Kidz Gear Unplugged Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

Kidz GearI was fortunate enough to review the Kidz Gear headphones after CES, and you can read my wife’s review about that. I guess that since they made some wired ones, it just makes sense for them to make some Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones, called Unplugged.

If you know anything about Kidz Gear, it is precisely what the name implies, if it was spelled properly, you know, Kids’ Gear. That means it maxes out at 108 db, and this one has Bluetooth 4.0 to make it wireless.

There are also bonuses like some buttons on the side that are good for pause/play, track back, track forward, and volume. It has some interesting specs like 10 hours on a single charge, a 10 meter range. It also comes with a detachable boom Mic in case you want to do some recording or something.

As for the sound, it is good, but it isn’t meant for my ears. Yeah, it is lucky this is for little ears. If you have little ones that would like this, it makes a good stocking stuffer for $59.99 on the Kidz Gear site.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

Kidz Gear

Jayden likes his new headphones!

The kids always enjoy when Mark comes home from CES bearing gifts of product samples and swag from the convention. This year, we had the privilege of receiving a set of headphones for each of our three children from Kidz Gear.

Kidz Gear headphones are designed with kids in mind. The main feature is the KidzControl volume limit that maintains a safe limit of volume of up to 80% of maximum volume. There is a built-in volume knob to control the range of volume(within the safety limit). It puts a parent’s mind at ease that young eardrums are being protected.

These headphones are offered in a variety of colors, and at a great price of $19.99. They are very good quality and comfortable- even for this grown-up who sometimes steals her kids’ headphones on occasion.

Kidz Gear1There are also these headphones with the built in boom-microphone for $29.99. My daughter got a pair of these, and they are good for her on-line school since she needs to use a microphone to communicate in the virtual classrooms. The microphone can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Go check out these products at You can get a free carry bag with the purchase of the headphones, and a free splitter when you order two- which can come in handy when you have more than one kid wanting to listen to something on the computer at the same time, and you want the peace and quiet.