M-EDGE Part 2: Folio Pro for 7-8 inch Tablets, Shockdrop Case for the iPad Pro, and the Sport Case for the Surface Pro 4

m-edge-4Well, I am going to conclude my M-EDGE review with three products that are cases and/or folios. I’ll go ahead and start with the Folio, with the Folio Pro that fits most 7-8 inch tablets.

Most of you are familiar with how the folio works. It is a device that allows a tablet or even smartphone to be mounted on it, and Bluetooth makes it possible for you to type on your mobile device. I’ve done several reviews on these devices, and how people like me, who were raised on keyboards and not touchscreens really need them.

I will have to say that I found something strange with this keyboard. I found that on certain circumstances, I would get weird results. ittitt wouldldd lookkokk likeike thisis. Seriously, sometimes sections would repeat themselves for some reason. I’m not going to say that it is not worth buying because of that.

I think that part of the problem is that this keyboard is smaller than a conventional keyboard, and it was a little difficult to use. I think there might be a bit of a learning curve this this one.

You should be able to purchase the Folio Pro for 7-8 inch tablets for about $49.99 on the M-EDGE site.

m-edge-5Now, there’s a great ShockDrop case made for the iPad Pro (the 12.9 inch version). This is pretty much a cover without the keyboard.

Again, this is another product that I have seen before, and it is designed so you can angle the iPad Pro at many angles. It has a flap that magnetically closes, and then there is some things that look like tire tracks that hold the iPad at the proper angle. Seriously, I can’t think of a better way of describing it other than that.

Well, you should be able to pick up the M-EDGE Shockdrop for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch version on the M-EDGE site for…wait, I just checked, and I can’t find it on the M-EDGE site. I did find it on Staples for $49.99.

m-edge-6And so, it is time to conclude the review with the M-EDGE Sneak Shell (or Sport Case) for the Surface Pro 4. As you might have guessed, it is pretty much like the Shockdrop, but for the Surface Pro 4.

It has the magnetic flap, and it is made of faux leather/microfiber leather. It has those tracks made to hold up the the Surface Pro 4 touchscreen at about any angle. Then you can put the keyboard down and get to work.

So, you should be able to purchase the M-EDGE Sneak Shell for the Surface Pro 4, on the…come on, not again! Seriously, this product is not on the M-EDGE site again? Well, I found it on Amazon for $34.84.

M-EDGE Part 1: 17-inch Bolt Backpack with Built-in Battery and 8000 mAh Power Bank

m-edge-1It has been quite a while since I have reviewed any M-EDGE products. Today, I am going to talk about two products that can be used to charge things.

The first is the 17-inch Bolt Backpack that has a built-in battery. This is a type of product that I have seen before. I’ll go ahead and start by talking about the battery. It is a 6000 mAh type that fits in the backpack (in a special pocket) and can then be taken out and charged separately. The battery gives up to 40 hours of battery life for a smartphone or 10 hours on the tablet.

What is really interesting is how you can recharge your device. There is a plug-in on the strap, which makes it really convenient. Most of these charging backpacks that I have encountered have their battery in the backpack, and you have to awkwardly connect your device to it. Here, it is very simple.

The Bolt backpack is made for 17-inch laptops. I’m not certain what material is made of, but it sure feels smooth. I am told that there is 1075 cu of storage space, and it has two big pockets right on the front, made for accessories. The actually backpack part of the backpack (the one that holds the laptop) is cushioned.

If the M-EDGE 17 Bolt Backpack sounds like something that you might use, it can be purchased at the M-EDGE store for about $99.99.

m-edge-3Okay, now here is a time to talk about another M-EDGE product that everyone probably has, a mobile battery. This is not a 6000 mAh battery like the Bolt, but this one has 8000 mAh.

This one is designed to charge anything with a micro USB or Lightning cable. It tucks away in battery, and it is sufficient for charging a phone for an additional 50 hours (that’s 16 hours on most tablets).

By the way, there is an automatic energy-saving feature that shuts off the battery after 15 seconds in standby mode. It also protects the device and battery from over-charging. There is also four indicator lights which are a standard for these mobile batteries.

You can get the M-EDGE 8000 mAh Power Bank for about $29.99 on the M-EDGE site in black, lime, or brown.

Livin’ on the M-EDGE, Part Two: Trina Turk and the Loot

M-EDGE Trina Turk Snap iPhone 5Even though I just covered the Universal StealthPro Keyboard Folio, now I am about to go into other M-EDGE products. I am going to start with two products both designed by Trina Turk.

I am not certain who Trina Turk is. Every once in a while, I see mobile phone accessories designed by some famous designer, and I always feel kind of dumb asking who it is. From what I have seen of her work, it is a definite pastel and almost Dutch art style to it that I like.

You will notice that the Echo case for the iPhone 5 has imagery that is almost fractal in nature. It sort of matches that patterns that I see if I close my eyes and rub them real hard. I will not allow anyone to interpret that as an insult. I know little about art, but this is pretty interesting. Seriously, how would you describe that pattern to someone?

Before I forget, let me tell you that the dual layer case has an interior layer to keep in the iPhone in, and this pattern is pretty unusual as the exterior. That is pretty much all I can say about this, other than you can get it on the M-EDGE Store for $39.99. Oh, it is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.

M-EDGE Trina Turk Snap GS 4I also had a case to look at the Snap Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. As you can see, it has a very cool pattern.

I’m going to call this kitchen tile or basket weave. Uh, Yes, there are a lot of others, and I highly recommend checking them out. Both my wife and daughter really like these patterns. I think that Trina Turk has a huge future and I hope she gets more jobs than just M-EDGE. Perhaps M-EDGE is paying her a lot. Maybe. Okay, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, I am literally putting in words here just so I can get the pictures of the Trina Turk cases in this review.

The big difference between the first and second case is that the Snap doesn’t seem to have any ribbed interior. That really is about the only difference, but the materials and style looks the same. You can find it on the M-EDGE store for about $29.99. Oh, it is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 with all kinds of patterns.

M-EDGE LootSo, let’s conclude with the Loot. I will have to say that the look of the Loot looks a lot like The Enforcer case I reviewed a while ago.

It also reminds me of practically every case that I have reviewed. Why? Because it has those slots in the back for credit cards and cash. Man, is everyone using their smartphone case as a wallet these days?

I suppose that the difference between those other wallet cases is that this is made with “top grade, premium materials”. Now, this is for the iPhone 5/5S, and it costs $49.99 on the M-EDGE site.

Universal Stealth 360 Case for 7-inch tablets from M-EDGE

M-EDGE Stealth 360This seems to be a time for me to review M-EDGE products, and after those two cases that I reviewed the other day, I was pleased to review the Universal Stealth 360.

Like my reviews of cases, it is always hard to talk about tablet cases unless they are really unique. I will have to say that the Stealth 360 Case is quite unique in the sense it has three things that I have never seen before.

First, it has a very interesting way to keep it at an angle. Most of these things have only a few ribbed places to hold it at certain angles, but this allows for many angles. This is because of Griptrack Technology, and I am not certain if this is some new patented system, or something.

Second, it has these rubber-bands to hold it in place. This means that it isn’t set up for any particular tablet, but many. Then I like how you can just twist it to look at it in portrait mode.

Third, I like the magnetic closure on the flap. I wonder if I have seen that before? Nothing is coming to mind here.

Here is another thing I like about the Universal Stealth 360: it looks like it is made of leather. If you want to get it, it is available on the M-EDGE site for $49.99.

The Echo and Enforcer Cases from M-Edge

Echo Galaxy S4I am definitely no stranger to anything M-EDGE. I have reviewed their cases and other accessories in the past, like the Incline and the Supershell. To me, the existence of M-EDGE proves to me that we live in a world where smartphone cases come and go like fashion. I had a chance to try out two of their cases, the Echo and the Enforcer.

I’ll go ahead and start with the Echo, as I listed it first. I am not certain why it is called the Echo, but it might have something to do with the two layers of protection, because an echo is essentially a repetition of a sound, get it? Okay, that was a little weak, but the soft silicone layer is ribbed with circles to keep the phone in, and a hard exterior to keep the phone safe. There really isn’t that much I can say about it as it compares to other cases, so let’s talk about The Enforcer.

Enforcer iPhone 5When I say The Enforcer, I’m not talking about the Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movie of the same name. I’m not certain if either Mr. Eastwood or Mr. Callahan would have this case on their iPhone. To me, it looks like a section of a Cylon’s spine, and that is about the best way to describe that. If you want a better description, M-EDGE describes it as “styled like a stealth bomber”. I am assuming that is so rigid (rigid as in tough and ridge-ed as in full of ridges), so it stays in your hand in spite of a sweaty grip.

You can get the Echo case on the M-EDGE site here for all kinds of phones like the iPhone 5, HTC First, HTC One, and the Galaxy S in all kinds of colors and patterns for $34.99 each. As for the Enforcer, it is only available here for the iPhone 5 is black, for the same price as the Echo.

Livin’ on the M-Edge or Our devices, our cases

M-EDGE wingmanI have reported on M-EDGE products before, like the Modular Method Portfolio or others.

Right now, M-EDGE puts out so many products now, I have a hard time reviewing them all. The company has done a great job supplying me with them, and I recently saw a lot of their products at CTIA. I might as well be blunt and say that I am writing this article because I like them so much and would love to review more of them.

for example, M-EDGE has a series of cases for the iPhone 5 called the “Wingman”. It is a snap on case with a silicone insert, and it comes in all kinds of colors. You can find it for $34.99 here, but this isn’t really what I want to talk about.

What I want to address is how we have an accessory culture on our mobile phones. I’m not certain if men care about accessorizing, but some ladies do care about what matches with their purse and their shoes. The mobile phone revolution sort of caught the fashion world by surprise, and we are only now starting to see products to turn a mobile phone into a lovely purse.

May I suggest getting into the mobile phone accessory business? If these were at a lower price, then maybe. It is pretty much the way of the future, I tell you.