Tech News for the Day, Friday, October 30, 2009

Yes, more augmented reality fun as Esquire’s December 2009 issue will have lots of augmented reality.

Here’s a cute little concept device known as the AIDA. It is a cute robot head that can give directions.

Those of you who remember the Lite Brite might appreciate this Sketch Art. Same concept, but with actual LEDs.

Those who have iPhones might appreciate the Timelapser, a way to make time-lapse movies form photos. Another new iPhone app is the QuickReader, an e-reader program designed for those speed-readers out there.

Speaking (again) of the iPhone, it would appear that someone launched a class action suit against AT&T and Apple, saying that they “misrepresented the iPhone’s MMS capabilities”.

Considering that Google Android 2.0 has a new navigation app, Telmap’s NAVTEQ iPhone app seems a little…late.

Here is a USB stick made of recycled materials. Say hello to Boardy. I’m serious, that’s it’s name, Boardy.

Nyko has made a Zoom Lens for the DSi camera.

LG Helix from Cricket

cricket-lg-helix-handset_270x187Approximately two days ago, Cricket and LG announced the Helix. This guy is LG’s first AWS-capable handset, and it is a basic phone with nothing really fancy.

It does have a 2 inch color display with an external display, as well as Bluetooth, speaker phone, and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

The Helix will be available in silver and pink for about $139.99.


Tech News for the Day, Thursday, October 29, 2009

For those who need some more power for their iPod or iPhone should consider the PowerDuo Reserve.

I’ve covered augmented reality before, and here is some more. Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal is a little augmented reality game from Majesco.

Sony is showing off a 10.1 inch color epaper at the Panel Display show this year.

Some of you have never heard of the Readius, a device that didn’t get to be made. It would appear to be getting a new lease on life.

Nokia is teaming up with Elmo the Muppet to create StoryPlay, a way to read a story to someone from a distance.

I think I might have discussed that the Nintendo DSi might be getting a larger screen. As it turns out, it is true. A new version of the DSi will have a 4.25 screen.

The Labyrinth Fishtank has to be the coolest I have ever seen.

Check out this Air Board. Looks like a lot of fun.

You should check out Sony Ericsson’s spider computer concept.

Android 2.0, and why you should know about it

500x_android20mainI’ve been hearing a lot about Android 2.0, and I thought I should let you all know about it. Right now, it has been sweeping the nation, even though it has only been commercially available for a few days.

Android is a mobile operating system that incorporates Linux kernel, and was initially developed by Google. Motorola just released the Droid, the first phone to use Android 2.0, and it is making quite an imprint on the mobile marketplace.

Here is what is making a real splash: Google Maps Navigation. This is a free turn-by-turn navigation that is only available on Android 2.0. It is possible that it could replace a traditional GPS.

Rest assured, we have not heard the last of Google’s Android.

Laser Watch, shows what time it is


It begins today. Some guy has actually invented a Laser Watch, a product that is designed to read the bar codes tattooed on your wrist.

Oh no! It would appear that I may have to print a retraction of my previous article about why Christians are afraid of technology.

Now that they have made this device, there is nothing to prevent that darn AntiChrist from seriously taking over.

If you dare to read more, there is some terrifying details after the jump.

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Tech News for the Day, Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Once again, another Sharper Image product has caught my attention with the Clock Radio iPod/iPhone dock.

Here’s an interesting toy I’d like to try out. The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser remote control vehicle. It is an RC vehicle that can go up a wall, a ceiling, and follow a laser pointer. Dang!

Someone has finally created a boot that can heat itself, electronically. It’s called the Columbia Bugathermo.

SmartCap: The life it saves can be a driver

I once heard that one of the leading killers on the road is not drunk driving, but falling asleep at the wheel. I remember that I did that once, and I accidentally swerved off the road. Fortunately, no one, including myself, was hurt.

I suppose the SmartCap was prevented in order to prevent accidents like these. This baseball cap that you see in the picture is synced wirelessly with a mobile device such as a BlackBerry to monitor for fatigue.

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Augmented Reality is now in your food

Some of you remember when I wrote that piece on Augmented Reality. It’s that little technology that allows you to put an image in front of a camera (usually a webcam) and cause another, usually three-dimensional image, to appear on the display.

Right now, it is being used for advertisements, trading cards, and even on bags of Doritos. It would appear that someone has figured out how to get the augmented reality off the food wrapper and get it on the food itself.

See these cookies in the picture here? They look like ordinary cookies with an L on them, right? Check out what they look like with a little camera, and a lot of augmented reality after the jump.

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