Netatmo, Part 2: Healthy Home Coach

netatmo-home-coachIn addition to the Presence Security Light/Camera that we had a chance to try out the other day, Netatmo also sent us a Healthy Home Coach. That is this copper can that you see here.

The Healthy Home Coach bills itself as a “Smart Indoor Climate Monitor”, and it appears to be targeted to families. The Healthy Home Monitor is like a thermometer for your home, as it measures its health in four ways. If you want any updates on the four of these areas, just tap it on top.

1) Humidity: If you are concerned about the humidity of your house affecting your skin or creating mold, this will tell you if you need a humidifier or not.

2) Air Quality: This is for the one who is concerned with indoor air pollution, as well as just poor ventilation in general.

3) Noise: This is for monitoring the sound level in your house, which will literally help you sleep better at night.

4) Temperature: Just like it reads, this will allow you make certain that your house is at the optimal setting of warm or cool, whichever you like.

Netatmo seems to imply that this is good for a baby’s room, and you definitely want to be concerned about that if you have a child in the house. However, the Healthy Home Coach is made for all rooms, and you can even connect them together with the help of the application. Best of all, there is an easy set up via Wi-Fi, and there are no subscription fees.

You should be able purchase the Healthy Home Coach on the Netatmo site for $99.99. Don’t be surprised if you see other devices like it in the future.

Netatmo, Part 1: The Presence

netatmo-presenceIt’s hard to believe that we are living in a time where anyone can have their own personal security system, and products like the Netatmo Presence make it very affordable. The Netatmo Presence is not only affordable, but it is quite easy to install. Just think of it as another outdoor light.

Yes, all that white space on the Presence is made to be a floodlight, and it is a smart one. You can program it to switch on when it detects either a person, car, or animal, or maybe just all three from up to 65 feet/20 meters. By the way, the application allows for clicking the light on from a smartphone or tablet.

While we are discussing the application, it keeps track of the animals, cars, or people that will be passing by. Since this is a security camera, you can record the footage on the included SD card. You can also store the videos automatically on a personal DropBox cloud or a personal FTP server. If you want to see what happened during the day, there is a timelapse feature, and the videos are full HD quality with a pinch-to-zoom for details.

I am told that the Netatmo Presence has some “bank level” security, but I am not certain how good it truly is. Anyway, this is quite a product, and would make an excellent gift for anyone who wants a bit more security for the holiday season. The Presence can be purchased on the Netatmo site for $299.99.