Black and Decker SMARTECH 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver

Black and Decker SmarttechI had a chance to try out the 12V Max Cordless Lithium Drill from Black and Decker, and I have to say that this SMARTECH 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver is a step up, made for the mobile age.

The 20V MAX Lithium Drill/Driver is a connected tool, which uses its SMARTECH batteries to locate, lock, and monitor tools. It uses a SMARTECH application for iOS and Android for Bluetooth controls in order to remote battery locking and unlocking.

It also has one of those battery locate functions, because we all need our smartphones to find our things now. Seriously, I have reviewed three products this year that help you find your keys, and I’m too lazy to put the hyperlinks here.

Also, you know how you use your cordless drill, and there usually isn’t an indicator of how much juice is actually really in the battery? Yeah, you know that is a problem. However, the smartphone app will give you the battery indicator.

So yes, this is a terrific product and it is a keyless chuck for easy removing of bits. Oh, and I don’t know if this is stealing a page form Apple’s playbook, but there is “One More Thing”.

This battery for the drill can also be a battery for devices. Just connect a USB cord to it, and you can get some extra juice for your smartphone, MP3 player, and more. Oh my gosh, this is great.

My gosh, this is good! You can get it on sites like Amazon for $74.99.

Black and Decker Electric 3-in-1 Compact Mower

Black and Decker MTE912Okay, so all of you probably have lawns, and all of you have to mow them, and if you are like me, then you have some edge that is impossible to mow. This is why I was so glad that Black and Decker sent me that toolkit as well as this 6.5 Amp 12-inch Electric 3-in-1 Compact Mower.

I will have to say that I never had any luck with the weed whackers that I have had in the past. I don’t know they just break down. I’ve since just adopted a pair of hedgeclippers and mow my lawn with the mower. I don’t have to with this, as it is an edger that can turn into a mower.

Basically, it is a set of wheels that you can use like a mower to cut your grass, provided you to can snap it in. I thought it was going to be a pretty complicated procedure, but it works really well and snaps in easily.

Now, this thing is essentially an edger at heart, so if you use it as a mower, your grass will be cut by twine and not a blade. I’ll let you decide if that is good, as there is an Automatic Feed Spool to do the cutting. Since I hate replacing those spools and they are costly, I might have to rewrite this article a few months later.

I’m going to recommend this for now, as the 6.5 Amp motor will do your yard right. Now, you might want to think about that when you purchase it. The issue is on the specs for the product site, it says there is a “charge time”, but this wouldn’t work without a cord.

Okay, I guess there is a corded version for about $77.04 and a cordless $133.69 version. At least that’s what shows up on Amazon.

Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac and Auto Pivot Vac

Black and Decker Auto Flex VacI’m sure that if you hear the words “Black and Decker” you are going think about power tools. I had the chance to try out two of their products, and they were both vacuum cleaners, both of them are essentially designed for cars.

The Black and Decker Auto Flex Vac has a very compact design, and it has a 16 foot long extension cord to fit is designed for the 12 V Cigarette Lighter socket. It has “cyclonic action” as well as a long crevice tool for getting in between the seats. It also comes with some other accessories like a washable pleated filter and a flip up brush.

I was pleased to review this, but I was not able to find a price for it on the company website. It was able to find it on Amazon for $69.92.

Black and Decker Auto Pivot VacSo, I also had a chance to try out a similar product with this Auto Pivot Vac, which has a lot of similar features.

The cord is a 12 V adapter for a cigarette lighter, but this one can fold in half for very convenient storage. It also has the “cyclonic action” for sucking up dirt, dust, and debris. There is a lot of accessories like a flexible hose, flip-up brush, and an extendable crevice tool.

Once again, I was not able to find this on the Black and Decker site, but Amazon has it for $64.49.

Black and Decker Platinum 20V Max Drill/Driver

Black and Decker pLDX120P-2_300x300.ashxI am almost ready to declare this Power Tools Week with the Snakelight I reviewed yesterday from Black and Decker. I also had another chance to review another Black and Decker product with the Platinum 20V MAX Drill/Driver.

The 20V MAX Drill/Driver has an 11 position clutch, but I will have to say that only the discerning can tell the difference. I am told that this can prevent stripping and over driving of screws, and that, I like.

Here are some other specs: the 20V battery can hold a charge for 18 months, and there is an LED work light to illuminate work, in case you don’t have the Snakelight. Yeah, there’s a plug for you.

But enough about the specs, this is a power tool. The real question is does it give you the feeling of power? To that I answer: yes. Yes, it is awesome in the hand, and you can see the sparks work on the inside. Dang, it even smells electric, like my old electric trains. Got to love those sparks.

home_improvement_tim_taylorAs someone who only likes power tools, I would have to say that I might not be the best to comment on them. So check out that pic of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, and I’m guessing that he wants to forget about Binford and get his hands on some Platinum.

I figured that people are starting to think about Christmas, and what better gift for the males than power tools? This one costs $129.99 and is available on the Platinum site.

Black and Decker Max Lithium Rechargeable Snakelight

SnakelightI’m pretty certain that most of you are aware are the Snakelight from Black and Decker. I remember when they introduced it in the early nineties, and consumers loved the idea of wrapping a light around something to keep it in place.

I seem to remember the first model being green, and I am not certain what version this particular one is. It also used to be that you had to use a special battery to power the Snakelight, this one has a cord to plug into the wall to recharge the built-in 4 Volt power source.

This Snakelight is definitely very powerful with very ultra bright LEDs, and it can hold charge for (believe it or not) 18 months. It has about five hours of runtime, so the brightness will be on for a while.

So here’s the deal. I couldn’t find the Black and Decker Snakelight on the official site, but I was able to find it on Amazon for about $41.25.