30th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Pixel Pals

chun-liPixel Pals™ are an officially licensed collection of light-up, pixelated iconic characters brought to you by Performance Designed Products. Such characters include Mario, Luigi, Link, and Vault Boy from Fallout 4. We have been given the new 30th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Pixel Pals™ to review.

Chun-Li is number 11 in the Pixel Pals™ series. Fans of Street Fighter II will recognize her as the first female fighter. She became a playable character in the game in 1991, and now is one of the most popular characters of the game. Now her fans can have a little 8 bit Chibi form that glows with the addition of two AAA batteries- not included.

Number 12 in the series is Ryu. I would think that he would come before Chun-Li, but ladies first, eh? Ryu, of course, was a main character in the very first Street Fighter game- which premiered in 1987. His character is wearing ryu1the classic gi, black belt, hachimaki(headband), and sparring gloves.

The plastic, pixelated, glowing characters stand at almost 5 inches tall, and a little over 4 inches wide. If you have a long shelf, you could line up all the 8-bit characters from your favorite game classics and have a little lighted parade!

We’re told that the next release will be announced shortly. What game character would you like to see from Pixel Pals? Leave your favorite in the comments below, and go purchase the other characters for $14.99 on their website, or at Amazon.com. They are also available in Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop stores.

Kick and Fennick Game Review

kick-and-fennick2I’m just going to say that I think that Kick and Fennick is a great game, just like Clustertruck was. It’s kind of funny, because most reviews give this a game a 6 or 7 out of 10, but I believe it should get at least an 8.

Kick and Fennick starts off showing some future world that looks like it is out of sixties and seventies sci-fi films. Most of the background is white, so everything has that really sterile look that really makes the atmosphere. The opening spotlights Kick, who is a little kid, and it feels like you are about to watch a hidden gem of a sci-fi film, like Logan’s Run or THX-1138.

Kick awakes to find a robot named Fennick that looks like a Fennec fox, at least in the ear department. Kick wakes up in what looks like to be some kind of cybernetic cryogenic sleep, and nearly falls to his doom. Fennick saves him, but his power supply, which is this Christmas tree light on his tail, is depleted and broken. Kick realizes that there is a power source on top of a huge building, and there is one way to do that. The best part of this sequence is that the story is told without a word of dialogue, which also makes the atmosphere of this game.

Kick finds this big gun that has such a powerful kick (pun intended), that it makes him fly up in the air. Oh, he can also shoot things with that gun as well. Most of the action takes place around this gun, and it can be fired again in the air, and time slows when it is time to aim. I enjoy that this time-slowing aiming effect, and it also makes this game.

This is a game where you are solving levels, and there is this weird big robot in the background. What is interesting is that from the get-go, I have no idea what the story is. Since I am reviewing the game, I haven’t seen if the entire storyline is revealed by the end of the game. I mean, why is Kick in cryo-sleep, and where did this robot come from. Can it be told without a word of dialogue?

You can find out more about Kick and Fennick on the main website here.

Another Game Review with Clustertruck: A Game So Cool it Ought to be a Movie!

clustertruckI will have to say that Clustertruck is one of those games that doesn’t have a set-up, but action. Imagine you are watching a film where the main character has to get from Point A to Point B, and it can only be done by hopping on the back of semi trucks.

What is this, the opening to a reboot for the Smokey and the Bandit franchise? Not unless the roads look like something from the age of Mad Max. Now imagine yourself as the main character.

That’s right, you get to jump from from semi truck to semi truck, and even a Matrix sequel wouldn’t do something this crazy. I mean, you would have to be in some virtual world to have this amount of semis on the road.

So, you have to jump on the top of these trucks, and you had better not land on the ground or you die. Also, if you hit some obstacle that kills the trucks, you die. There are lots of ways to die, but rest assured when I tell you will feel like you are really living when you play this game.

Seriously, this game is one of the most virtual adrenaline-fueled games that you will ever play. My kids were getting into this game, and so was I. The gameplay is simple to learn but it sure is hard to pass levels. Once you die, you will be in a hurry to reset, I can tell you.

I will have to say that Clustertruck is worthy of trying, but more worthy of buying. You can find it on Steam for $14.99.

Our Game Review of Zenith

zenith-1When someone says the word “Zenith”, I think of a series of TVs that I don’t believe are being made anymore. Zenith is a terrific game that is part science fiction and fantasy, but all RPG.

The issue with Zenith is that the description on Steam doesn’t really fit the game that I actually played. It says that “you won’t need to piece the story together by yourself as if it was a Swedish chair”. However, in this game, it starts off in a very obvious fantasy setting and then a starship shows up. To make it even more complicated, this weird emperor guy shows up along with a lot of side characters that don’t seem to add much to the plot.

What is interesting in this game is that you play a mage, and it clearly meant to be totally satirical. The issue is that it is an R-rated satire going on, with at least the swearing in the dialogue. Much of the satire is based on conventions of what you know from fantasy RPG games, and what is supposed to happen vs. what does happen.

zenith-2So what is it like? Well, you walk around and kill enemies, and collect gold and armor. Yes, it sounds like any particular fantasy RPG game, and there is even some puzzle solving going on. I found that going through the dungeons was a lot like The Legend of Zelda, with less puzzles and mapping, and more about destroying enemies. I found that there are a lot of enemies and you need a lot of healing potions to get through. At least I did. There was a big boss at the end that took a while for me to defeat.

I want to talk about the graphics. They can be very beautiful at times. Just look at the building in the background there. I wish some of the character animation was given more work. There was a scene where characters are looking around at an object, and these background characters turn their entire bodies. The animation looks rather PS1 vs. the PS4 that I played it on.

On the whole, I would have to recommend this game, which can be purchased on Steam for $14.99

No Man’s Sky is an Apparent Disappointment

If you are not familiar with No Man’s Sky, it was one of the most anticipated games of the year. It isn’t every day where someone comes out with a game where the viewer can explore about 18 qunintillion worlds. Seriously, there is no way that you can do that in your own lifetime. Is it too good to be true? Apparently, it is.

As you can see from the Angry Joe review that I put here, the game has a powerful set-up, but is ultimately disappointing. The issue is that this game is too ambitious, and many things that were promised upon the game’s announcements were not given.

At first, the player can explore a world, see new lifeforms, and leave for other planets. However, gamers were promised that there would be large space barges and factions and the player would have to choose which faction to join, but this just isn’t happening. Also, the spaceships are not as diverse as it was thought.

Then there are issues with it crashing, like all the time. This is something that I predicted when the game was about to be released, before it was delayed. It appeared that the delays didn’t help this game.

Now it is possible that hello Games, publisher of No Man’s Sky, is working hard to fix these problems. With a little DLC updates, it could be pretty good. However, is it worth the full price for something not finished?

Our Review of the Game “Bear With Me”

Bear with MeWell, here’s another game review, and this Bear With Me game is quite unusual. The gameplay isn’t really original, as it is a typical RPG game, where you are wandering around a certain place, picking up items, interacting with characters, but the setting is what makes this unique.

Bear With Me takes place in a very film noir world. If you aren’t familiar with that style, it usually involves a seedy characters in a seedy setting in a bad part of town. The main character is usually a private detective, in search of justice.

What makes it interesting is how the main character of this game is a little girl named Amber, who has a stuffed animal named Ted E. Bear. What is interesting is that there are other stuff animals that are alive in this black-and-white world, and there is even a robot guardian.

This might be a bit of a spoiler, but what is interesting is that one of Amber’s friends is murdered. The body is a stuffed animal with its stuffing on the outside, and it really puts this world into perspective At first, I thought Amber’s world was some kind of mix of magic realism mixed with film noir, but I realize now that some of this plotline is taking place within Amber’s imagination.

There seems to be some kind of plotline going on with Amber and her missing brother. Apparently, her missing brother is happening in real life, and I’m not certain what else is happening in real life. It feels like something bad is happening in this world, and I can’t help but think that the parents are trying to keep Amber out of some kind of trouble that is really happening in this world.

This is what makes this world different from other RPG games. There is some kind of other story that isn’t being told that I don’t really know, and kind of draws me in.

I will have to say that I found the puzzles of this game quite simple. In fact, I found that the characters were really telegraphing the solutions to puzzles even before I even saw that they were going to be problems. I still got stuck in a few places.

The game also makes fun of RPG games, as it will occasionally break the fourth wall and talk about how dumb RPG cliches are.

I really liked playing this game, and you can get Bear With Me on Steam for about $4.99.

Video Game Review of “Road to Ballhalla”

Road to BallhallaJust to let you know, Road to Ballhalla is an interesting game, but I’m not certain how to describe this. In fact, I didn’t even really know what screen shot to use.

Just to let you know, in the screenshot that you see here, you are the smaller ball. This is one of those games where you are some kind of ball, marble, or other rolling object, and then go through an obstacle course. The last game that I reviewed like this was Marble Mountain, which I just realized I called Marble Madness in the title. You can’t really blame me, as the game is like that eighties game.

Road to Ballhalla has more of a 2D thing going as you can roll through what looks like one of those rat mazes. The thing is if rats had to deal with lasers and other obstacles, they would probably…well, I’m not certain what the rats would do, isn’t that why we do experiments on them?

What is very interesting is that Road to Ballhalla has a terrific tutorial with a tongue firmly in its cheek. I have to say this is a pretty unique take on a gaming convention, and it works to the game’s credit.

For those who want to try this game out, it is possible to purchase it on Steam for about $14.99. There is a special going on for $13.49 at 10 percent off, but that could have expired by the time you read this.

Our Gaming Review of Type: Rider

Type RiderI have often said that the best games are the most simple ones, and although Type:Rider has a simple yet complicated premise, it is still challenging.

So here is what is going on: you are two punctuation dots that need to platform your way through a world full of typeface. You need to roll your way and get letters of the alphabet in a certain font.

So, you will have to go through a lot of levels, and I think there are about ten of them. Clearly, who ever really made this game must really love typefaces. It is so unusual, that it is worth trying.

What makes it interesting is how the two punctuation dots work together. You have to make them rotate somehow to make jumps, and there are some cool stops to make.

It is a very terrific game, and it can be purchased on Steam for about $4.99. I would say it is worth double that price.

Our Game Review of “Lifeless Planet”

Lifeless PlanetI would have to say that Lifeless Planet is one of the best games that I have played this year, and I don’t do a lot of video games. Seriously, I don’t get paid much for this, but I would love to do it for a living.

Lifeless Planet is a game that is practically an homage to video games. There is a lot of platforming going on here, and there is a lot of great exploration as well. The game starts out with an opening that reminds me of Interstellar, and then it becomes like The Martian.

The great thing about Lifeless Planet is its atmosphere. The game begins with an astronaut who crash-lands on a distant planet, and he is all alone. This is what is interesting about this game, as you are just alone on this planet with nothing but creepy music.

At first the player is just wandering around an alien planet that looks like Utah, Arizona, or Nevada. In fact, as someone who has visited Arches National Park, I thought this was about the next best thing to visiting it.

At the beginning, I thought that this game was going to be boring, but then I discovered that I had the power of jumping. I thought there was going to be just boring exploration, but there is a definite path that you need to follow.

In case you are seeing this picture and thinking that the lifeless planet is Earth, and there is a “you maniacs, you blew it all up” scene. No, they don’t go that direction, but they could have.

I won’t spoil what is going on in this game, because part of the game is figuring out what happened on this Lifeless Planet. There is a lot of finding stops that give information about what has happened.

This is one of those films that I can’t play at night, because it is so full of this lonely atmosphere that I am just waiting for a jumpscare. This is what makes it very good.

I’m going to give this game a high recommendation, possibly one of my highest. It is a sample game that I can’t stop playing. You can find it on Steam for $19.99, and I played it on the PS4.

Our Game Review of Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

SnoopySo, you see Snoopy’s face and how surprised it is? Well, it’s because he’s amazed that we are reviewing this game, which came out over six months ago, right now. Yes, I like to review the latest in gadgets and technology, but it just so happens that this game went on sale cheap.

As you might have guessed, this game is meant to tie-in with The Peanuts Movie. For some reason, a lot of hit movies think it is standard procedure to come out with a video game based on the film. These games are notoriously not very good, and lack originality because you know some programmer just had to come up with a Peanuts game.

I love all things associated with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and this game has Snoopy in the center. I would think that from the box art, which shows Snoopy on his dog house ready to fight the Red Baron, so this will be a flying game.

Actually, it is more of a platforming game, and it is just great to be Snoopy. Like most platformers, you can jump and jump, and Snoopy’s propeller ears can take him some cool places.

Most of the conflict is just getting jellybeans because apparently there is hide-and-seek thing going on with the Peanuts gang, and Charlie Brown has a box of jellybeans that are leaking. Yeah, it is a pretty weak premise, as Snoopy goes through worlds based on the Charlie Brown characters that probably could have been done a little better as far as style is concerned.

This is one of those games where you should collect everything, which includes 300 jellybeans per level along with 6 Beagle Scouts (Woodstocks). So, there is some flying action, but honestly, the platforming is the fun part. Also, Snoopy can have these forms that make the game pretty fun.

I’m going to recommend Snoopy’s Grand Adventure, as it is a fun game that is getting seriously slashed now.