OnanOff Dock Minimal for Tablets

SONY DSCNow that CES 2014 is over and done with, I can get back to doing some of my favorite things: gadget reviews. Especially since a lot of gadgets that I will review were obtained at CES.

One of them is the Dock Minimal Tablets, from OnanOff. I briefly stopped by their booth at CES, and they really have a lot of cool stuff. You can see how the Dock Minimal works in the image, but this is really interesting as it is capable of many angles that I didn’t show. For example, you can do landscape view, or slap it on the side.

What makes this different is it can accommodate just about any tablet, and I am assuming that will do the Samsung 12.2 inch tablet. Yeah, that was unveiled at CES, and I may or may not do a hands-on review of that. For all tablets, there are some rack holders that you stick in the side to adjust for the thickness of your tablet.

As an added bonus, the rod that holds up the tablet at an angle can also be used as a stylus. Yep, it is that good. You should be able to get it on the OnanOff site for about $39.95.

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