RHP Multimedia presents the MirrorCase for the iPhone 4/4S

It seems like there are all sorts of protective cases for the iPhone 4/4S, and this particular MirrorCase gives protection and more.

The MirrorCase is a protective case with a sturdy plastic shell with rubber bumpers, and it also has a special mirror. You know how you have to hold up your iPhone oddly to get a picture or video? Yeah, I know that isn’t really a problem for me, but if you feel more comfortable holding your iPhone flat to take a picture, this is the iPhone accessory for you.

The MirrorCase has an application for taking snapshots and both portrait and landscape mode using the case. There is also a way to select and image from the camera roll to a Privacy Screen, and it involves a mere swipe from a finger from left to right.

That is enough to sell most people, but the MirrorCase can redirect the flash from the iPhone to turn Apple’s smartphone into a flashlight. You might also notice that the shape allows it to rest on the table in an angled position, which is also good for resting on the shoulder.

You should be able to purchase the MirrorCase for the iPhone 4/4S on the RHP site for about $49.95. There is one for the iPad “coming soon”.

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