Tech News of the Day, Monday, August 31

Let’s start this week off right!

Interested in getting a new Walkman? No, you’re not back in the 80’s. It just so happens that Sony Walkman S Series and E Series are set for release.

Looking for a cellular phone that has 3G, GPS, and costs little? Look no further than the Nokia 5230.

The MSI X600 Portable Notebook has finally reached the states. Read more about it here.

In case you have many USB ports that need charging, then you might want to check out the iLuv iAD117 Three Port Charger.

I’m pretty sure that the BucketVAC is going to be popular with the Shop Vac crowd. See it for yourself.

Tired of the process required just to get your pictures up on a social networking site? Check out Cerevo’s new camera and CerevoLife.

FPS gamers are going to love the Game Gun, and you can check it out here to see it in action.

All this, plus I’m going to the Penny Arcade Expo!

Asus plans an Eee version of an e-reader

asus_logoI’m sure all of you have heard of the famous Asus Eee, the netbook that revolutionized the netbook industry, and it would appear that Asus is going to change the e-reader platform with their own version.

Asustek president Jerry Shen recently announced the new Eee e-reader, and projected it to be released by the end of 2009. That translates into a new product to be unveiled at CES 2010.

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Tech News of the Day, Friday, August 28

Nice to be back again. We have a lot of new tech on display today!

I’ll star with the Octopus, a Super USB mobile phone charger. Check it out.

Here’s a little preview of the very long-awaited film Avatar. It is going to be 3-D, which makes 3-D more than just the passing fad that it was back in the day.

Epson is up to their old printer tricks with the Artisan 810 all-in-one printer.

Need a wireless camera and monitor to go someplace? You should get the WiSpy EX30 Wireless Camera and Monitor.

Canon has some new cameras out: the Powershot SD940 and SD980.

Ever wanted to use a mouse without your hands? If you used the SmartNav 4 EG Hands-Free Mouse, then you would know.

If you are looking for a classy looking Bluetooth headset, then you might want to take a peek at the Plantronics Discovery 975.

Ever wanted an iPod speaker and a bag, at the same time? Well, neither do I. But hey, I like the Speaker Bags.

Uh-oh! It would appear that Microsoft’s LifeCam is not the first webcam to do 720p. According to Hercules (Hercules! Hercules!) the Dualpix HD 720p is. Oh, the controversy!

I like Altec Lansing, and you might when you check out the Expressionist Ultra and the MIX.

Lego Mindstorms Solves Sudoku, and this is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen all day

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Lego Mindstorms, but they are a serious set of Legos designed to make all sorts of programmable robotic toys.

In fact, I wouldn’t say that Mindstorms creations are toys, but complex robots. Like this one where Hans Andersson (middle name Christian?) designed that can solve Sudoku puzzles.

Watch the video if you don’t believe me, but it does this by scanning, and then from the data it writes in the appropriate numbers. It does it faster than I do it, with better handwriting.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Hey, it turns out that Hans Andersson’s next project is going to be metallurgical. There is a picture of it after the jump.

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Tech News for the Day, Thursday, August 27

This will be the beginning of what will be a daily update (on weekdays) on technology that I have reported on the other blogs that I wrote for. Just click on the links to see what is up for today.

Do you know where your children are? Well, if you had the Amber Alert GPS 2G, then you would know the answer with just a simple Text Message. Check it out here.

Is it possible to have a camera that can record up to 24 hours in its internal memory? Yes. It’s called the Canon VIXIA HF S11.

Check out Casio’s latest compact camera, the Elixim EX-Z33.

You like Concept phones? Check out the Nokla E81.

Logitech has figured out a way to make a mouse work on a glass surface with the Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX.

You like watching those Omni Dome theaters, then you should check out the TOOB!

For those of you who want to see the world on the back of a bicycle, then you might want to look into this Burning Man Fan’s micro house!

Ever wanted to see a holographic head? Let’s just say yes. You also might want to see what the Institute for Creative Technologies is up to.

Why Christians are Afraid of Technology

Beast theory

In my first entry, I believe that I mentioned that Christians are “defunct” when it comes to technological achievement. I cited as examples churches that don’t have their pastors’ messages available online, and have not realized that bulletins or announcements could be accomplished with text messages and email rather than waste paper.

I believe I have determined the reason why, and many Christians are not going to like it. It is because Christianity has been made to fear technology. That’s right, fear.

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