Hands on with the Sound Pockets iPhone cases

Sound PocketsAs you may know, I tend to report on products that solve a need that I never knew that I had. Such is the case of the Sound Pockets, made for the iPhone 5/5S.

In this case, it is a storage case for the earbuds that is also a case. You can see in the image how you can wind the earbuds around this special thing, and a lid opens to keep them in there. Why would you want that? Well, so you don’t lose the earbuds, of course. Just to let you knkow, it has a caddy that organizes OEM Apple New EarPods and Original Apple Earbuds, and it has one for the OEM Apple In-Ear Headphones.

You should also know that the storage place for your earbuds is ergonomically good for your hand. Not only that, this lid can double as a kickstand, just in case you want to watch some video footage.

If you want to get this for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5/5S, or iPod Touch (5th “Version), it costs about $34.95. You can alternate covers and lids for all kinds of combinations, and the main company’s site is right here.

Sound Pockets is an iPhone 5 Freedom Case for headphones

Sound PocketsI always like seeing products that are simple, but solve a big problem. In the case of the Sound Pockets Freedom Case, it is the problem of earbuds with a mobile device.

I’m sure we all know the problem of earbuds getting tangled, and it would be nice to have an iPhone case that could hold earbuds all wrapped up. It has a special door that opens up to reveal this hidden place, and you can still keep your iPhone, case and all, in your pocket.

Best of all, the case’s flap, for lack of a better word, can prop up the iPhone so you can watch videos on it in portrait or landscape mode.

The Sound Pockets are available on the main site for about $39.95 in many colors for the iPhone 4/4S, the iPhone 5, and the iPod Touch version 5.