EKUSA Big Wolf Dog Collar and Leash

ekusa-bw_collar_d79_1It has been a while since I have reviewed an EKUSA product. While I was hoping to review something like a case for the iPhone 7 or something, I got these dog products. Not that I mind, because I have a dog, and we can always use a new collar and leash.

I’ll start with the collar. It is a pretty good job that is made up of a 3/4 inch wide designer ribbon, and it really stands out on the dog, no matter what color he or she is.

I’m hoping that my dog, Yuki, finds it comfortable, as it certainly feels thinner than most dog collars. The thing that I don’t think is done justice with this picture is the metallic loop. It feels like it should be bigger.

Well, I’m not certain what I can say about the collar other than it is a dog collar. It has a buckle and it is somewhat simple to adjust. Okay, I guess I am done there.

ekusa-bw_leash_d75_1I have to admit that the leash is a lot lighter and longer than what I was expecting. It is about six feet, and it is also quite thin.

Just to let you know, this leash is strong. How do I know? I went to take my dog for a walk, and another dog got out. You really don’t know how much a leash can take until you are trying to pull another dog away from another.

Okay, now I am telling you that I had a chance to use these items together, and I will say that they work well. The big loop on the collar is perfect for the leash, as you can just push it on. A lot of leashes are difficult to put on a dog, especially one that is very wiggly when it finds out it is time to go for a walk.

You should be able to get the Designer Big Wolf Dog Collar on the EKUSA site for about $18.99, and the Designer Big Wolf Dog Leash can be purchased for $23.99 here.

CleverPet is an electronic game for your dog

CleverPetWell, you know that I just had to report on this one. Hey, I love gaming consoles, and I love dogs. Why would I not report on a gaming console for a dog?

Okay, so it doesn’t have a screen or controller, or a touchscreen for the dog’s paws. It has a few buttons that will allow the dog to hit buttons in order to get a treat, provided it hits the button at the right time. Yes, the button has to be lit to get a treat, which means the dog will soon learn when to push the button.

Not only that, this CleverPet connects wirelessly with WiFi, and you can monitor the CleverPet with an App so you can see your pet’s progress. In case you are worried about your pooch getting too much treats, you can set it up to be an ordinary feeding bowl.

This is a Kickstarter project, and you can get it for an early-adopter price for $159 or eventually about $199. Is this the beginning for all kinds of electronic games for pets?


Up comes alive with No More Woof

No More WoofOkay, lately the Disney channel has been showing Up, and I highly recommend watching this surreal flick if you haven’t seen it yet. The film has just enough unbelievability, but not so much that it alienates the viewer. I know that the main character’s house could probably not be held aloft by that number of balloons, but I’m willing to pardon that. What I enjoy is when the dogs talk, but this technology is never explained.

This technology could be here with No More Woof. No More Woof is an EEG-reading headset with Arduinos that can somehow analyze it and translate it. You heard it correctly, it can translate barks.

Years ago, I once heard a pet-lover talk about a product known as bark-lingual. Apparently, this was a essentially the same concept, but I doubted it because if someone actually created a way to actually translate dog barks, that would change…everything.

This No More Woof just can fine tune translate, so you know what kind of bark your dog is doing. You know, so it can determine the “I’m hungry” bark from the “stranger at the door” bark. Do you have a hard time telling these barks apart? I don’t.

Well, No More Woof has had its Indiegogo campaign, and it is apparently made its pledge goals. Apparently, it will show up with a three-emotion model for $65, or a gold-plated Pioneer version for $1,200.

I wonder if this No More Woof will actually change things. I’m just going to see on this.


iFetch throws the ball for your dog

Well, I figured that since I have covered the cool Kickstarter project Poppy, a 3D video/photo viewer for the iPhone, I should cover the iFetch. Now, the iFetch is not an iPhone or iPad accessory, but it is made to make life easier, for dog owners.

The iFetch is designed for dogs to play fetch with itself, and yes, that does sound really bad now that I have written it out. Seriously, this is what it does. You can see the video to see how a dog puts the ball in a funnel, and then a machine flings the ball. Then repeat.

Okay, there are a few things that I want to bring up about this device. First, it requires that the dog learns how to put the ball in the iFetch funnel. I suppose that will be a rough transition, as my dog often fails to bring back the Frisbee or ball. I do like how the dog gets excited after it has learned to put the ball in. That is totally worth it.

Second, you should really play fetch with your dog yourself. I guarantee, even though you might be tired after a day of work, there is something very fun about making your dog happy.

If you want to, you can get the iFetch for about $75, and enjoy as the iFetch throws the ball 10, 20, and 30 feet.