Game Review: Heart and Slash

Heart and SlashI have to admit that Heart and Slash is an unsual title for a game, but there is something outright unusual about Heart and Slash.

The game is about a robot named Heart who is essentially an eighties computer monitor with robot arms, torso, and legs. I decided to do the tutorial, and it actually gives some backstory on the game. Apparently, some scientist named Dr. Sympathy created a robot with some kind of emotions.

After you learn to fight and move stuff, you are told that the Robotlution has taken place. Yeah, you know my spell-checker didn’t recognize that word, but do I need to explain what that is? I mean, how many science-fiction films have done that idea of machines getting so smart, that they decide that the humans need to be taken down a few pegs?

Anyway, the game opens with Heart learning that there are no humans anymore, and he must hack and slash his way through many levels. Oh, he can also use guns, but that comes later. You know how video games like RPGs allow the player to get bigger and better weaponry? Yeah, I didn’t play all the way through this game, but you do that.

Now, I will say one thing for this game: a lot of work is spent on the robot adversaries. They look very cool, and attacking them is kind of fun too.

In fact, the game has a lot of jump moves with attacks that don’t seem to do much damage unless you upgrade them. You need to defeat enemies to get parts/money for upgrades, and it ain’t easy to get.

Seriously, you have six hearts, but these enemies can take a lot of them, and hearts are hard to find at first. Attacks are about offense as well as defense, and when I played it on the PS4, the circle button allowed for a dodge. Yeah, there must be video game players that are good at defensive attacks, but I am not one of them.

Heart and Slash is available on Steam for about $24.99.

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