X-Doria Defense Lux and Defense Shield for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

It’s nice that we can review another X-Doria product again, and not have to wait so much time. This time, we get to review a case for the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, and in case you are thinking it, we will be reviewing more of them in the near future (like next week). We’ll start with the Defense Shield.

The Defense Shield is aptly named, as it has military-grade protection. It is good for drops of 9.9 feet or 3 meters, on concrete. It has a rubber bumper around the perimeter, as well as an over-sized raised lip for protecting the screen from drops as well as surface scratches.

What is interesting is not only does the Defense provide protection, but it somehow has some integrated sound channel to amplify the bottom speaker and redirect sound to the front. I am not certain how it does that, but I think that it is odd that no one has addressed this for the new S9 and S9+.

You can get the Defense Shield on the X-Doria website for $29.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the same price of $29.99 for the Galaxy S9+.

As far as the difference between the X-Doria Defense and the X-Doria Defense Lux, there seems to be some kind of texturing going on with the front. I mean, there is a Black Fiber and Ballistic Nylon, and I suppose this has been made for a better grip?

Yeah, this seems to be the point. It has the same measurement of protection with 10 feet (3 meters) of dropping. Oh, it also has that special ability that can project sound to the front, and I am really to have to see if this is one of those features that every Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ case has.

Well, they are some really cool cases, and I’m glad we got to try them out. Yes, X-Doria sent these for an unbiased review, and if you want to get in on the Defense Lux, it costs $34.99 for the Galaxy S9 and $39.99 for the Galaxy S9+

X-Doria Wood Defense Lux and Defense Shield

It’s hard to believe that it has been four years since I have reviewed an X-Doria product. The last time was a case for the iPhone 5 for crying out loud! Fortunately, I had the chance to review some other cases, and these are for the iPhone 7/8, so hooray!

X-Doria iPhone 7 Case Defense Lux Wood

X-Doria is well-known for its cases, and the Defense Lux case for the iPhone 7 (and 8) is made of some impact resistant polycarbonate. You can see the wooden exterior, but there is also an aluminum frame around this guy.

The end result is an iPhone 7/8 case with military grade protection, and it has soft kind of rubber interior lining and allow you to snap in Apple’s smartphone. In fact, the frame opens out in a very unique manner that I won’t even both to describe.

I am told that it has been drop tested to survive six-and-a-half feet drops on hard surfaces like concrete. You should be able to receive the iPhone 7 case Wood Defense Lux for about $39.99 on the X-Doria site, but it looks like its wooden cover comes in one color: bamboo.

X-Doria Defense Shield for the iPhone 7

Now, let us talk about the Defense Shield. It has the hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum, but as you can see, it lacks the wood of that previously mentioned Lux case. Part of it is its machined metal, and it looks like there is also some rubber on there too.

I’m going to say that the review units that I have been sent look nothing like the image here. It’s just a weird pattern in the rubber on it, but I’m going to just bring it up here.

I’ll also bring up that the Defense Shield can withstand drops of 9.9 feet, which is slightly more than that Wooden Lux. Something I should also mention is how there is some kind of sound channel that can amplify the bottom speaker and redirecting the sound to the front.

I’m not certain how much these X-Doria Defense Shield cases cost, as they seem to be sold out on the X-Doria site. I may need to alter this article if something changes on that front.

X-Doria Double Take: The Dash Icon and more for the iPhone 5/5S

415293_-_Dash_Icon_for_iPhone_5S_-_Modern_Plaid_-_Back_1024x1024In case you are wondering why I am calling this article “X-Doria double take”, it is because I have been reporting on them a lot these days. It was the Engage and SmartJacket last week, and the Rapt and Spots as well as the Defense 720 and Scene Plus before that. Since I have just received more, I felt that I should report on them, more.

Yes, I have received the Rapt, Defense 720, and Scene Plus for the iPhone 5C before, and you can read all about it in the aforementioned links. I received those models for the iPhone 5/5S, and there isn’t much that I can say about them that I haven’t said before.

There is only one case that I have left out, and that is the X-Doria Dash Icon, which you can see in the image. As you can see, it has a cool iconic plaid look to it, like a Scottish kilt. In fact, the material feels like some rough fabric with rough threads. I would say that it is different then most iPhone case material, but I cannot say how. Still, it feels pretty different to me, and different is always good.

The interior also feels soft and textured, and should keep the iPhone 5/5S pretty safe. By the way, the exterior comes in more than just the plaid design that you see here. You can get it on the X-Doria site for about $34.99.

X-Doria iPhone 5C cases, Take 2: The Defense 720º and Scene Plus

X-Doria Defense 720Well, I have been lovin’ these X-Doria cases for the iPhone 5C, and now, I would like to introduce the Defense 720º and the Scene Plus.

The 720º is an upgrade for the very popular (in fact, most popular) product, the Defense 360º. The 720º has the same har plastic protective front shield that I can barely see. I believe that this front shield is the closest that I may ever see to true invisibility.

Oh, did I mention that all of these invisible shield layers allow for protection against bumps and scratches. Well, it does, and you can use the touchscreen through this protective shield.

The improvement of the Defense 720º has an improved rear armor and a a transparent rear shield that is also textured for better holding. Yeah, it is transparent, and besides the edge, you barely notice that it is on the iPhone. It is available with Black, Blue, or Purple bumpers for about $34.99 on the X-Doria site.

X-Doria Scene PlusNow, let’s talk about the Scene Plus. This is similar to the Defense 720º, but the Scene Plus has a smooth transparent back. What really makes it awesome is the patterns give a certain 3D effect.

Another thing that really works for the Scene Plus is the rubber bumper to protect one’s iPhone 5C from a lot. This particular case has three patterns with varying colors. First is Blurry Dots, which is an excellent compilation of dots. The second is the lines, which also has a cool 3D effect. The last is what you see here, and I wish I could show you how 3D the bubbles are. You can purchase this on the X-Doria site for $29.99.

X-Doria iPhone 5C cases, Take 1: The Rapt and Spots

X-Doria RaptOkay, I have been wanting to try out the X-Doria iPhone 5C cases for a while, and I was pleased to try a few from X-Doria, makers of the Kick. Now, I am pleased to try out two of them, the Rapt an Spots.

I’ll start with the Rapt. I am not certain how to describe the pattern, so look at the image to the left and make your own judgment. I am thinking “wrapped up ribbons”. The texture feels like “wrapped up rubber ribbons” and they are made of polycarbonate and rubber, and the inner texture with soft lining is made to fit the iPhone 5C well.

In case pink isn’t your color, you can also get it in black or blue. You can get that on the X-Doria site for about $24.99. By the way, there is also protection for the volume buttons, and the impact protection and shock resistance works too.

X-Doria SpotsThese protection features also apply to the Spots. In their own words, X-Doria describes the Spots as an Ice Cream Sandwich, but I personally think it feels like a mattress. The soft, protective silicone also creates this feel, which means that it can protect the iPhone 5C very, very well.

Like the Rapt, this comes in three different colors. The ones that you don’t see here are red and blue. You can get it on the X-Doria site for $19.99.

Cases for the iPhone 5S and 5C already available from X-Doria

XD_Defense-720_Group_1In all honesty, I don’t really have much to report on. With the announcement of a new Apple product, all I can do is report on the accessories.

I figured that I would just discuss the first press release that arrived in my InBox after the big announcement. I figured it might as well be X-Doria, as I like this company. I’ll start with the Defense 720 degrees which provides the usual protection from drops and scratches with a soft rubber edge. The blue, purple, and black is available for the iPhone 5/5S and Gray, Red, Blue, and Yellow for the iPhone 5C. The price is $29.99.

Others include the Rapt, which uses polycarbonate and thermoplastic products to create an interesting camo look. It is available in black/gray, blue/blue, pink/fuchsia for $24.99.

Then there is the Scene and the Scene Plus, both for $29.99. The Scene has a translucent back so it will show off the back of the iPhone. The Scene Plus has a pattern for the translucent back, which gives it 3-D sort of view.

Lastly, there is the Dash Icon which has textured fabrics and vibrant colors. You should be able to get that for about $29.99.