CastAR is picking up steam for Virtual Reality

It was about a year ago, we reported on the CastAR, a virtual reality system that had very high aspirations. As you can see by the above video, they are still hoping to get in on this new age of VR.

We are not yet living in the age of the Oculus Rift, but these glasses have a projection screen and use two teeny 720p projectors mounted on top of the glasses to send out the image. Then there are mounted LEDs for tracking head movement.

I think what capture my attention on this thing is its ability to do some excellent gaming. My Source says that the gaming thing is good, but the whole thing about what a building would look like with virtual building plans is not quite as good as the video would show.

You know what is weird about this video? After the whole family uses these CastAR goggles, the mom kind of steals them on the way out. This feels like the ending to a horror movie, or something. Also, can’t everyone in the family have one of these? It looks like the whole family was sharing.

The last time that I wrote about this, the CastAR was a Kickstarter project. I have no idea what stage it the CastAR is in, but I still can’t wait to try it out.


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