The Top 5 Worst Ad Campaigns, Because You Just Got to Read This Obvious Clickbait!

Yeah, there are some days where I just write what I want to write, and so I wanted to write about ad campaigns that I am just sick of. Now, I am certain that there are some people who like these ad campaigns, but for me, some are so bad that I would not buy the product even if it were given to me for free.

5. The Kia Hamster Soul/Turbo Ads

As far as I can tell, this ad campaign started in 2009, as this one that I found on YouTube seems to show. The idea of hamsters spinning in their wheels while another pulls up in a Kia Soul makes its point pretty well, actually.

I think the one that most people remember is the one where the hamsters are dancing to the “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO, and this one came out in 2012. It features the hamsters showing up in the middle of what looks like to be a video game like Halo and dancing to the tune.

There is now one for the Kia Turbo with a hamster in diapers. Not only that, he is trying to escape from a hospital, and jumps off the roof of it. However, he saves himself by opening a piece of cloth as a chute. Yeah, here it is, and man, it’s terrible, and it’s over 1:40! What the hey?

Why do I hate these ads? Because I find these little hamsters to be simply creepy, not cute. I actually think that they have made several ads by now, with one per year, and they aren’t worthy of being the Energizer bunny for Kia.

Check out numbers 1-4 after the jump.

4) Arby’s: We Have the Meats

Arby’s is notorious for having really bad ad campaigns, like “Oven Mitt Man” from the early 2,000’s that you probably forgot about. Lately, they have been doing this series of ads where this one announcer really wants you to know that “We Have the Meats”, and if you better not be one of those sissy vegetarians. Here’s just one of them:

If that voice sounds familiar, it should, as it is none-only than Ving Rhames. That’s right, the man who portrayed Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction is this Arby’s meats guy. If you are the type that thinks meat is murder, then these ads are genocide.

So why do I hate these ads? It feels super-masculine, like I should be watching football, drinking beer, and doing some other phallocentric activity that I can’t think of right now. Not to mention how absolutely proud Ving is of his meat. See what I’m talking about?

Also, so you have the meats, so what? McDonalds and Burger King have meats as well. In fact, a nice restaurant has sirloin steak, and Arby’s has none of that.

3) Left Twix/Right Twix

You remember back when commercials used to settle issues, saying that their product is the best? The Left Twix/Right Twix ad campaign is kind of a “tastes great/less filling” type where its consumers are divided about what is the best part of the product. Captain Crunch did this by having people like the Crunch or the Taste, and so on.

The thing about the left and right Twix campaign is that there truly is not a difference between the left and right Twix bars. In fact, what is the left and right side of them? It all depends on which way you are looking at the candy bar, and the commercial does not specify.

Also, this ad just insults my intelligence by suggesting that there is a different factory for each bar, and yet this huge feud has some kind of agreement when it comes to packaging the two cookie/caramel bars together.

I would say that I’m not buying it, but the truth is, I love Twix, and eat one every week. Why does it have to have that “Left Twix” or “Right Twix” in the corner, why?

2) Progressive’s Flo

Progressive started using actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney in 2008, and it has been almost a decade now. I don’t know if this is the first one with Flo, but here is one from 2008.

I don’t know why, but there is something about Flo that is just creepy to me. I’m not certain why, but I think it is because she seems way too devoted to her job. I never liked to work with people like that, and perhaps this says something about me that I can’t stand Flo. It’s also that white environment that she works in makes it look like she is in some 70’s dystopian science-fiction movie.

However, there must be a huge majority of audiences that love Flo, or they wouldn’t keep making these ads. I would make an aunt Flo joke, but Stephanie might actually be someone’s aunt, and I’m sure that joke has been done to death.

1) Geico Anything

I’m pretty sure that this winner is on all of your lists for most annoying ads, which would make the second insurance company to make this list. I could have easily used Nationwide and Allstate as numbers 6-10 on a sequel for this Top Five, which I won’t write.

I think it was Tina Fey who said on an episode of 30 Rock that Geico has seven different ad campaigns. You can pick your own video that you want to fill in this spot, because I could have picked from the “People to Switch to Geico sure are happy”, to the Geico Gecko, to the awful Caveman ads that actually spawned a very brief and failed spinoff series.

There have been so many different ads, I imagine that Geico’s budget chart has the yellow colored section that looks like Pac-Man. Okay, that was a weird analogy, but you hear me, don’t you? Geico spends way too much of its profits on ads! Do you have enough subscribers saving up to 15 percent, do you?

So, did I get your least favorite ads? Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

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