iHome and Aquio Pair up for Your Drinks and Your Tunes

iHome makes a lot of great audio products, and we’ve reviewed some in the past. This new and exciting product combines a way to hydrate with a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your music. The iBTB2 Aquio is something that would make a great Christmas gift for your work-out fan or beach-goer.

photo credit- iHome

There are two separate parts:

The Aquio Bottle

The bottle itself is a great item. It keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours. If you want to put coffee or soup in it, those liquids will stay warm for 14 hours. It has a great build, and is designed to fit most cup holders. It’s only 16 ounces, though. Hopefully, they will get some demand for bigger water bottles. A little loop at the top allows for easy carrying. You could clip a carabiner to it and carry it hands free. You could also clip your keys to it. It’s BPA free, and for easy cleaning, you can separate it from

The Aquio Speaker

For a little speaker of this size, there is excellent 360 sound. All the sound is controlled through your phone or Bluetooth device once they are paired. There is 6 hours of playtime after charging with the provided cable. The speaker has a waterproof rating of iP67, so you can feel safe taking it to the beach or by the pool.

Combine them together, or use them separately. Either way, you can find them for $69.99 and free shipping at their site. Different colors include Midnight(black), Seafoam (aqua blue), Merlot (maroon) and Blush (pink).

Thanks to iHome/Aquio for sending us a free product to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis. No other compensation was given.

Luci Lux and Luci EMRG by MPOWERD

Luci LIteAs a mom of two Cub Scouts, one of whom is becoming a Boy Scout this month, I’m excited to have the opportunity to review these two solar lanterns from a CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Luci EMRG.

These inflatable, solar powered lanterns are waterproof- a great solution for the outdoor life. They are compact when deflated. and lightweight, so they would be great to carry in a pack for an overnight camp-out. They’re also good to have in the car or around the house for emergency lighting during a power outage.

The Luci Lux is slightly bigger than the EMRG with 10 LED lights. It has 3 settings- bright, super bright, and flashing. It still only weighs 4 oz, and will run 12 hours max on the bright setting. 8 hours is the full charge time on the solar panels. You can purchase the Lux for $19.99.

Luci Lux - 2The EMRG is smaller and more compact with 4 LED lights that still are pretty powerful. This one has 4 settings- bright, super bright, flashing, and an SOS mode-which flashes red and white light. It weighs 2.5 oz. It can give up to seven hours of light if at full charge, and if not used, it will keep 95% of it’s charge each month, so you can use it straight out of the drawer or bag, even if you have not charged it that day. The EMRG is well-priced at $9.99. You can buy these and other Luci lanterns on their website

The most impressive thing about this company is their goal to provide their product to developing countries- those in need of “Solar Justice.” You can help put lights into the hands of those living in energy poverty by giving a donation of $14.99 for the first light, and $9.99 for each additional light. You can learn more about MPOWERD’s Give Luci program here.

SensoTRACK, a wearable health and activity monitor

sensotrackWhat you are looking at is not some kind of Bluetooth earphone, but it is one of those wearable devices. The SensoTRACK is not one that wears on the wrist like many health trackers, but on the ear, near a temporal artery.

So what does it measure? It can do respiration, heart rates, real-time blood pressure reading, and it even detect oxygen saturation in your body. Then it can count your steps and calories you burn, measure the speed and activity level in exercise.

Now, this is a Kickstarter project, and I’ve been reporting on a lot of crowdfunding projects these days. You should be able to get it for an early bird special for $199.


Brazucam is a camera in a soccer ball

Adidas soccer cameraWith the FIFA World Cup coming up, I would imagine that there are going to be a lot interesting products associated with that. This is what is called the Brazucam, and it involves six cameras put into one soccer ball.

This is a 360-degree view of all the action on the soccer field, and I honestly don’t really see a reason for it. Seriously, there is a video at my Source, and it is just nigh impossible to follow the action.

Yeah, that is the Brazucam in action, and I am assuming that is named after Brazil, because when you think soccer, you think Brazil. Or maybe you don’t. I don’t know much about soccer because I’m American.

There is a comment on my Source saying that a gyroscope should be involved, and I agree. The sight of this makes me wonder why anyone would want to do this. I would understand if this Brazucam could be used to settle disputes, but it doesn’t look like it can do that.


Diamond Powerball from Dynaflex

diamond_blue_bandIf you are not familiar with Dynaflex, then you might want to checking it out. I believe that they are best known for their Gyro Exerciser, and I’m going to do my best attempt to describe what these transparent balls do.

The Gyro Exerciser have a rotor inside that you can spin with the help of some string that it comes with. Seriously, you wind up the string, yank it, and the rotor starts spinning. If it spins fast enough, there will be a glow inside. As you hold the ball in your hand, there is a tendency to move thanks to the power of spinning physics.

I believe that the object is to keep the rotor in it spinning as long as you can. That is, when you move the ball with spinning rotor in your hand, it will resist your hand’s movement. As you move your hand back and forth, you get some serious exercise for your wrist.

Yeah, it was pretty hard to describe, which is why I recommend trying it out for yourself. You can get one in turquoise or pink for about $14.95 on the Dynaflex site.

H2O Pal connects your smartphone with your water-bottle

H20 palWhile I was in Vegas, I was able to find an entire after-event that was devoted to nothing but Bluetooth. I have mentioned before that everyone and their dog seemed to have a body monitor of some type, but the H2O Pal, which I discovered on the aforementioned Bluetooth after-event, links a water bottle with a smartphone.

Yeah, I honestly do not know if this has ever been done before, but H2O Pal might make it rather commonplace. The H2O Pal is designed to fit underneath one’s water bottle, and it is made to monitor one’s water intake via smart weight sensor. The app allows the user to give friendly reminders for when you need to drink water, and you can connect with H2O Pal on Facebook so you can share progress with friends and collect milestone badges.

Just to let you know, you aren’t able to buy this product now, and I don’t have a price point for you. You can find more information at the H2O Pal website, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this product really takes off. It was a Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalist at that Bluetooth after-party that I talked about earlier.

TAO Wellshell Isometric Exercise System

TAO-Wellness-07Every once in a while, you see some new tech that looks completely non-sensible, and then you actually try it. Then you wonder how you will live without it.

I believe that the TAO Wellshell could be that new must-have item for those who want to exercise, anywhere. It can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet, and allows you to burn calories by squeezing. In fact, it allows you to squeeze in many ways for a great workout.

I know that this sounds kind of silly, and I honestly don’t think that my description of it can do it justice. There is software that sort of gamifies it. For example, you just don’t squeeze with all your might, you fine-tune your squeezes, and this creates and interesting graph that you can control.

Yeah, I am really not doing this justice as far as describing this thing, but it really is amazing. I’m not certain when this will be released, but it has been under development for years. I would imagine that this is really going to change mobile exercise as we know it. Here is a link to the TAO wellness site so you can see it for yourself.

Golf-X-Cube will help improve your game

Golf x CubeI’m going to start this review and say that I am probably not the audience that would want this product. I think we all know that people who golf are like those who like Doctor Who. that is, you have heard about it, but don’t want to get into it, and might not understand those who are into it. I am the type who has heard of golf, never saw any need to get into it.

Since I never really did any swings on a golf course, I am going to tell you what it will do for those who are golfers. The Golf-X-Cube is a golf training tool. It has a hole on the bottom, so you can put a tee for alignment purposes. You can then use the X shape to line up your stroke, approximately 20 inches from the ball. This allows for better upper-body rotation, allowing the shoulder to turn on a solid base. The better the rotation, the better and more powerful the stroke, therefore the better the ball will fly.

Yes, I don’t really have personal confirmation of this, but this is because the product promises improvement in 4-6 weeks worth of training. Yes, that is a lot of time, but if you are willing to take it, you can purchase this product on the Golf-X-Cube website for a price of $33.95.

Stir Smart Desk will help you burn calories

StirThe other day, when I was talking about the company Nest creating a Smoke Detector, and how everything should be smart in the home. I suppose that the desk would soon become the smartest thing.

This is a smart desk called the Stir. If you are wondering what makes it smart, it has to do with the ability to raise itself. The purpose of this height thing is to give the user some serious standing power, because standing is good for you.

It also has a touchscreen that is like a built-in iPhone and allows for single swipes and taps to create a program for your life. This desk is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible, and works with the Fitbit as well.

All these features make this desk really expensive at $3,890.


BluFit is a hydration bottle that has its own app

blufit2_610x740This particular gadget is something that I haven’t really seen before, as it is a waterbottle that has its own app. The purpose of this app is to moderate your own levels of hydration.

This app helps you control your appetite, improve activity and performance, and helps prevent headaches and fatigues. There is some sort of sensor the can record the time and amount of water consumed.

The BluFit can collect a variety of data including weight, age, humidity, and temperature in order to determine what your daily intake should be. With the app, you can view your current level of hydration, set personal goals, and adjust daily intake based on activity level and health status.

This particular thing is an Indiegogo project, which means it needs funding, and you can pledge for it on that site now. It should retail for $59 when it arrives on the market in March.