SEIDIO Active and Convert Cases for the iPhone 5

It really is nice that we live in a world where a maker of mobile phone accessories can make a good living. I have reviewed a lot of them in my years of experience, but this would be the first time I have reviewed a SEIDIO case. Fortunately, I had a chance to review two.

I’ll start with the ACTIVE case. It is light with dual-layered protection, with one of them being felt-lined. The case itself is only 2.2 mm thick, and has an impact absorbing polymer and exterior skeleton.

In addition to the ACTIVE case, the user also has the option of purchasing a Combo back which has a holster. It has a spring clip that allows you to pop the phone in and out, and it has an adjustable swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles. It also has a felt-lined holster with a face-in design for extra protection.

I also had a chance to review the CONVERT. This particular case has passed MIL-STD-810G Mil Spec Drop Tests, one of the highest levels of durability testing based on military requirements. Like the ACTIVE, it has dual layers, but it is more like 2 cases in 1. There is a sleek case for daily protection and then a heavier duty case for real rugged situations.

The CONVERT also has a combo pack that includes a SURFACE case, a screen guard, a rugged skin, a skeleton, as well as a Holster. You can get the CONVERT for $49.99 on the SEIDIO site here, and the ACTIVE comes for $49.99 here, but you can get it cheaper without a combo pack.

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