Element Case Rev Review

This phone case I’m reviewing has a design that looks stylish and rugged and made for speed. It is really designed for speed. It was car tossed at 65 MPH. So not only does it look like a sports car, and can survive being thrown out the window of a fast moving one. This one is a different Element case, but I can guess that the results would be similar to that of this video:

The Rev comes in three colors- a translucent red, blue and black. The corners may look big and bulky, but they are designed to protect your phone from extreme bumps and drops.

The frame of the case is called the X-FRAMEā„¢ chassis, and it is engineered to keep it lightweight while resisting twisting and bending. These cases have also been dropped 65 times at 10 feet to prove that they are extremely durable and will protect your phone.

The case we were sent to review is for the Galaxy S8, but they sell them for the Galaxy S8+, as well as other phones- including the iPhone. Most of the cases this company makes, in fact, are not designed for the S8 or S8 plus, so if you want to go with a Element Case for these types of phones, the Rev will be your best bet.

The Rev costs $39.95 on the Element Case website, but you can also find it at Amazon and stores such as WalMart.

We’re doing an Element Case Giveaway!

Element Case Recon Pro GS5I think it has been a while since we did a giveaway, so I might as well do one now, in the summertime, just in time for back-to-school. I’m doing a giveaway for two Element case products, and you can read about both of them here.

The first giveaway is the Recon Pro, made specifically for the Galaxy S5. If you have a Galaxy S5, this is what you will want. It is made of CNC and polycarbonate, and this one is in black and red. You can see it here to the right.

The second giveaway is for the Rogue Ducati for the iPhone 5 and it comes with two Fuse Deks. The Ducati itself also has polycarbonate and CNC, and this one is in silver. Check out an image of that below. As for the Fuse Deks, these are mounting docks. One of them has a suction cup for glass, and the other one has a zip strap good for mounting on bars and things like that.

Rogue Ducati iPhone 5If you want to win any of these, it is simple. First of all, Friend The Geek Church on Facebook. This article will be on it, and you can share and like the article from there. Second, simply leave a comment on which one that you want, and then we will enter your name in a drawing to win.

We will have our final drawing on August 5th. I will send a Facebook message to the winner, and if you, the winner, send me your address, I will send you your prize. Yes, this is a way for me to get the word out on this site, so what are you waiting for? Enter! By the way, if you want to leave a comment on this article, that counts as an entry.

My review of Element Case’s Recon Pro Case, Rogue Ducati, plus the Fuse Dek Surface Mount and Zip Mount

Element Case Recon Pro GS5I’ve reviewed Element Cases before on this blog. To me, they are one of the best cases for protection around, up there with Otterbox. I got a chance to try out three of their new products, and I will start with the Recon Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can see that the Recon Pro has this really cool almost futuristic aesthetic to it, something that I believe is to be admired. You can see the CNC aluminum protective back plate which has a lot of metal, but the sides are TPU/polycarbonate which are quite soft for a ergonomic grip.

It certain has an awesomeness to it, and it has a bonus as well. It has an FMS Fuse Dek mounting option, and I will explain what that is later. If you can’t wait until then, you can head on over to the Element Case site and purchase it in Black/Gun Metal and Black/Red for about $99.95.

Rogue Ducati iPhone 5The next case that I had a chance to review is the Rogue Ducati for the iPhone 5. If you aren’t familiar with the Ducati, they make quality and stylish motorcycles, and hey, their label is now on a Rogue case.

This is one iPhone case that requires the user to put pins in it to keep it on. The chassis is made of shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate polymers, the side protection is CNC machined aluminum alloy, and the rear protection is nice carbon fiber.

In addition to these features, the Rogue comes with a Multi-Mount with a kickstand for watching videos. You can also use the Multi-Mount for mounting on a belt or other type of strap. If you want to get this, feel free to head to the Element Case site and pay $99.95.

Fuse DekI mentioned the Fuse Dek earlier, and I want to explain what I mean what I mean. The Fuse Dek is a Mounting thing that you can use on these phones so you can put them in your car or whatever. It has a Suction cup mount with a rotating arm so you can use your GPS on the road. If you are interested in the Fuse Dek Surface Mount, you can head on over to the Element Case site for $29.95.

There is another model that I want to discuss known as the Zip Mount. This is not pictured, but it is essentially the same as the Surface Mount but has a zip strap and ratcheting system to secure the device to something like a bar (like a bike). You can get that for about $27.95.

Solace Au iPhone 5/5S case comes in gold!

Solace Element CaseYes, what you are seeing here is a case for the iPhone 5/5S. This Solace Au (like the element abbreviation for gold) is from Element Case, makers of the Atom and Eclipse cases for the Galaxy S4.

Now, how in the world can I talk about a golden iPhone 5/5S case? Let’s just say that if you are Goldfinger or some other over-the-top rich James Bond villain or Richie Rich, this would be your case. It has “top and bottom crowns”, and I can’t tell if this is the same gold crowns that my dentist use. All right, that was a somewhat interesting thing to say about it.

I mean, it is a gold iPhone case! Headline made! Okay, it has a durable polycarbonate chassis with a soft touch finish. Even the aforementioned crowns are precision CNC machined from T6061 aircraft grade aluminum. It also has a terrific grip and a Quick Draw Pouch. Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, I don’t think this is like solid gold iPhone 5/5S case, or it would be worth more, right? As it is, it costs about $99.95. You can get it on the Element Case site for about $99.95.

Two Element Cases for the Galaxy S4, the Atom S4 and Eclipse S4

Atom-S4-Element-Case-Samsung-Galaxy-S4I had the opportunity to try out the samples of Element Cases, and I can see why they are held in such high regard. At least, I think they are held in high regard, as it took a while for me to get them.

I will start with the Atom S4. This is essentially a protective case with a semi-flexible chassis, and it is easy to insert the S4 within. The back of it has a genuine carbon fiber protective back plate, and it even comes with a lanyard.

Now, the Atom S4 states that it incorporates a proprietary Sound Boost System (SBS) that somehow channels the sound saves from the rear facing speaker to the front. I didn’t really hear that much of a difference, but the good news is that the Atom S4 didn’t make the sound worse.

Eclipse_SamsungS4_productpage_01Now, let’s talk about the Eclipse S4. This one required a little effort to put the Galaxy S4 in, as the material is not as flexible. It has a frame that you have to take out and put in the S4.

It has a carbon Fiber back plate like the Atom S4, and the lanyard. What makes it different is that it has a kickstand. All and all, it is pretty handy, and I am not certain I agree with the claim of “the most supreme Galaxy S4 case in the market”.

If you want to get these Element Case for your Galaxy S4, then you can get the Eclipse S4 here for $79.95 and the Atom S4 here for $54.95. That, or you can wait a month, as I plan to do a giveaway on this site.