Acme Made Charge™ for iPhone 6

CaptureAcme Made sent us this nifty little case for the iPhone 6 (also comes for the 6 Plus). It’s called Charge™, but it is not a case that will charge your phone. Instead, it has a kickstand that comes out(the red part). Underneath the kickstand lies the secret to the case- a little Lightning to USB cable that snaps out, so you can hook your phone into a USB port.

I suppose this could be useful if you have your laptop with you, and you don’t want to forget your USB connecting cable. The world might be a better place if there were USB ports in all electrical outlets, of course.

CaptureBut in the meantime, unless you have your computer with you, you will have a hard time finding a place to plug this into, I think. I could see the usefulness of having this cord hiding in your case if you are always misplacing your charging cord.

The case itself is an impact resistant, polycarbonate, and the kickstand allows you to view your phone while it’s charging in both portrait and landscape mode.

You can purchase Charge™ for $49.95 on the Acme Made website.

Bem Wireless presents the Kickstand, a Kickstarter project

kickstand bem wirelessI like how projectors are just getting smaller and smaller, and even though the smartphone projector business hasn’t really taken off, there is still a small (pun intended) market for small projectors.

This Kickstand comes from Bem Wireless, who has made some pretty cool speakers and other accessories in the past. I first saw Bem Wirless at CES, and I have been trying to review something from them for quite a while. I don’t know whether or not the Kickstand is the finest product, but it certainly appropriately named for a Kickstarter project. Kickstand on Kickstarter, see?

What you are seeing is the Kickstand, with an anodized aluminum frame which allows the project to swivel up and stand very still. This is different than most mini-projectors, which require complex set-ups like tripods or books to prop them up. You can even tilt it so it projects on the ceiling! You can like up the Kickstand to an iPad, smartphone, or USB drive, and you can get 720p high-definition projections at 90 inches. By the way, the Kickstand has a HDMI port, a USB port, and an Auxillary Audio out for connecting options.

Now, the Kickstand will sell for about $799.99 when it hits the market, but you can get in on this on the official Kickstarter page.