Nixplay Seed Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

I remember a time when digital photo frames were all the rage. They seem to be making a comeback these days. They’re a lot more digitally apt than the ones we had way back when. Here’s the last digital frame I reviewed. The frame we’re reviewing today is the Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud Frame.

photo credit: Nixplay

The specific model we got to review is the 13 inch widescreen monitor. There are other options, which I’ll touch on later, but we’re reviewing this one currently. The 13.23(w) x 8.39(h) x 1.30 inches(d) frame, with a weight of 730 grams will fit nicely on a coffee table, desk or wall. This frame does not use SD cards or any external thumb drives. Instead, it works all on Wi-Fi/Cloud-based. This has its pros and cons. Obviously, you’ll need a Wi-fi connection in order for it to work. On the other hand, you’ll never run out of room.

This frame features instant sharing with the Nixplay app or e-mail. This frame would make a perfect gift for grandparents who aren’t technologically savvy. You can put pictures on their frames from far away. It also features a high resolution display, and a motion sensor to save power when you’re not in the room. You can display it in landscape or portrait mode.

It supports JPEG and PNG photos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A speaker on the back will allow you to listen to music with your picture slideshow. Also a nice feature is that it smartly adjusts to the lighting in your room, so you will always see the pictures at their best. The power cable also doubles as a stand that works in either orientation.

We can recommend the Nixplay Seed digital frame. It does come in different sizes and colors, but in the biggest size(13.3 inches), it is only available in black for now. $209.99 will buy this frame, although there is a discount on their website if you buy multiples through the 4th of November. We would suggest getting in on this deal right away!

Thanks to Nixplay for sending us this product to review. Our honest opinions and views are not based on any compensation.

PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame to Share Memories

Photo credit:PhotoSpring

It used to be that I’d see a lot of digital photo frames on the market, but I must say that they’re not out there as much as they used to be that I’ve noticed. Looking back, most of our digital picture frame reviews were in 2009. We did talk about the one for Instagram pictures in 2012. At any rate, technology has advanced since then, and this digital photo frame from PhotoSpring is impressive.

What You Get

The 10″ high definition touch screen display (1280×800) has a mostly plastic white frame, and a base to set it in. It runs on a four hour Li-ion battery. 2W stereo speakers are located on the bottom of the frame so music can be played in a slideshow, or you can hear the video you might play. The display can be set in portrait or landscape orientation. It’s lightweight at 1.6 pounds. You can use iPhone, Android, Mac, or your PC to work with it, and once you get an account set up on your device, it’s easy to work with, and can wirelessly send pictures from your device to the screen, and even allows friends and family to share to each others’ accounts.

Back View

A wide variety of formats are supported, including: JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, MP4, M4V, and AVI. Depending on how many pictures/movies you want to be able to store on the device at once, will determine how much you spend. $149 will get you 16 GB worth of space. $199 will max you out at 80 GB.

This gadget is a great way to display your memories on a table, or even viewing as a photo album with your friends and family. Check out more on the PhotoSpring website, and take a look at this video commercial.