Betamax is officially dead; Wait, wasn’t it dead already?

BetamaxI mentioned in my article about the BlackBerry Priv that I am often surprised that certain tech companies still exists. Today, the Internet was all abuzz that Betamax is now dead.

Seriously? I mean, I barely remember Betamax from the early eighties, as an alternative to VHS. This was back when VCRs were beginning to be in everyone’s house, and this was essentially a format war that was the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray conflict of that day.

Yes, apparently Betamax is alive in Japan, who must have a completely different type of tech than in the United States. Why in the world is it there? I’m not going to question this, because I have never lived in Japan or even visited it. Still, if you were to give me a Betamax of a film, it would be as useless to me as an 8-track.

I am very surprised that it took thirty years for Betamax to go offline, and it just shows how tech can still hang in here after all those years. The lesson here is don’t make fun of your neighbor because he or she has a flip-phone.


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