Tech News for the Day, Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry there has been much posts lately. I am both moving and celebrating the holiday.

Barnes and Noble has recently stated that their Nook e-reader won’t be in their stores for display or sale until December 7th.

What to get a free LG Rumor 2? Find out here. Not spam, honest.

Ever wanted to stream HDTV to a display? You can with the Rocketfish WirelessHD Adapter.

LG’s new eXpo mobile phone has an optional projector. Nice.

There is a mobile tablet that really could have changed everything called the Crunchpad. It may never be created.

For those who want a digital camera with an old-school feel, then you might want to look to the Olympus E-P1.

Those that want to see their Internet messages written in floating LED lights should get the IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock.

Best Buy is selling the ASUS Eee PC 1201HA in the U.S..

Check out this Kohjinsha DZ Series laptop with two screens!

Those of you with sleeping problems should try out the WakeMate that works with the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.

I like this Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle for its kid-carrying pouch in front.

Here is a Dash Cam Dually, which is designed with two cameras to record the goings-on from inside and outside of the car.

3D TVs still rising

A recent report from a Sony Executive has stated that 30 to 50 percent of all the TVs it sells from 2012 on will be 3D-enabled.

This comes as no shock to me, as every company from last January’s CES seemed to have a 3D TV that they were boasting about.

Assuming the world doesn’t end by that 2012 era, I suppose we’ll be living in an age for 3D soon.


Tech News for the Day, Friday, November 27, 2009

I’m still getting over the turkey from the holidays, and so I posted a little less than before.

I’ll start with something simple: The LaCie LaCinema Classic HD. It is a little device that allows you to share HD media collections.

This one has the potential to be pretty scary, the X-Brat. There’s a video of it if you want to see why.

A man was trying to take an intercontinental jetpack flight, and had to splashdown in the Mediterranean.

Tech News of the Day, Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yes, I know I am late. I had a lot time to be Thankful.

For iPhone users, you should try the 4iThumbs.

Here is the First Else, and it is ready to launch in the UK.

Those of you who want some mobile keyboard and screen should probably get the King Jim Pomera DM20.

For those looking for a new tripod might want to look into the Tamrac ZipShot Tripod that can unfold like a tentpole.

Ever had trouble finding your bag at the airport? Check out the Talking Luggage Locator.

Fed Ex is introducing Senseaware, a way of tracking something very important. It can sense temperature, and even if a package has been dropped.

Tech News of the Day, Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AT&T is launching their Pantech Impact.

Those of you who have the BlackBerry and eBay should try out this new eBay app for the BlackBerry.

Sony is introducing a new line of digital recorders with the UX200, UX300, and the 300F.

Here’s a new Portable Hard Drive called the PQI H560. It is super durable and is available in nice colors and varying memory storage sizes.

Here’s an iPhone Speaker Dock and Charger that is a little different than others of its type.

Here’s a little item known as the ROCCAT. It is a USB hub and it can hold your mouse cord.

Here’s something that is kind of weird: A Zombie Outbreak Simulator. For all those who love the zombie genre should love it.

Here’s a private gym that is quite compact, the 4Fitness Gym.

Here’s another augmented reality application. This one is for Coke Zero cans, and it is also a movie tie-in for James Cameron’s Avatar.

Man Marries Video Game Character (Yes, I suppose that is pretty messed up)

According to Boing Boing, a Japanese gamer known as Sal9000 decided his relationship with his girlfriend to the next level. His girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki, is not real.

Nene is a video game character from a game called Love Plus. In the game, players go on virtual dates with characters like Nene (who is no longer available). Part of this means taking your new girlfriend shopping, and even kissing the screen.

This is the part where I’m supposed to comment about this and perhaps mention something Christian about this.

Let me just leave you with this: when Tomb Raider got popular, millions of gamers dreamed about going out with Lara Croft. I wonder if she’s looking to settle down with someone who isn’t Brad Pitt.

Tech News for the Day, Tuesday, November 25, 2009

Start with Swype. Think of it as a way to do texting with one finger that never leaves the touchscreen keypad. Apparently, Samsung Omnia II is going to have this feature. I could change the world of texting.

Speaking of texting, some guy has created the Textimator, a Dance Dance Revolution game that faces off texters against each other.

For those who love the Vado HD by Creative, then you should know that they have a third generation of it.

Ostendo is selling the CRVD, a curved screen display that cost a pretty penny. Find out how much here.

There is a Yoda that plugs into your USB port, it does. Hmmm?

Those large screen DSi, the LLs, are selling much bigger than the Sony PSPgo. Whoa! Find out how much here.

Want some bass on your MacBook? You should get the BassJump subwoofer.

Those that like those inspirational posters back in the day will love Successories, and you can write your own inspiration.

Here’s a product that I can’t afford now, but a lot of businesses probably need: a PXDUO-65P Interactive Plasma Display.

Palm Pre Precorder for Video Recording

Palm Pre owners will be pleased to know that there is a new homebrew software known as the Precorder that will enable some 480 x 320 pixel video recording at 30fps. Unfortunately, it is an alpha, so there are some bugs, such as not being able to preview what you are recording. The videos can be played back on the Pre’s video player in formats of MPEG-4, H.263, and H264/AVC.

You should be able to preorder the Precorder at the Wiki page.


“Here Comes the Plane” wth the Illuminated JetBib

c682_plane_bib_combo_animYou know that trick that parents do with babies, when they do the whole “here comes the plane” schtick?

Well, now you can make if far more realistic with a bib with landing lights, as well as a spoon that looks like an airplane.

It is available to preorder for $24.99 at the ThinkGeek website, but you might not see it for 3 weeks. However, it should be here for the holidays for all the new parents on your list.

Want a Nook for Christmas? Sold out, sorry.

nook_front_view_270x359Have you ever noticed that just before the holiday season rolls around, there is some big item that everyone wants?
Think Nintendo 64. Think Sony Playstation 2.

This year, it might be the Nook. Yes, that awesome reader from Barnes and Noble is out of stock, according to the company website.

Of course, none have even been shipped yet, and looks like no one will be able to get their hands on it, at least not this year. Yeah, if you order it right now, you should see it come your way come January 4th at the earliest.

The same thing happened with the Kindle last year from Amazon. Many speculate that Barnes and Noble tried to compete with Amazon and was not able to keep up with the inventory. By the way, there are plenty of Kindles for sale, and would get to you before the holiday.