Our Review of the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

matiasI have reviewed a lot of Matias products in the past. I remember them for the Quiet Pro, which types a lot quieter than the keyboard that I use on my desktop now. Today, I’m trying out the Matias Wireless Aluminum kebyoard, and it is also a good product.

I’m going to just say this, as it just looks like an Apple keyboard. This is appearing to look by design, and it comes with a lot of Mac-friendly function keys. Yes, all of those F keys that I just don’t use are easily usable. So, the charging cord is white, like something Apple, and I am just going to stop making Apple comparisons.

I am told that charging the keyboard for 5 hours will allow it to last for a year with a 1,600 mAh battery. This thing is good for a Mac, as well as other Apple products, and I just realized that I just broke my promise about mentioning Apple stuff. It also works on Windows and Android products, and its wireless, so it works on pretty much anything with Bluetooth.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how to just connect it with a wired connection on my PC. Maybe I should put some Bluetooth on it.

Anyway, it is a pretty cool product, and it is available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, and Rose Gold for $99 on the Matias website.

Sound Cover Tablet Speaker from Onanoff

sound-coverIt’s been a while since I have reviewed a good Onanoff product, and since they make a lot of good ones, that is a shame. I will quickly summarize this product saying that it is a speaker made for tablets, and it is stated that it can boost the iPad volume by 400 percent.

I have to admit that this is one product that I thought would be something else, but when I reviewed it, it did more than I thought. You see, what I thought this was a speaker that can mount itself on the back of an iPad. The packaging says that it is from the iPad Air, so I thought this Sound Cover speaker was designed for the iPad Air, but honestly, I think it would work for any tablet.

In fact, I tried it out with my Android smartphone, and it worked with the Bluetooth for it. Yes, this speaker works wirelessly, and it works with an included wire too. In fact, out of curiosity, I connected this with my desktop, and I had a great speaker.

onanoff-sound-coverThe speaker is very thin, but it has a lot of power to it with a 20 kHz high frequency performance. The front of it vibrates intensely, so it would be a mistake to lean your tablet against it. You will notice how the speaker has a backing that can lean out, and the design is pretty impressive.

There are some other great features, such as a built-in microphone. It also comes with a travel bag, the 3.5 mm stereo cable, and a USB charging cable. The battery is a 3300mAh Lithium Polymer type, with 15 hours of playtime when fully charged.

In short, it is quite something, and should work with whatever you got. It used to be $199.99, but is now available on the Onanoff site for $129.99 in gold, silver, and black.

The Apollo Cloud from Promise Technology

apollo-square-frontSince I am in the holiday season, I am going to be reviewing a lot of products that will make great gifts. For those that want the gift of space, I will highly recommend the Apollo Cloud. I am not talking about space in the household, but space for all your digital files.

Yes, I realize that everyone is on some kind of cloud today. I mean, where else are you going to put all your files, on your computer? I mean, you have files on your phone, tablet, computer, and…oh my gosh.

The thing about the cloud is it is a cloud. I mean, it is made to be very nebulous, and it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Now imagine that the cloud could somehow be lassoed down and brought to your house, and this is the necessity of the Apollo Cloud that you want.

Why do you want it: I can think of four reasons, and there are all terabytes. Yes, this has 4 TB of cloud storage for your files. If you think that you might run out of room, then you have more than 440 hours of HD video, or more than 220,000 photos, or 500,000 songs.

You get the idea. It is a lot of room, and it is easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it into your router, and then plug it into the wall. It’s pretty easy to set up the software after that, and you can just drag an drop your files. There is even the option of using hot keys, and I haven’t even figured out that part just yet. It is also possible to just connect a USB drive and directly upload files and folders to the Apollo Cloud as fast as one click.

Of course, what good is a device like this without an app? Yeah, it’s got one on the Apple store and Google Play for free, which will really help you manage your files on mobile devices.

You can find out more about the Apollo Cloud on the Promise Technology site here, and it is available on Amazon and the Apple Store. Are you surprised that it is available on the Apple Store? I’m not. I mean, look at how white this thing is, it just fits in with the Apple aesthetic. I found it on Amazon for $249.00 and on Apple for $299.99.

Henge Docks Clique for the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

hengedocks-cliqueIt has been a while since I have reviewed a Henge Docks product, the last time was with the Gravitas and then the Vertical Docking Station. I decided to use this picture to illustrate what the Clique does.

Basically, this is essentially a stand made to hold Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with the Magic Trackpad (1st Generation). This is an issue for people who have this, and it is nice that these important controls are all in one place.

This is another way to use this, which is on your lap. Fortunately, there are external power buttons that enable the keyboard and trackpad to be powered on or off without the need to remove these devices from the dock.

This is something that Mac users can really get their heads behind, and in front of. It is available on the Henge Docks site for just $25 USD.

LoDo Large Backpack from Case Logic

case-logic-lodoWe have had a lot of fun reviewing Case Logic products before, and the last time was the Kontrast DSLR Camera Bag. We are now going to review another device made for holding with the LoDo Large Backpack, made for holding some kind of 15.6-inch laptop.

Not only can you hold a laptop in there, but there is a pocket there for an iPad there as well. There is a mesh pocket inside with a zipper for the accessories, and the top can be strung tight.

You will notice that there are two buckles there to hold it shut, and the two pockets on the back of this backpack as well. The pockets have snaps, but they are magnetic closing as well. The top also has a zipper pocket that is designed to hold a cellular phone.

The material is pretty soft, and I am told that it has a high quality cotton canvas exterior. Whatever it is, it feels pretty good, and the straps make it a comfortable load.

If this sounds like something that you want, head on over to the Case Logic site and lay down $84.99 for it.

Beyerdynamic Byron Wired Earbuds

beyerdynamicI have reviewed Beyerdynamic products in the past, and they certainly are some great audio products. Just these past few months, I had the chance to review the Beyerdynamic Custom Street, and these Byron Wired is more along the lines of iDX 200 iE earbuds.

These premium earphones have some seriously powerful neodymium speakers for some serious sound and bass. Then again, what would you expect from Beyerdynamic? They come with some silicone eartips for comfort and isolation, and it has a carrying bag included for even more classiness.

Normally, I don’t included any pictures of the packaging on my reports, but the Android logo is featured prominently in the corner. I guess I can see why, as the iPhone 7 is missing that headphone jack, so why not promote some earbuds designed for mobile living to the Android devices that can accept something with a headphone jack?

By the way, there is a 3-button remote control and a hands-free microphone. I don’t think I need to tell you how good the sound is, but it has a 9.0 mm speaker diameter if you want the tech specs.

You should be able to purchase the Byron earbuds on the Beyerdynamic site for about $49.95.

Ditto Wearable Does Wonders for Notifications from a Distance

ditto-whiteThe issues with having a smartphone is that you can get filled to the brim with notifications. With all the the texts, alarms, and emails that you can get, you will probably enter into your phone with quite a bit to see before you can access your favorite apps. You could shell out a few hundred dollars for a smartwatch, or you could just pay a fraction of the cost for SimpleMatters Ditto.

The Ditto is a small device that you can clip to yourself or just put on the included armband, and it will vibrate when you get a notification. Do you need to buy a smartwatch for that?

Ditto can work for over 60 applications, and you can set up customized vibration patterns for whatever notification that you want. There are even silent alarms and loads of customization aboard.

By the way, you can also tether the phone to the Ditto, so you won’t be losing that smartphone again with Ditto reminding you. By the way, Ditto wirelessly connects to your smartphone from 50-100 feet away, and it doesn’t need charging thanks to its battery that lasts 3-6 months. Also by the way, Ditto is waterproof.

I’ll be honest with you when I say that I have written about Ditto before, and I sent away for another because I confused it for a product of the same name. I just wanted to be clear, but I felt a reason to write about it again because it is a great product. It can be picked up at the Ditto site for $39.95.

Nomad Leather Strap for the Apple Watch

nomad-modern-42mm-silverWell, we just had a chance to review the Nomad Leather Wallet for the iPhone, and I suppose that it is only justified that we review the Leather Strap for the Apple Watch. Yeah, because its Leather and made for Apple, right?

Okay, I don’t really think they are that much related. However, I haven’t had too much chance to review a lot of Apple Watch products, but it looks like Nomad has a way to make the Apple Watch a little more fine watch than it is technology. I mean, this is the strap that you wear when you are in your Sunday best.

You know how the Apple Watch comes in Black or Silver? Well, Nomad has created a strap with a silver buckle or a black buckle. By the way, there is a modern build with no stitches, and a traditional build with stitches.

Like the aforementioned Leather Wallet, it is made with Horween leather. They also have 316 stainless steel, and I am not sure what that is. Either way, they are really great craftsmanship.

Anyway, you can get this strap on the Nomad site for $59.95 for the modern build and $149.95 for the traditional build.

Our Review of the D-Link DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera

d-link-dcs-2530lOkay, it’s been a while since I reviewed a D-Link product, and one of the last one was the Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera. This particular DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Cmaera is a smaller version of that, and we had a chance to check it out for ourselves.

Just to let you know, you will be hearing some form of 180 in this review. First of all, it has a 180 degree field of view, which allows a 50 percent more view with a very wide angle lens. Oh, it also has a 1080p HD quality video which gives a lot of great clear video. So, there is a 180 listed twice, because 1080p is kind of like 180.

As you might have guessed, it is made for security, as it has night vision for 16 feet with built-in IR LEDs. It has sound and motion detection for some push alert notification when loud noises or movement is detected. You can put the recorded footage on microSD/SDXC slot.

Do you want to view this on Wi-Fi? That can hapen, and there is a remote viewing on the smartphone or tablet. It’s nice, and it has a mydlink Lite app.

Now, I just checked out the original Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera, and that model had most of the same features. The cool thing is that is cheaper at $159.99. You can get it at Best Buy and the D-Link site.

Nomad Leather Charging Wallet made for Apple iPhone

nomad-walletHave you ever had a product that was so useful that you almost felt guilty for spending money for it? This Nomad Leather Charging Wallet is made for charging an iPhone and holding your money, and it is that.

Nomad makes a lot of products that are just downright useful, I once reviewed three products at once, and they were all terrific to try. This particular wallet is made of leather, and I had a chance to try out the Bi-Fold wallet, which has a 2400 mAh battery.

I will have to say that the Nomad Leather Charging Wallet is thicker than a regular wallet, but it should fit in your back pocket. Now, isn’t that the best place for the charger? You can see in the image how the cable is ready to attach and give your phone a good charge.

Not only is the charger good, but the leather work is official Horween. It has some fine stitching, and it has space for six cards and dollar bills as well. The Slim Fold has three cards.

You should be able to purchase the Nomad Leather Charging Wallet for about $149.95 on the Nomad site. The Slim Fold, which is one half as much of a wallet but still the same amount of battery charge, and costs $119.95.