Last week, it was a comet that actually broke the Internet

comet landingI’m going to have to apologize to my readers. I saw a meme the other day which used a stock footage picture of Captain Picard saying that we shouldn’t be focusing on a naked picture of Kim Kardashian when we have landed on a comet?

In case you haven’t heard, Philae has landed on a something on a comet and I am told it was a successful drilling attempt. While I’m not certain if they will find anything with the drilling, as some have perceived it will be the building blocks of life.

On the same day when we land on a comet, Kim Kardashian appears in the altogether on Paper Magazine. I’m not going to comment on this, other than say that another website that I write for, The Gospel Herald, didn’t want me writing about it. Can you see why? It is a naked celebrity, you probably shouldn’t want to see it.

What is interesting is the Kim Kardashian hashtag of #BreakTheInternet. Yeah, it didn’t break it, but it did get a lot of traffic. However, most people didn’t tweet about #BreakTheInternet, they tweeted #cometlanding.

Yes, more people actually want to talk about landing on a comet rather than a naked girl! Not that I believe that everyone has their priorities straight, but I just don’t think we should ever say that one photo of anyone naked can “break the Internet”.

Okay, this is the point where I could say something bad about Kim Kardashian. I understand that there are some people who generate a lot of attention, for whatever reason that might be. I see no reason to praise or put these people down, because people like that always have their share of followers and enemies. I don’t see a reason to add to either side.


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