Video Game Hatred could cross the line for video-game violence

You know, I’m really sick of people who blamed video games for violence. I mean, if you are playing a video game so you can kill people without any consequences, then you go out and do it, has the video game that “inspired” your real-life murder to blame? I would ask why you want to kill people in the first place?

It would appear that Destructive Creations has created a game known as Hatred. I have placed a video of the trailer here so you see what it is. Personally, I think this show is in the same vein as Frank Miller’s Sin City.

Here’s the checklist:

1) Overly pretentious narration. Check. If you’ve read Frank Miller’s work, then you know his trademark style of using captions for a character’s thoughts. Characters like Batman and Daredevil used to just think these really cool and angst-ridden thoughts, and it is meant to be escapism.

2) Stereotypical look at rampant shooters. Check. Frank Miller’s Sin City took views of typical views of hit men and prostitutes and just ran with them. I don’t know if there is any world where people live in some underworld where they go above the law. I certainly hope not. This is not to say that his characters were not relate-able, but just less morals.

3) Black and White, with as little color as possible. Check.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the stupid narration at the beginning, but I will have to admit that I would find very little joy from killing people who aren’t trying to kill me, especially when they beg for mercy. I noticed I didn’t see any shots of the main character killing any children.

Is it possible that giving someone the ability to virtually kill someone can prevent them from actually killing someone? I would like to think this would actually make it worse. Does that mean you should outlaw it? Here’s the thing: I could easily write something with more violence then you can stand. Here’s the thing, if you can’t stand it, why would anyone would read it? I think we would probably see the attempt at that as nothing but humorous.

So hey, I don’t know if Hatred is going to cause violence or prevent it. The issue is that I’m not going to put any effort to stop it being marketed. If I do that, it’s just going to increase sales. What a world we live in!


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