All you Need: Creative Labs Outlier One Plus with Built-in Media Player

Photo credit: Creative Labs

It hasn’t been long since we reviewed a pair of Outlier in-ear headphones from Creative Labs. We do have another chance to review a pair today, and this review is of the Creative Labs Outlier One Plus.

These in-ear headphones are an upgrade from the Outlier One. We’ve not reviewed the Outlier One, but we know that these have an improved Bluetooth connection- 4.2 as opposed to 4.1. They also have the special feature of a built-in Media Player with 4GB of internal memory.

What’s in the Outlier One Plus Box?

  • The Outlier One Plus
  • Three sizes of ear-tips and and two types of secure-tips
  • USB Cable (0.25 m)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carry pouch

Outlier One Plus Battery

The battery life depends on how you use the in-ear headphones. If you pair it with Bluetooth to your devices, you’ll get up to 7 hours. Using the MP3 alone will give you longer- up to 10 hours.

Outlier One Plus Comfort and Build

The flat line cord is made to prevent twisting and tangling, and to lay nicely across your neck. They have an IPX rating of 4, so you can wear them in the rain or while sweating, and not worry about damage. The in-line mic is built with easy-to-navigate controls. The earbuds give you a choice of fit, and can block out surrounding noise well. They also have the wingtips to provide a secure fit.

Outlier One Plus Overall Value

For $49.99, I think these are an excellent value, and worth checking out more.

Thanks to Creative Labs for sending these to us to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis.

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