A.I. Smartwatch could change the Smartphone market

android-ai-smartwatchI have been seeing a lot of talk of smartwatches, and I’m still not convinced that I need one. I think Samsung has some sort of plan, but it is nothing compared to the A.I. Watch.

Most smartwatches are just something to pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth, but what makes the A.I. smartwatch different is it can be a standalone Android phone. Yeah, a phone on our watch! Clearly we have all wanted that since the age of Dick Tracy.

The A.I. Watch has a SIM card slot to support 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM bands, not to mention 3G. Then there is the 1.2GHz dual-core processor, good enough for working on Google Play. Other specs include 4GB for storage, 512MB of RAM, 500mAh battery, and 5 Megapixel camera.

All of this on a 240 x 240 touchscreen display, and it hopes to sell for $279 each. Right now, this is an Indiegogo campaign, and it wants $100,000 for it. Check out the cool video after the jump.

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Samsung getting into PowerbyProxi, about 4 million dollar’s worth

powerbyproxi-samsungI have recently learned that Samsung Ventures America has recently given about $4 million to PowerbyProxi. If you have not heard of this company, it essentially allows multiple devices to be charged on one place.

I was sort of hoping that Samsung would get in on this. After all, Nokia has their cool wireless charging features on their phones, so it is about time that Samsung stepped into the ring with at least some version of this. Perhaps the Galaxy S V will have that cool wireless recharging feature.

If you haven’t heard of the Qi wireless charging standard, it is essentially part of the Wireless Power Consortium. I’ve spoken to them before, and they are a cool bunch. I believe that wireless charging will be the new standard, and then we won’t have to worry about the iPhone lightning connector, micro/mini USB, or whatnot.


The Valve Steam Controller and how it could change TV gaming

steam-controller-1If you are not familiar with Steam, it is a way of porting some cool games to your PC. I have used it in the past, and the company announced last week that they intend to do more for the people.

The first was Steam OS and a Steam Machine, which are essentially modified PCs to play Steam games on their television. Of course, you are going to need a controller to play games, which is where this Steam Controller comes in.

The Valve Steam Controller has dual trackpads, and the entire section in the middle is one touchscreen. It also has 16 buttons that developers can use for their personal games, and the controller is capable of haptic feedback. The controller can also can play audio waveforms as the sensors within double as speakers.

I don’t have any word when this will be available, or what price it will be.


Speculative Fiction Saturday: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005 Version)

hitchhikers guideAs I have said before, I like watching people review bad movies like the Nostalgia Critic, and if you watch enough shows about bad movies, the same titles show up like Batman and Robin, Freddy Got Fingered, and The Last Airbender. For some reason, I never see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on this list, and perhaps it is too new.

Hitchhiker’s is one of those films that I watched and didn’t think much of it when I saw it. I suppose that I should be an indicator, but I have seen a lot of films that I initially shrugged off and then enjoyed all the more with re-watching. Then there are the films that just get worse the more I watch them. For example, I once borrowed Spider-man 3 from a friend of mine, and when I returned it, I said to him: “do me a favor, don’t let me borrow this again, because I hate it more every time that I watch it”.

I think I despise Hitchhiker’s more with each viewing. This is a real shame, as I read the original trilogy of books in high school and loved it. The way the books were written was a very funny story told in a way that even the narrative style was laugh-out-loud funny. I think this is the reason why video versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide have never worked. Yeah, the BBC tried this as a TV mini-series a while ago, and now it is Disney’s turn to flop at it. I will explain more after the jump

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Stir Smart Desk will help you burn calories

StirThe other day, when I was talking about the company Nest creating a Smoke Detector, and how everything should be smart in the home. I suppose that the desk would soon become the smartest thing.

This is a smart desk called the Stir. If you are wondering what makes it smart, it has to do with the ability to raise itself. The purpose of this height thing is to give the user some serious standing power, because standing is good for you.

It also has a touchscreen that is like a built-in iPhone and allows for single swipes and taps to create a program for your life. This desk is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, and works with the Fitbit as well.

All these features make this desk really expensive at $3,890.


Puzzle-Pod Bank and Present Vault from ThinkGeek

Puzzle PodI have reported on items from ThinkGeek before, and this one is one of the cooler ones. It is a Puzzle-Pod Bank and Present Vault, and see if you can guess what you do with it.

Think about The Da Vinci Code where the clue was hidden in the cryptex that could only be opened with a special word code. If the person you are giving this to wants that gift, he or or she is going to have to guess the five-letter code. That is about 12 million combinations, so start guessing.

Maybe you should leave a riddle, like in The Da Vinci Code, but there is no vinegar involved. The vinegar is supposed to leak into the contents if you try and break the cryptex. So what is stopping the receiver to break the Puzzle-Pod Bank and Present Vault and get the gift? Nothing.

It had better be worth more than that monkey. You can find the Puzzle-Pod Bank and Present Vault on the ThinkGeek site for $29.99.


BluFit is a hydration bottle that has its own app

blufit2_610x740This particular gadget is something that I haven’t really seen before, as it is a waterbottle that has its own app. The purpose of this app is to moderate your own levels of hydration.

This app helps you control your appetite, improve activity and performance, and helps prevent headaches and fatigues. There is some sort of sensor the can record the time and amount of water consumed.

The BluFit can collect a variety of data including weight, age, humidity, and temperature in order to determine what your daily intake should be. With the app, you can view your current level of hydration, set personal goals, and adjust daily intake based on activity level and health status.

This particular thing is an Indiegogo project, which means it needs funding, and you can pledge for it on that site now. It should retail for $59 when it arrives on the market in March.

Amazon announes the Kindle Fire HDX

amazon-kindle-fire-hdxI guess we really should have seen this one coming, as Amazon has just announced the latest version of the Kindle Fire. Okay, it was yesterday, but give me a break, they didn’t post this by the time I was looking for stories for the day.

Welcome to the age of the Kindle Fire HDX, which should last a year, I guess. Like the new iPhones, they come in two forms. In the Kindle’s case, it has a 7-inch (1,280 x 800 resolution) model and an 8.9 inch (2,560 x 1600 resolution) model.

Some of the new features include an ability to “fling” a video to a Second Screen like a Samsung TV or PS3. You can also be able to web browse, and use the X-ray media feature, made popular in the last Kindle model. By the way, it has a month of free Amazon Prime, which I thoroughly enjoyed when I had the first version of the Kindle.

Not only will the HDX models support 4G LTE wireless on Verizon and AT&T, but they operate on Fire’s OS 3.0 “Mojito” with lots of cloud syncing. There is also a Mayday button to contact Amazon the moment something goes wrong.

I believe that both models will have dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio and virtual 5.1 channel surround sound, as well as a 2.2GHz processor and 11 hours of battery life. As for the 8.9 inch model, it has front and back cameras with 8 Megapixels each.

The price should be easy on the consumer as the 7-inch HDX will ship on October 15th for $239, and the 8.9 inch model will ship on November 7th for $379.


La Pedrera iPhone 5C Case from iLuv

iLuv La PedreraI think it is really cool that cell phone accessory companies have already responded to the need for iPhone 5C cases, and iLuv is on it. The La Pedrera is the first iPhone 5C accessory that I have reviewed, but it certainly won’t be the last.

You might notice an odd meshy-look to it, and it certainly is unusual. It is apparently designed by Antoni Gaudi, a renowned architect. It is also made of a sculpted polycarbonate shell, and it is easy to put on the iPhone 5C.

Apparently, the card has holes in it to show off the iPhone 5C’s new colors, and it comes in blue, pink, white, yellow, and green. You can get it on the iLuv site for $19.99, and it is quite cool.

Nest could be working on a Smoke Detector

Nest Fire AlarmI don’t know if you have heard of Nest, but they make this “smart thermostat”. Nest was started by a former Apple exec named Tony Fadell, and the smart thermostat learns it’s user’s needs in order to optimize itself to consume less energy overall.

There is a rumor that Nest is now working on a smoke detector. If this is true, then it will have some serious sensors. I would imagine that it will be smart, to the point where it calls you if there is an alert.

So, Nest, why stop with the smoke alarm? Let’s make everything in the house smart? Maybe the AC, maybe the space heater? Shoot, this is all smartphone worthy.