Silver Belkin, Part 2: Belkin Air Protect SheerForce Case

belkin-3Okay, time to look at another Belkin product, and this is Air Protect SheerForce Case for the iPhone 7 Plus.

I have to admit that I always like iPhone cases like this. Granted, I was given the one for the iPhone 7 Plus, but you can see what I mean. It is transparent, which means you might not be able to see that there is even a case on your type of iPhone.

As for the name of Air Protect, it is so named because of the Air Protect Technology. It has some kind of air pockets on the side for some interesting protection on the sides of the phone, plus access to all the buttons.

The Belkin Air Protect SheerForce Case has a soft squishy feel to it, and I always like the feel of them. They are very durable as well.

You should be able to purchase the Air Protect SheerForce Case for the iPhone 7 Plus on the Belkin site for about $29.99.

Silver Belkin, Part 1: The Valet Charger

belkin-1Okay, I must be getting pretty desperate with my Christmas puns, as I had to resort to “Silver Belkins” with this one. Yes, this is another review of a Belkin product, and I am going to start with the Valet Charger.

The Valet Charger is a Power Pack 6700 mAh for an Apple Watch and an iPhone. You can see in the picture here how it is your typical mobile battery, and you can insert your USB cord there and get some juice for your phone. The Valet Charger comes with a micro USB cord to, for charging the battery.

I believe what makes this really interesting is that it has a place where you can just put your Apple Watch. Yes, you can just lay it there, and you can charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. The Valet Charger has some smart chips that can automatically detect the connected devices to charge instantly, and it is safe charging as well.

Apparently, it has the power to recharge an Apple Watch eight times, and an iPhone three times. So, if this is something that you want, go to the Belkin site and lay down $99.99 for it.

Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision

Belkin NetcamI have reviewed many Belkin products and they really have a huge diversity for what they make. This particular product reminds me of the Dropcam, another product that I have reviewed in the past.

This NetCam allows for streaming video just about anywhere to your smartphone and tablet, and there is no computer required, just connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi router. It is as simple as downloading the Netcam App, plug in the Netcam HD+, connect to the camera, and launch the application. It is designed to work with the WeMo family of products from Belkin.

It is able to capture video at 720p HD, which can be seen on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen. It also comes with a wide-angle video format for “big shots”.

In addition to getting video, you can keep it as well, thanks to the power of Cloud+ Premium Services. You can store videos in the cloud to watch them later, and it is also possible to receive notifications on a mobile device when the camera’s motion sensor is triggered.

belkin-dogIt is also possible to communicate with whoever is on screen with the push-to-talk function. This can be used to scold a pet, like in a place where the Chocolate Lab is ready to devour a chocolate cake, like the one in this picture. I personally think that is pretty hilarious.

By the way, the camera has some infrared night vision function with a Day/Night filter to improve the picture on the device for some good images, even in dark settings.

If this is something that you are interested in, head on over to the Belkin site and pay about $129.99 for it.

The WeMo Insight Switch from Belkin

WeMoI had a chance to review a Belkin product a while ago with the WeMo LED Lighting Set, and I have just had a chance to review the WeMo Insight Switch. As you can see, it is a literal plug-in that you just plug in to an outlet.

From there, you can just plug in an appliance and monitor it from anywhere with the help of a customized application. You can turn devices on or off, program customized notifications and change the device status, provided your tablet or smartphone is getting some bars. It is good for space heaters, TVs, washers, dryers, and anything else you can plug in.

There is a lot of versatility with this particular device as it will show you a laundry cycle, and it will even monitor your energy usage. If you want to reduce your electric bill, turn off the device from a distance. By the way, this WeMo collection is modular with other WeMo products.

If you want to try this out, feel free to head on over to the Belkin site and lay down $59.99 for it.

Our Review of the QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2

Belkin QODEI was pleased to review the QODE from Belkin, and it lives up to its name of the Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for the iPad Air.

Okay, I had a chance to try it out, and I compared it to the description on the official product site, and it says that I should be able to detach the case with the iPad Air in it easily. The issue is that I could not get that to work. If it is detachable, I sure as heck couldn’t figure out how to do it in five minutes. The GIF on the site makes it look really magnetic and it easily comes apart, but it didn’t.

Still, I like the magnets on how it keep shut. By the way, I also like how you can adjust the iPad Air 2 in order to type it at all kinds of angles. Okay, maybe three angles, but it is pretty good, even if I can’t get it to work properly. Oh, I forgot to mention that it has smart-sensing auto on/off technology.

Anyway, I was able to pair it very easily, and it pairs easily with the iPad Air and other devices. The keyboard has “as many keys as a computer”, and it is a good typing experience with three levels of brightness. I might as well mention that it has a battery life of up to 1 year, which is quite impressive.

If you would like to get this for your iPad Air 2, head over to the Belkin site and pay $149.99 for it.

Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set

BelkinWhile I was at CES 2015, I kept hearing a lot on “the connected home”, and this is related to the whole concept of The Internet of Things, where you can just control pretty much anything through your phone.

Belkin, a company whose products that I have reviewed before, has created the WeMo, a system that takes the connected home to a new level. The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Kit is a good place to start, as it is pretty simple to use.

What you need to do is just screw in the light bulbs, which only consume about 10 watts of energy and very little heat. You can then plug the WeMo Link into any outlet, and connect its network to your phone. From there, it is very easy to turn the lights on and off with the touch of a button.

Now I had a chance to try them, and I was able to master the on and off well, but the WeMo series allows for a lot more control of that. For example, you can create dimming and all kinds of schedules for all kinds of devices. This type of control can be done over a business.

In short, it is going to be pretty obvious that everyone will have a connected home, and you are going to see products like WeMo in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if every new home has some kind of connectivity feature built right in. If you want to get ahead of this obvious trend, head over to the Belkin WeMo site and lay down $99.99 for it.

Belkin brings “The Internet of Things” with WeMo

WemoBefore and during CES 2014, I kept hearing the term “The Internet of Things”, and thought it was pretty long for a buzzword. Like most buzzwords, people use them without even really knowing what they mean.

As far as I can tell, and from what I have looked up, “The Internet of Things” refers to the trend in devices to be wirelessly connected together. So all those body monitors, augmented reality goggles, and smartwatches that I talked about at the end of CES 2014.

In the midst of this is Belkin, a company that I reported on before, a long time ago with the Cushdesk and Universal Card Reader. They make something called the WeMo, and it is a method of home control products to monitor cost and usage from a mobile device. WeMo uses the Wi-Fi network to take control of home electronics, and they have a new WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set and Smart LED bulb to manage and control lighting either individually or in groups in a tablet or smartphone.

Belkin also wanted to showcase a WeMo Maker Kit, made for those who want to create devices for WeMo. In fact, there is even a Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker that is enabled by WeMo that could become a pattern for all WeMo products.

Personally, I believe WeMo is the wave of the future, and I believe that most products will be WeMo-enabled. Perhaps this is the age when all devices will be Internet enabled, whether they need to be or not. You can find out more on WeMo here.