The Duracell Powermat: It really needs to be a standard, seriously

In all honesty, I have tried out the Powermat before. In fact, my second contest was all about the Powermat. Of course, that was three years ago.

Back then, the Powermat was black and it could charge three devices simultaneously. Now, it is white and it can do about two devices. Please do not interpret this as a step down for the product.

If you are not familiar with the Powermat, it is a platter-shaped device that you can plug into the wall and charge your devices wirelessly. As long as there is a special case for the Powermat, your device charges like magic. By the way, when you put your device on the Powermat, it makes a fun little noise. It had the feature three years ago, and I’m glad it still has it.

The basic Powermat kit has a Portable Battery on it which is that square thing that you see in the image. This Portable Battery pack has a micro USB port that you can charge via micro-USB to USB or whatever charging cable you might have. Better yet, put the Portable Battery on the Powermat and charge it up. Once it is full up on power (which it has indicator lights for) it has an Apple 30 pin connector and micro USB connector for charging mobile devices.

All in all, I wish that practically every kitchen counter, home entertainment center, and any horizontal surface had this magnetic charging ability. That way, we would never have to worry about charging our mobile devices again, as they would suck up power when we aren’t even looking. If you want to get in on this wireless revolution so it can kick it up a notch, head over to the Powermat website and pay $99.99 for it. The basic kit has a case for the iPhone 4/4S, and there are specialty cases available for other devices as well.

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