LifeProof FRĒ for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

We’ve reviewed the LifeProof Frē for iPhones in the past. Like any good company, LifeProof knows that there is more than just iPhone. Today we bring you our review of the LifeProof Frē for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As with the other LifeProof cases, this one for the Galaxy S8 is really prepared to take on your adventurous life. It is waterproof for 2 meters up to an hour. It’s drop- proof for 2 meters as well. Also snow and dirt-proof.

This case boasts of a new forward facing mic port so you can pick up sounds more clearly, and the charge port door has been re-engineered for easier opening and closing.

You will need to run a test on your case when you get it to test it for true waterproof reliability.

We were sent the black case to review, but you should also know that the case comes in grey with a green accent, purple with a teal accent (although, based on the website, it looks more pink than purple…), and teal with an orange accent.

This lightweight but sturdy case is available on LifeProof’s website  for $89.99.

Lifeproof makes the frē for the iPhone 5C, too!

iPhone fre Lifeproof 5CYes, I am reviewing another Lifeproof product. I have just finished reviewing the frē for iPhone 5S, and now they have got one for the iPhone 5C.

Just like other Lifeproof products, it protects for the big four. The first is the drop at 6.6 feet, and second, the water fully submersible, also at 6.6 feet. Then there is the dirt and dust. Oh, I also forgot to talk about the protection of snow and ice.

The screen protector is pretty thin for the front. The big change in this frē is that the back is pretty transparent. This means that the color, which was the big selling point of the iPhone 5C, can shine through.

All this can be yours for a price of $79.99, which you can find here.

Lifeproof fre, now for the iPhone 5S

Lifeproof freOkay, I have to be honest, as I think I may have reported on this Lifeproof product before. Yeah, I really have a hard time keeping track of these products that I am reviewing.

I have reviewed Lifeproof products before, like that cool one for the iPad Mini. If you aren’t familiar with Lifeproof, they probably give the most protection as Otterbox. I’m sure I’ll be reviewing more of this, but let’s discuss the frē for the iPhone 5/5s.

The frē has protection for what I call the big four: Waterproof (up to 6.6 feet), Dirtproof, Snowproof, and Shockproof (good to the last 6.6 foot drop). Is one of those awesome cases that involve sealing in the iPhone 5/5S inside, and the anti-reflective optical glass lens that serves as a terrific touchscreen.

You should be able to get the LifeProof iPhone 5/5S frē case on the LifeProof site for about $79.99.