PAX Prime 2015, Day One

I’ve had an awesome day at PAX Prime, and one of the best part of it seeing all the cosplayers. There are just some that I was able to take pictures of, and I saw want to have more pictures by tomorrow.


I thought this was Poison Ivy, the Batman villain. Was I wrong! This is the fairy from the The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.


It’s Amethyst from Steven Universe! Yes!


Kim Possible fans will know this character as Shego. I got her to pose with my book.


These ladies are from an anime, and I’m not certain that I got the name right on it.


Anyone who knows the God of War franchise knows this as Kratos. He didn’t mind posing with my book either.


These are characters from Borderlands. Also, they like my book, or at least were willing to pose with it.


I believe this is a Final Fantasy character.


This is Pac-Man with a Final Fantasy character. I got them to pose with my book.


It’s Pearl from Steven Universe! Hooray!


This guy is a male version of Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph. He didn’t understand that “kitten whispers and tickle fights line either”.

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