk. Other celebrities appear in this ad, but it is incredibly odd for them to do so.

After all, is this some ad for something? If so, what? There’s no way there will be real hoverboards, at least not in the near future, like 2015. Maybe some day Huvr will have the market covered on this.


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