My Presentation at MomoCon 2015: Video Games and Storytelling

Momocon 2015Well, as I have been over posting on this blog, I have been to MomoCon 2015. Yes, it was a good time for me, and the reason why I went was to deliver a panel. I’ll go ahead and put the panel here in Prezi format.

If you aren’t familiar with Prezi, it is a place where you can post your presentations for free, and if you want to see Video Games and Storytelling, just click the link.

I’m not going to give away too much, but I start out by explaining that video game movies don’t work. I then discuss how the history of video games have allowed them to have stories, but the simplest of them don’t necessarily require one. However, this has changed, and video games can use storytelling methods to its great advantage.

I will explain how video games and stories like books and movies will influence each other. I had an audience of about 30 at the conference, and I would like to see how the rest of the world responds.

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