I’m back from PAXPrime 2014 and I have some awesome Cosplay pictures!

Last week, I reported that I was headed to the Penny Arcade Expo. If you have never been to a gaming convention, comic convention or any other type of con, you know that there there are a lot of cosplay going on. I have to say that the best part of the convention was when I just walked around and just took pictures of the cosplayers.

After the jump, you are going to see quite a few pics of some of the most awesome cosplayers that I saw.

Pic A

I believe that this lady is supposed to be some human version of GLaDOS, but I don’t really have much experience with the Portal series. The man here is the writer of a trilogy known as The Will of the Elements. Check it out here: http://skylukecorbelli.blogspot.com/.

Pic B

I think these characters are from Borderlands. Those weapons look quite good, even close-up.

Pic 1

This is a character from Magic: The Gathering, and I saw a lot of them here.

Pic 2

One of several League of Legends cosplays. She told me she was “Pop Star Akali”. I’ll take her word for it.

Pic 3

One of several Fallout cosplays that I saw.

Pic 4

I believe this man told me he was Gnar from League of Legends.

Pic 5

Another LOL, this one is “Popstar Sivir”.

Pic 6

This picture is one of my favorites. I don’t know what this character from BioShock Infinite is like, but many of the cosplayers wanted to give me a facial expression that I didn’t prompt. The blurred attendees in the background just sell this.

Pic 7

Halo, anyone?

Pic 8

One of the many forms of Harley Quinn. My daughter recognized this, but I had to ask.

Pic 9

I liked this Assassin’s Creed costume, complete with retractable arm-blades. I saw a lot of Assassin’s Creed outfits.

Pic 10

This man is from Top Gear. Again, I don’t have much experience.

Pic 11

These gals were supposed to be “steampunk” and “50’s girl”. Not much more than that, but this is the fun that these conventions bring out.

Pic 12

I thought these ladies looked cute. I don’t care if they bought there costumes or made them.

Pic 13

This is one of the more advanced costumes from Judge Dredd. At least the one on the left is, I am not certain on the other. No matter where these guys went, they always had five cameramen shooting them.

Pic 14

Going a little old-school with this one. One is King Harbinear from the CDi Zelda games, and don’t feel bad if you never heard of those. The other is Pit from Kid Icarus. That I have heard of.

Pic 15

More League of Legends, and I think this one is Pop star as well.

Pic 16

I always like Link costumes.

Pic 17

One is from Borderlands, and one is from Final Fantasy 7. I have been told that these games are a decade or even decades too late.

Pic 18

I thought this was King Leonidas from 300, but it’s another League of Legends.

Pic 19

More LOL!

Pic 20

Even more LOL! This time with Lulu.

Pic 21

This is Red from Transistor. I don’t really know this.

Pic 22

This is Hunter from Destiny, or a hunter, I don’t know. I wish I got a better pic of this, and there was a lot of Destiny cosplay going on.

Pic 23

I can understand why you might know this one. This is Shovel Knight, and you should look it up.

Pic 24

Here’s a Hyrule elf. I saw a lot of elves here.

Pic 25

Here’s another elf, this time from WOW. She’s a fire-elf.

Pic 26

I thought this was an elf (the third elf that I had seen in less than five minutes), but this is steampunk Fluttershy. It is a good mash-up.

Pic 27

This is another LOL.

Pic 28

This man is Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. I’m sure some of you are probably saying “duh”.

Pic 29

This Maleficent and Heartseeker Ashe did not come in together. People just like to take their picture together.

Pic 30

Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy. I really should read those.

Pic 31

This costume is another Bioshock Infinite cosplay that I like. It is so good, that I believe this person is a pro. I’m just going to leave the URL to the person’s website here: tiffanyendicott.com.

Pic 32

Castle Crashers! Just to let you know, the Orange Princess is male and the Red Castle Crasher is female. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted to see if you noticed that.

Pic 33

More Assassin’s Creed.

Pic 34

Some more Borderlands cosplay.

Pic 35

Check out these League of Legends twins!

Pic 36

The woman is a Desert Sorceress from Dark Souls 2. I believe that the Bear and the other guy were sponsored costumes from Magic the Gathering.

Pic 37

Ah, a Burning Tree Emissary!

Pic 38

This woman told me that she was just “steampunk”. I suddenly realized that, for some reason, steampunk people often have those cute little top hats that go on the side.

Pic 39

I like this shot of Lollipoppy.

Pic 40

More League of Legends! I think there must have been a contest or something.

Pic 41

I like this Princess Peach.

Pic 42

This is a trio of people who dress as Madoka Magica characters Mami, Kyoko, and Humura. I don’t know if I have them in the right order.

Pic 43

We have Jack from Mass Effect 3 and Krieg from Borderlands 2.

Pic 44

This is a Punk Flame Princess and Tingle from Legend of Zelda.

Pic 45

Another Magic the Gathering.

Pic 46

I have to admit that this sabre-tooth tiger costume looks really uncomfortable. Just go to the puppichu.deviantart.com, and you’ll probably find more.

Pic 47

This leads me to my daughter’s favorite and my favorite, the Steampunk Zelda. Maybe it’s my love of the Zelda games, but I appreciate the creativity of this.

Pic 48

Good to see another LOL here.

Pic 49

Here’s Lethe from Fire Emblem and Cammy from Street Fighter.

Pic 50

Another Madoka Magica character. I like the lighting of this shot.

Pic 51

This guy gave me his card which read Doc. H Misery.

Pic 53

Fire Emblem Owain and Noire for you.

Pic 54

These characters are Caitly, Tresh, Kayle, and Blitzcrank all from League of Legends. The lady in black had a very elaborate costume.

Pic 55

I really liked this guy. He reminded me of Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s Axton from Borderlands 2.

Pic 56

I really liked this lady. She had a thick British accent that I wasn’t certain was faked or not. I think she had a “cosplay name”, but I clearly don’t know much about cosplay to understand that.

Pic 57

I believe these are the Northwest Power Rangers. Check them out on Facebook.

Pic 58

Ah, Chun-Li.

Pic 59

Always glad to see Cloud.

Pic 60

This is the Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. I don’t really watch this show, but this woman told me a lot about cosplaying.

Pic 61

I don’t know why I didn’t see this before, but this is Link dressed in the Zora Armor. You’d have to play Twilight Princess to get this. I don’t know why I didn’t get it because I wrote a Strategy Guide based on this game.

Pic 62

It is DeadPool with a Pikachu hat! Check him out at facebook.com/MrRepzionOfficial.

Pic 63

I forgot what this is from. I think it is from Nosgoth.

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