Introducing the Valve’s Virtual Reality Headset with the HTC Vive

HTC ViveAs we mentioned last week, Mobile World Congress 2015 is happening this week, and there are a lot of new mobile devices that will be unveiled this week. I predicted that the HTC One M9 would be announced, and this Vive has come by complete surprise. The Vive is made with Valve, the ones who give us some Steam, and this one is a VR headset.

That’s right, there is going to be a VR headset made for Steam. Not only that, this isn’t like the Oculus Rift where it shows up whenever. HTC Vive is planned on coming out by the end of this year, with a developer kit coming out in the spring.

From what I hear, the Vive has a pair of 1200 x 1080 displays capable of doing video at 90 frames per second, and it can track movement in a room as large as 15 x 15 feet. As for control as you play Steam games, look for “intuitive controls”, whatever that means. Oh, does this mean that we are going to get those VR gloves that I’ve heard so much about, back in the early nineties?

So the Vive will be on display at MWC 2015 and the Game Developer Conference. Let’s see how it holds up with other competitors like Sony’s Morpheus and Microsoft’s Hololens. Still, nothing has been finalized on those guys.

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