The Scribble n’ Play from Boogie Board

boogie-boardYou might be familiar with Boogie Board as they make these eWriters. They are not the eReaders like a Kindle, but something that you can write on electronically. While it may not be the Sync that allows you to save something, the Scribble n Play is definitely made for a younger audience.

You should be able to write or draw on the Scribble n Play with anything like your fingernail, and it leaves a rainbow trace. I didn’t know how to describe it any better than that. By the way, your drawing can be erased at the touch of a button.

If you want to save your drawing, there is an eWriter app that is available only for Apple products. You can save your creation, and upload it to the cloud, sharing it with everyone. I checked, and I couldn’t find it on Google Play.

Of course, you don’t want to use your fingernail when drawing on this, so it is fortunate that it comes with four styluses. These are the yellow things that fit on the sides of the Scribble n Play, and they have four different points. One is a small point like a Sharpie, the other is a Magic Marker, another is a like a small comb, and the last is a wide tip.

The only downside is this: I found out that the styluses have these side marks, but they don’t really do anything. Like they have these waves, but if you press them on the board, they don’t make waves. You’re going to have to try it out to see.

The Boogie Board Scribble n Play has this rubber blue band so you can strap it to your hand, which is another great feature. If you have someone who has young hands, or you just need something to scribble on, then the Boogie Board Scribble n Play is for you, and it can be purchased for $34.99 on the Boogie Board site.

Our Review of the Boogie Board Play n’ Trace

play_and_trace_256466f426f2d6Well, I mentioned in my review of the Wacom Bamboo Spark how it is really necessary for us to really just draw things out, and sometimes the digital easel actually makes this more difficult. I once talked about the Boogie Board Play n Trace at its initial release, but it is that for kids, but less technical.

This is from Boogie Board, the same company that made the Sync 9.7. This company must believe in drawing and writing on things, as most of their products involve this.

In the case of the Boogie Board, it is a transparent screen that you can write on. It is definitely designed for younger hands, and it comes with some templates to help little ones make letters. As you can see, it has a small hole to hold the device like an artist’s pallet, and you can write over things and draw over them as well. When you are done drawing, you just push a button to erase.

Yeah, this is probably going to be some toy that every kid has from their childhood and probably should. This is all powered by AAA batteries, and there is a Free iPad app designed to help along.

The Boogie Board Play n’ Trace is available on the Boogie Board site for $34.99, and there are some Accessory Packs available for about $14.99 each.

Boogie Board Play n’ Trace

Boogie BoardI have reviewed Boogie Board products before, which is made by Improv Electronics. They have now created a new product known as Play n’ Trace.

The Play n’Trace is a translucent LCD writing surface, which allows the user to trace something onto it. Yes, it is not really made for adults, but for kids.

I am assuming that it will work like the first Boogie Board as you can draw on it, and then hit a button to erase it. Yeah, it doesn’t seem to save the drawing like the 9.7 LCD e-Writer.

I think this might be a terrific gift, particularly a stocking stuffer, assuming that you can fit it in a stocking. It costs about $29.99.

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter from Improv Electronics

SyncI have always liked Improv Electronics products and their variations of the Boogie Board. If you are not familiar with the Boogie Board, it is essentially a board that you can write or draw on, and then save your creations for later.

I recently had a chance to try out the Sync 9.7. I have no idea where the 9.7 comes from, but the Sync is designed so that you can draw or write on the Boogie Board, and then wirelessly transmit the images to your phone, tablet, or computer with the power of Bluetooth. I will have to say that syncing it was quite simple, and there was an app in beta that allowed me to save my drawing. If you don’t believe me, check out my drawing below.

Screenshot_2014-02-06-19-33-54Here’s how it works. All you need to do is remove the pen from the side (yeah, it really sticks in there). You can then draw on the Boogie Board, but keep in mind, you really have to be in a good light to see what you are drawing. If you like what you have written, hit “Save”. You can then hit “Erase” to start over. You can even integrate your sketches with Evernote, and save as vector PDFs.

From there, you can just open the app and see what you have drawn. It does come out in black and white, as you can see. In all honesty, I would like to see a bunch of Sync 9.7 art, just like there is Etch-a-Sketch art.

If you want to get this, you can go to a site like Amazon and purchase it for about $99.99. You can also click here to get more information.