Yubico Yubikey 4 Security Keys Provides Extra Security for Passwords

In a world where computer hacking and phishing seem to be commonplace problems, web users need some added security in their pocket. The Yubikey 4 series by Yubico can help solve this dilemma in a simple little device that attaches to your keychain or lanyard.

In reviewing this product, I got a bit of an education on internet security. Today it’s easy for people to get hacked, and sites like Google are suggesting 2FA (or Two Factor Authorization). This key will provide that 2FA without the extra hassle.

This handy little key is super secure and easy to use. You simply plug it into your device, and tap the button (which is NOT a biometric reader).  You can use it to log into Windows, Google, Facebook, e-mail, and all kinds of other sites. This can give your laptop some extra security if someone comes across it in the public, they won’t be able to get access to anything on your computer (unless you have left the key in it).

It looks like this little key could get easily damaged, but it can withstand being run over by a car, and even make it through the washing machine (although, we didn’t test this on our sample we received at CES this year).

At $40 for the USB-A form, the pricetag on this little key might seem steep for some, but for those who want and need that extra security, it can be well worth it. There are other forms you can get that serve the same function, but can be used semi-permanently in your device. The most expensive one is the USB-C nano, and that is $60. It is meant to stay in the port.

You can find this and other Yubikey products on their website, and even on Amazon.com.

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