Tech News for the Day, Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First of all, I’d like to start with a new product known as RoboForm 2Go. You can read about it here, or a more detailed report here. You might also see my webcam review here.

Here is an interesting HTPC Remote with Wireless Keyboard.

Here’s an interesting product: the VholdR Contour 1080p. It is a durable camera that you can wear on your head. Not bad.

Have you ever seen the Chumby. It’s such a cute Wi-Fi gadget, and it now has a sequel, the Chumby One. Yes, Chumby One is actually the second in the Chumby series.

Here’s a product that has finally been released, the Fitbit. It can measure your fitness activity by a attaching it to your clothes, and then attaching it to a wireless base station.

Sony has an interesting digital picture frame that has a built in printer. Say hello to the Sony DPP-F700.

Dell has a very interesting product with the Dell Latitude Z. It features wireless charging, as well as wireless docking. It also features an interesting power switch.

How RockBand-type games bring families closer together

I still remember when Atari came out with the 2600, which included the Combat cartridge. Very few people played Combat afterwards, because it required two people for playing.

I believe Atari launched their gaming console as something that would bring families closer together, like a family game night or something. Of course, Atari had lots of other cartridges out afterward that were made for one player only, and video games slowly became a solitary device.

Then Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony came out with their consoles over the years, and they all came with their versions of solitary games. This led to a lot controversy about how video games leads people to want to play solo, and thus encourages violent behavior, and all of that.

Then along came RockBand and Guitar Hero: World Tour, and they had something that most video games don’t have: togetherness. I’m sure you have seen the games with their plastic instruments of guitar, drums, and microphone. If you haven’t, all I can say is: “where have you been”.

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Yes, I’m still holding. Five steps that will help you deal patiently with Tech Support

Have you ever had problems with your tech? That’s why help lines and tech support was invented.

Unfortunately, everyone has had a bad experience with tech support. Most of it involves talking with someone who speaks in an accent that we can barely understand. Not to mention having to explain our problem to several different people.

I’m sure most of you know that I write my blog to the Christian crowd, but I believe that the idea of being patient can apply to anyone.

I’ve written an article about How to Talk to Tech Support, and you can read this five-step how to article here.

Tech News for the Day, September 29, 2009

Today, I have a hot glue gun that doubles as something that sprays spiderwebs. I suppose someone wanted to get in on Halloween decorating early with the Electronic Webcaster Gun.

I had a chance to try out Adesso’s AKB-210 Flexible Keyboard. I wish I had something better to say about it.

I also had a chance to check out the Lexmark Interact S605. There’s a video of it at the link.

For those of you who want to see Transformers made real, you should check out the video found here. Someone has actually made one the transforms, can carry its owner, and beat up other robots. And it’s way better than Revenge of the Fallen.

There is a USB Keyboard Key Card Reader in the shape of Ctrl and Enter keys. Why would someone do it, who knows? At least it’s cheap.

JVC has got a new video camera that looks quite nice. It’s the Picsio GC-FM1, and it will hit Japan by October.

Dead Space Extraction Released Today

Dead Space ExtractionI hope that a lot of my readers are video game fanatics, and have at least heard of the Dead Space video game. The game may not have been the next Doom, but it apparently deserved a sequel: Dead Space Extraction.

Actually, this one’s a prequel. While the first Dead Space was made for the PS3, this one is exclusively for the Wii. It takes advantage of the Wii’s motion-controller so you can shoot a lot of violent aliens in this violent M-rated game.

Yes, I’ve spoken about violent video games before, and this would be one of them. I still haven’t changed my mind about them, and if you would like more information, go ahead and click here.

Lighthouse SQ7 MID tablet lets you talk to Twitter

For those who are completely into Twitter, then you might appreciate the Lighthouse SQ7. This 7-inch (800 x 480) tablet runs on Ubuntu and has 1 GB worth of memory to browse sites like Facebook, Twitter, and any other website.

What really makes this product unique is that the reader can enter in their tweets vocally. I’ve seen a video of it that shows someone “making a video”, and the SQ7 did a pretty good job inputting their tweet word for word.

The Lighthouse SQ7 MID (Mobile Internet Tablet) will be available come November for $250.

Tech News for the Day, September 28, 2009

Wacom, makers of some cool touchpads has made several models with multiouch capacity.

Once again, the words “world’s smallest” has come up, this time with TRENDnet’s world’s smallest Wireless N USB adapter.

For those of you might be looking for a new Bluetooth headset should be looking at the i.VoicePRO 901.

Samsung has been making a cell phone with a very advanced camera with the SCH-W880.

Panasonic is planning on putting out a 50-inch 1080p Plasma screen that is Blu-Ray compatible. It is also 3-D compatible.

Here is a terrific new product, the Adesso 19-Key USB Numeric Keypad and Optical Mouse.

Like Lego? So do I? Here’s two new products that use Mini figures.

Here’s something interesting: a robot that obeys the master’s thoughts.

Sonic Weapon used on Protesters

500x_LRADI’m sure all of you have at least heard of sonic weapons, and they are not something from science fiction.

No, this is technology that we have today. The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) can emit a warning tone higher than the normal human threshold of pain and is capable of permanently damaging hearing.

The LRAD was used against American civilians for the first time in Pittsburgh, during G20 protests. As a result, twenty people were arrested, and no serious injuries were reproted.

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That Dallas Cowboys Stadium Screen officially breaks world record

cowboysstadium-06-20-09When I heard that Dallas Cowboy’s stadium had a high-definition video display that was 72 feet high and 160 feet wide, I figured: “That has to be some kind of record”.

It has now been officially recognized by Guinness as the World’s Largest High-Definition Video Display award.

For those who don’t know, this video display has two 72 x 160 foot displays sandwhiched by 29 x 51 screens, forming a giant box of a display.

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