Our Review of the Game “Bear With Me”

Bear with MeWell, here’s another game review, and this Bear With Me game is quite unusual. The gameplay isn’t really original, as it is a typical RPG game, where you are wandering around a certain place, picking up items, interacting with characters, but the setting is what makes this unique.

Bear With Me takes place in a very film noir world. If you aren’t familiar with that style, it usually involves a seedy characters in a seedy setting in a bad part of town. The main character is usually a private detective, in search of justice.

What makes it interesting is how the main character of this game is a little girl named Amber, who has a stuffed animal named Ted E. Bear. What is interesting is that there are other stuff animals that are alive in this black-and-white world, and there is even a robot guardian.

This might be a bit of a spoiler, but what is interesting is that one of Amber’s friends is murdered. The body is a stuffed animal with its stuffing on the outside, and it really puts this world into perspective At first, I thought Amber’s world was some kind of mix of magic realism mixed with film noir, but I realize now that some of this plotline is taking place within Amber’s imagination.

There seems to be some kind of plotline going on with Amber and her missing brother. Apparently, her missing brother is happening in real life, and I’m not certain what else is happening in real life. It feels like something bad is happening in this world, and I can’t help but think that the parents are trying to keep Amber out of some kind of trouble that is really happening in this world.

This is what makes this world different from other RPG games. There is some kind of other story that isn’t being told that I don’t really know, and kind of draws me in.

I will have to say that I found the puzzles of this game quite simple. In fact, I found that the characters were really telegraphing the solutions to puzzles even before I even saw that they were going to be problems. I still got stuck in a few places.

The game also makes fun of RPG games, as it will occasionally break the fourth wall and talk about how dumb RPG cliches are.

I really liked playing this game, and you can get Bear With Me on Steam for about $4.99.

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