ZAGG Holidays, 2017, Part 3: iFrogz Toxix Headphones, Resound Headphones, Impulse Duo Earbuds, Free Rein Earbuds, Resound Earbuds, and Flex Force Earbuds

This is hopefully not the final part of our ZAGG series, as there are still so many ZAGG products that I want to cover for this holiday season. I’m going to discuss not one, not two, but six pairs of headphones and earbuds, all of them are wireless.

iFrogz Toxix Wireless Headphones

I’ll start with these Toxix Wireless headphones, which seem to be an odd name. Honestly, I usually avoid things that sound “toxic”.

These pair of over-the-head phones have AeroFoam Comfort padding with 30 mm drivers, so they will definitely give your ears an earful of quality sound that one can expect from iFrogz with its “rich, multi-layered sound”. The Toxix have these terrific on-ear controls for volume and track switching, and there is also a ten hour battery life.

All of that, but it comes with a sweat resistant iPX-2 standards with an adjustable headband. It is available on the iFrogz website in black or blue for a price of $24.99.

iFrogz Resound Wireless Headphones

Similar to the Toxix Wireless is the Resound Wireless as the design is nearly the same. They have that AutoFoam comfort padding as well, and they are IPX-2 Water Resistant.

The on-ear controls are slightly different as it is has only three buttons instead of four. Also different is the 20 hours of battery life, which is twice as much as the Toxix. The sound is an improvement as it has 40 mm drivers, and I should mention that this and the Toxix have an incorporated microphone.

You should be able to purchase the resound wireless headphones for about $34.99 on the iFrogz site here.

iFrogz Impulse Duo Wireless

Next up is the first set of earbuds that I will be reviewing with the Impulse Duo Wireless Dual Driver Wireless Earbuds. The dual drivers are so named because of the 6mm Dual Neodymium drivers per earbud for richer and fuller sound.

Of course, it has the full controls with volume as well as play/pause. What is handy is the magnetic clip that it has for attaching to any clothing and helpful for storing the earbuds as well.

The battery life is good for about 10 hours, and it is also meets the IPX-2 standard. It is available on the iFrogz site for $44.99.

iFrogz Free Rein Active Wireless Earbuds

The Free Rein earbuds are made for those who exercise, and they are low budget alternative for those who want to workout with their wireless earbuds. They are very lightweight and they have a Secure Fit so they won’t be leaving the ear anytime soon.

Granted, the drivers shrink up from previously mentioned models as they are 10 mm. The battery life is also somewhat low as it has 5 hours, which means that your exercise routine should be short in order to use them.

Oh, the Free Rein Wireless meet iPX-2 standards, so they are ready for sweat. I should also mention the controls, and I fully enjoy the flat wire.

You should be able to purchase the Free Rein Wireless on the iFrogz site for $19.99.

iFrogz Resound Wireless Earbuds

The iFrogz Resound is made for a comfortable and secure fit with four sizes of earbud tips. The drivers are 5.5 mm, and, as you might of guessed, they are IPX-2 water resistant.

The controls of the iFrogz Resound are similar to other iFrogz earbuds, and they also have that magnetic clip as well. There is also a microphone Qualcom cVc noise cancellation technology in order to amplify your voice and block outside noise.

You should be able to purchase the Resound Wireless on the iFrogz site for $29.99 in rose gold and gray.

iFrogz Flex Force

And now, for the final pair of headphones/earbuds with the Flex Force. What really makes these unique is how there is this neck holder thing that also holds the volume and play/pause button.

There is also this feature that allows the earbuds to magnetically lock together. The earbuds have 8mm drivers, and they are sweat resistant, meeting IPX-2 standards. The battery life is pretty decent at 8 hours per charge.

You can purchase the Flex Force on the iFrogz site for about $29.99 in black or white.

ZAGG Week Part 6: iFrogz Plugz, Charisma, Summit, and Impulse Wireless Earbuds

ZAGG Plugz WirelessOkay, we are going to conclude ZAGG week with not one, but four pairs of earbuds, and they are all wireless. I’m really going to be cramming a lot of information into this, but I will start by saying that they are all under $39.99. This includes the Plugz Wireless, Charisma Wireless, Summit Wireless, and the Impulse Wireless.

The Plugz Wireless are basically a very standard lightweight pair of Bluetooth earbuds. It has a wireless Bluetooth hub that can clip to the shirt collar, and this is a magnetic clip, which gives full control to the user for calls and music. By the way, it can store the earbuds when not in use.

I’ll get to the price eventually, but I will let you decide if it is worth its low price because it has 9 mm drivers. In case you are concerned about the fit, it has three sizes of earbuds, and they are IPX-2 certified to be resistant to sweat.

All right, let’s get to the price. You can get them on the ZAGG site for $29.99 in silver and blue.

ZAGG Charisma earbudsOkay, so let’s talk about the Charisma Wireless, which looks a lot like the Plugz. They seem to be targeted for females in bragging that they were “designed by women, for women”.

I’ve reviewed earbuds for women before, such as the Maroo GEM earbuds, and these are less pink and feminine looking. Apparently, they are trying to forget about the drab design.

Much of the specifications are similar to the Plugz, and this includes that wireless hub that can clip magnetically to the shirt. They are also IPX-2 standardized, so they are resistant to sweat. Also, it is good for 10 hours of battery life, which is something that I forgot to report about when it came to the Plugz.

Now, here’s where it differs. The drivers are about 6 mm, so that is a little bit smaller. It is available on the ZAGG site for the same price of $29.99 in Black/Red, White/Rose Gold, and Gray.

ZAGG Summit WirelessNote that both of the earbuds that I have reviewed are sweat-resistant, but the Summit Wireless are made for an exercise culture. You will notice that each individual earbud has a wing on it that are made to hold it in place.

Other than the shape of the earbud, it doesn’t seem to have any improvements over its sweat resistance, I guess. It does have 8 mmm drivers, so that is something great.

It looks like in addition to being wireless, it has that wireless hub that has a clip to secure the earbuds when not in use. Oh, it also has the three sizes of earbud tips, and the 10 hours per charge.

You can find the Summit Wireless on the ZAGG site for about $39.99 in Black or Red.

ZAGG Impulse WirelessAnd now, we are on the last iFrogz wireless earbuds with the Impulse Wireless. About the only difference is that this brags of reflective acoustics which is “advanced audio technology engineered to create premium sound and rich, natural clarity”.

Oh wait, there is another difference. This has 11 mm drivers, so I guess this makes it the largest of the drivers of the four we are reviewing today.

This has the sweat-resistant design and a wireless hub that clips to the shirt collar. By the way, I feel that I should have said that all four of these have an Earbud Tips for Life limited lifetime warranty, so if the eartips get worn or damaged, they will be replaced.

You can get the Impulse Wireless on the ZAGG site for about $39.99 in White/Rose Gold and Black/Silver.

ZAGG Week Part 1: The iFrogz Impulse Wireless Headphones

iFrogzLast week, a big box full of ZAGG products appeared on my doorstep, and I’ve decided to devote a week to reviewing them all. If you aren’t familiar with ZAGG, they put out a lot of great stuff, and they also have acquired the rights to a lot of other great brands like Invisible Shield (coming later this week), and today’s iFrogz. The company of iFrogz made a name for itself with iPod accessories back in the days of those, and I got a chance to review the iFrogz Impulse Headphones.

I would have to say that the seventies have met the present with this particular design. The aesthetic seems to borrow from that bygone era, and it uses a color scheme of both black and red. Since it is Bluetooth, it has no wires. If you want to go old school, you could go with the included 3.5mm headphone jack wire.

What else has been updated for the modern age? Well, for starters, it has 40 mmm drivers complete with noise isolation, so that is a definite step forward. You can see the padding on the headband and earcups if you want proof of that noise isolation thing.

As standard for a product like these, there is a built-in mic in order to take your phone calls. I’m not certain how much of a standard this is, but there are some controls on the headphones themselves for power, volume up/down, track forward/backward, as well as pause/play.

All this, and they have a very great folding feature as well. You can get the iFrogz Impulse Wireless on the ZAGG site for a price of $59.99.