GeekChurch Review of Matrix PowerWatch X

It seems that fitness watches are all the rage lately. We found one to review that is a little different from the others, though. This is the Matrix PowerWatch X.

This smartwatch is unique in that it is the first in the world to be powered by the heat of your body. That’s right. You don’t have to charge your fitness tracker. This is the big selling point of the watch.

Other Matrix PowerWatch X Features

Water resistant to 200 meters, the watch is great for people who don’t want to take it off for swimming or showering. Unfortunately, it’s not good for tracking calories burned while swimming. Like most other fitness trackers, it will keep track of steps and estimate calories burned. It also tracks your sleep patterns. You pair it with a free downloadable app, and notifications of texts and calls can be sent to you, but the context of the text is not shown.

The Matrix Powerwatch X has a stopwatch, and also a small led light that doesn’t glow very bright, honestly. The buttons on the side help to cycle through the different functions of the watch.

My Overall Analysis of the Matrix PowerWatch X

I was excited to try this watch out, but with the exception of never having to charge the watch, I did not find it to be something that I would spend the $279 on. It’s an innovative idea for sure, though.  It’s bulky, but tough. I would have liked to see more smart watch features. If it was more like the Fitbit Versa with the unique features added, it might be more attractive. Did I mention that I like the feature of not having to charge the watch? It’s really nice not having a dead fitness tracker and worrying about having to charge if you are out in the wilderness.

Thanks to Matrix for lending us this watch for the purpose of the review. No compensation was given in exchange for our fair and unbiased opinion.

This Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor

MisfitI had a chance to see the Misfit Shine when I was at CES 2015, and I was pretty impressed by it. After all, we live in an era with a flood of fitness bands, and when the smartwatch market really takes off, it will kill the fitness band market or accelerate it.

The Misfit Shine doesn’t really require a band to work, but it is this really cool disk. It comes with a band that you put on it, and then you can wear it on your wrist. You don’t have to put it on your wrist, shoes, pocket, waist, or neck.

I had a chance to try it out, and it is pretty cool to watch the tiny little lights on the back when you put in the included battery. From there, you set up an account and start your program.

You can track your progress of walking, running, swimming, an cycling. It has automatic sleep monitoring, daily photo food journal, as well as the usual fitness band tracks of steps, calories, and distance.

Thanks to the help of the free Misfit Shine application, you can find your friends and view other fitness accomplishments, making some friendly competition, or some terrible bragging rights.

So if you are looking to join the fitness band craze, head on over to the Misfit store and lay down about $99.99. They come in many different types of colors, and they are quite good.

The PulseOn Heart Rate Monitor

PulseOn device and application LRI have been wanting to do a hands-on review of some wearable technology for a while now, and what I would give to try out the PulseOn hear rate monitor. It works with sensor technology that can track the user’s heart rate, as well as providing meaningful content on what the heart rate means.

That’s right, this is a fitness monitor that actually tells you about your fitness level, training effect, calories burned, rest time, speed, distance, and more. No more of that meaningless data that you see from other fitness bands.

This small and stylish wristband to give meaningful insights with actionable feedback that can be understood by users. As for the battery time, it can go for 10 hours with 3 days idle. You should be able to get it on the PulseOn site for $199.99.