Kuratas is a Mech Robot brought to life

There is nothing that I like more than the mech of science fiction and anime like Robotech or Avatar, but the Kuratas is very, very real. At least, that is what it looks like. You can watch a video of it after the jump and see it in action.

The 13-feet tall, 4 ton mech recently made its debut at Wonder Fest 2012 in Tokyo, and it looks quite genuine. Controlling it is as simple as getting behind the chair and you can remotely control its arms via master/slave, and it can even be controlled by a 3G phone.

Granted, this mech doesn’t have legs, but it does have wheels to carry it at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers an hour.

Here is the weapons. Yes, weapons. It has a “Lohas Launcher” that can apparently blast something like water missiles, or something. By the way, its guns can fire 6,000 BBs per minute, and it is triggered by smiling. Seriously, this is what the video says, and warns not to smile to much while shooting.

I believe that this is genuine, and I even have a pricetag of 1.4 million. That’s all it takes to make your mech dream come true.

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The MiRAGE Augmented Reality System

I thought that I would continue the discussion on Augmented Reality that I started with the short film “Sight” that I brought up yesterday.

This is the MiRAGE, and it is the Augmented Reality goggles that Google isn’t making. The purpose of it is to create a headset to watch an interactive movie with.

There is a video after this jump so you can see it in action, but I will give you a warning: the video is downright confusing. I believe that what you are supposed to see is that the man wearing the headgear doesn’t know whether or not what he is seeing is true or not.

Interested? Just check it out after the jump, and see if this is the future.

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