Speculative Fiction Saturday: Constantine

constantine-posterI have to say that most films that I have seen like Constantine are generally full of things that even the Bible doesn’t believe in, but it almost looks like it should. Films with God and the Devil feel like they should be liked by Christians, but they are often the ones most boycotted. I personally think that Constantine has some incredibly good ideas, and it is a wild, disturbing action ride.

Constantine stars Keanu Reeves as…yeah, it’s pretty easy to talk about Keanu Reeves, and his “surfer dude” attitude makes him seem cardboard. However, I can’t help but like him, because even though he comes off as fake, most people act this way.

So, Keanu plays a man named John Constantine that has the ability to see angels, demons, and all kinds of spiritual things. He then takes them on kind of like some action exorcist. Apparently, John Constantine is based in comic book source material, but I have never read his particular graphic novels. I wonder if DC comics was trying to start some Cinematic Universe before Marvel was doing it. Also, there was a weekly series that was based on this source material, but I don’t know anything about that.

So, let’s judge Constantine for what it is, and I actually like it. One of the things that I like about this film is that Constantine has this ability to see what we all want to see, into that supernatural world that we all know is there. Part of this is the whole Men In Black vibe that this film has where the supernatural is hidden within the natural. This is something that I believe exists, but honesty, if the extraordinary became ordinary, then like John Constantine, you would just get sick of it.

Especially when you exorcise demons from the living and save lives, you soon discover that you are dying of lung cancer. This is what Constantine opens to, after Constantine just stopped a powerful demon.

From there, Constantine becomes an odd detective story and I would have to say that the “big case” feels a little…I’m not certain. Part of it involves the Spear of Destiny, the weapon that pierced Christ on the cross. There is apparently some thing that involves Rachel Weisz that will free the son of the devil to destroy the world…I’m still not certain.

The reason why I like this film is because even though the doctrine about demons and angels seems un-biblical. At least it acknowledges that heaven and hell exist, and they are somehow mixed with the real world. The mixture of hell and Los Angeles into this “Hell A” landscape creates a very hypnotic effect. Then there is also a mix of L.A. skyscrapers with heavenly clouds that looks really good as well.

There is also a scene where a demon attacks Constantine, and it is made of insects, crabs, and any disgusting creature that you can think of. It is something that could have been developed more, but it was probably a pretty expensive effect.

I think that what I like about this film is that Constantine realizes that he is not a pawn in a supernatural game. There are things that he cannot control in his odd life, but that doesn’t meant that he won’t try to do the right thing.

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