Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speakers

Okay, it’s been a while since I reviewed some stereo speakers, and I just finished hooking them up right now. Needless to say, I was pretty glad to hear the Hamilton soundtrack as it was connected to my phone.

The sound is very good, and the bass is shaking the floor. I believe that my dog is very afraid. That is about is good as I can say about any stereo speakers, honestly.

You can see that the design of the speakers is “old school”, and I am not going to dispute that. As someone who remembers having some seventies speakers, they do remind me of that with their wooden textures and black color scheme.

This is a 2.1 system, so you can take from that what you will. As far as the specs are concerned, we are looking at an 8-inch subwoofer with two bookshelf satellite speakers that in turn have titanium dome tweeters (3/4 inch in size).

The controls of the speakers are on the side, with treble, bass, and volume. When I first connected the speakers to my phone, I couldn’t get it to work, so then I had to push in the volume like a button. It was kind of weird.

While I am on the subject of controls, it does come with a remote. It allows for switching of inputs. I should probably let you know that this takes optical, coaxial, auxiliary, and even Bluetooth, if it is range. The remote is this circle-shaped thing that comes with its own battery.

I don’t know what else that I can say other than it is cool deal, and it is available for purchase on the Edifier site for about $299.99.

Jisoncase Microfiber Leather Standing Wallet Case for the iPhone X

So, you know that I like to do reviews of some awesome accessories, and I suppose cases for smartphones are the coolest. I have to admit that I never heard of the Jisoncase, but if their products look like this, then I am going to hear more about them.

This is a case made for the iPhone X with microfiber leather. I am told that this is hand-crafted, and it most certainly feels good on the hand.

This is one of those cases which can double as a wallet, and it has two pockets that are more than big enough to hold a wallet or credit card. In fact, they might be too big.

Like most reviews, I was given a review unit to try out. Now, this image looks like it can be used as a folio stand, but the one I had didn’t look like it could work in such a manner.

Don’t let that turn you off, because the Jisoncase is one great quality product on sale on the Jisoncase site for $18.98, marked down for $24.00. It comes in many different colors as well.

Our Review of the Audio-Technica Solid Bass Wireless Headphones ATH-WS990BT

Yes, it is time to review another Audio-Tehcnica product! This time, it is an awesome audio product with the ATH-WS990BT Solid Bass Bluetooth headphones!

So, what does this have? Let’s not bury the lead as it has 53 mm drivers, and not just any drivers, but Deep Motion Drivers. They have large, high-flux magnetic circuitry, made for low and high frequencies.

So yes, the sound is good. However, if you are worried about having too much sound and drowning out the world, you don’t have to. Yes, it has noise-cancelling as well as hear-through functionality, which means you can chose the level of blocking out reality. I have to admit, this was the first time I have seen this option on headphones, and it is worth bragging about.

As far as the rest of the features are concerned, let’s talk about the controls and microphone located conveniently on the left earcup. Other features are the 30 hours of continuous wireless use, which is good for 1,000 hours of standby.

It is available on the Audio-Technica website in any color, provided it’s black. Yeah, I think it was Henry Ford who said that about his automobile, but check this one out for about $249.00 if you want some very decent sound for your money.

Control Your Appliances Smartly with Sonoff S20 Smart Socket

Our fourteen year old son was the first in the family to really get into smart home products. He saved up his Christmas money to buy a Google Home Mini. Suddenly his room became the smartest room in our home. He has the ability to turn his lights off from his bunk bed, and set an alarm to wake him up in the morning. I’ve been a bit jealous of the convenience he enjoys. I was really happy to get this new Sonoff S20 Smart Socket to review.



photo credit: Sonoff

What’s in the Sonoff S20 Box?

The smart WiFi socket, which has an input voltage of 90-250V AC 50/60Hz. It has an output voltage of the same. The max load of this socket is 220V. You’ll need a 2.4GHz WiFi connection. A slip for a 2 year warranty accompanies it, as well as the quick start guide.

Our Experience with the Sonoff S20

Admittedly, it took me a while to get started with this product. First, you need to download the eWeLink app. The Sonoff company is a Chinese- based country, and the translation for instructions weren’t totally straight-forward.  I will say that the company was willing to give me some tech support through Skype, but I figured out a way to register on the app finally through my son’s phone. For some reason, it wasn’t accepting the e-mail addresses I entered on my phone as valid. It worked after I registered through another phone, though.

I’m pleased to say that after I registered on the eWeLink app, I was able to pair my socket with my WiFi. I plugged in my lamp to the socket, and with a tap on my phone, I’m able to click the light on and off. Success!

Now, the app says,”You can create scenes to turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap.” It adds, “Let your devices operate automatically, you can even get rid of your phone.” There’s also something about being able to “trigger on/off the devices by the data range from sensors or by the status changes from other device.”

So, needless to say, I’m still working on my ability to fully comprehend how this all works, but I think that the ability to not have to get up to turn the lamp on is totally worth the $12.86 that this socket costs on the website. You can also use the device with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Nest. Hopefully, I will soon get the total hang of this product, and use it to its full capability.

Thanks to Sonoff for sending us this product for free to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased opinion. No other compensation has been offered. Let us know what you would power with your Sonoff device in the comments below!