Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock Review from Phoenix Online Publishing

MorningStarAs most of you know, I like to review a few Steam games every once in a while, and I had a chance to try out Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock.

Now yes, that is an interesting title, so what is it? Well, it is a point-and-click game that I love so much. These are the ones where you are exploring a new place, and doing things. Oh, and you are picking things, and you are using those things in different places, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to pick up said things. Heck, I’m pretty sure my book, The Labyrinth House, is at least inspired by that.

I’m not certain how Morningstar fits into the title, but you end up on a planet called Deadrock, to its shame. You play an astronaut/space explorer named Powell who crashlands there, and then it is all about survival. By survival, I mean that you go to certain places on this planet, and discover that this place is occupied by some interesting beings.

Okay, I wanted to play this game, but I beat it in a matter of hours. This does not mean that the game is bad, but that it is too easy to get clues. Powell, can communicate with a co-pilot via radio, and the clues the co-pilot drops make the game a little too easy to solve. Of course, if you play enough of this point-and-click games, you start to learn how they work, and you can hopefully beat them without going online. In this one, I never really got stuck for too long, and that is not a good thing when it comes to games like this. Of course, the “Radio” button helped, a lot.

So, the gameplay is very cool, reminding me of the cool early nineties CD ROM games, and they are still a lot of fun. You should be able to get the game on the Phoenix Online store for about $9.99.

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