Wilson Sleek 4G and Home/Office Accessory Kit boosts your signal

Anyone remember those cellular phone ads that promised “more bars in more places”? I had a chance to try out Wilson’s products, and their Home/Office Accessory Kit along with the sleek 4G Five-Band Cradle Signal Booster is designed to make that dream alive.

Let me say that I am glad that Wilson sent me both of them, as I don’t think I can make one work without the other. The Five-Band Cradle Signal Booster comes with the cradle and the antenna, and it is designed to boost 4G signals on all major carrier networks in North America. It also enables faster and cleaner 3G and 4G data transfers, and can even boost 2G and 3G signals on all carrier networks. I believe that the figures are “capable of boosting a cell phone signal by up to 20 times, and that is a pretty big boast.

As for the Home/Office Accessory Kit, it is essentially a suction cup desk mount and window-mount antenna bracket, just so you can take this on the road or at the office. It even comes with a 13-inch zippered carrying pouch. I found it on the Wilson Electronics site for about $24.95. As for the Wilson Sleek 4G, I found it on UberSignal for a price of $189.95.

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