Our Review of Tick’s Tales

Ticks TalesAh, there is nothing like playing a classic 8-bit RPG, which I have loved since the eighties since my Sierra gaming days. Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight (get it?) is from Digital Bounce House and Phoenix Online, and it is kind of a satire of those old games.

Yes, there is a lot of moving around and solving puzzles in this game, which is pretty much everything that I love about video games. You might note that I said, kind of a satire, and the issue is it isn’t that funny. There are some jokes that are based on 8-bit games that work, like when Tick talks about how, in most games, something that should work doesn’t work.

Yes, this is a game that is self-aware, but this doesn’t really make it all that good. However, I will have to say that I had a difficult time with the puzzles, and that is always a good thing. Perhaps the judgment of a good game is how fun it is to solve, even if you can’t solve the puzzles.

I’m just going to recommend Tick’s Tales because I just love this type of games. You can get it on Steam for $7.99.

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