What PAX Prime 2015 is all about, if you missed it

20150828_080848I realize that I am quite late on this post, and yep, this happens. I generally do a post or two a day, but honestly, my readership is incredibly low.

I pretty much took a week off to visit PAX Prime 2015, and honestly, I think I had the best time of all. See this picture here? This is just some promotional material for something related to Magic The Gathering, and it looks like a monster is invading the Seattle Conference Center. It’s kitschy, but a sample of what PAX Prime 2015 is like.

I’ve already talked about the cosplay, and I didn’t say that every one of them was very friendly and everyone that I met at PAX Prime answered any question asked. Like I am experienced at MomoCon, much of the people that I met were geeky like me, and in some cases, even geekier. I want to make it very clear that I don’t use this term pejoratively.

For those who don’t know what PAX Prime 2015 is all about, I am told that it is a video game convention that isn’t done for the industry, but for the fans. This doesn’t mean that the industry wasn’t present.

Yes, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo were all there, and they tend to just have their latest games. There is a lot of noise coming from just about everyone.

BethesdaSome of the big names is 2K Games, and they have a huge display for Battleborn. Bethesda of course has their Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 displays going on.

And there are lines, lines for pretty much anything. I was press, so I got to cut ahead, provided I had an appointment.

In the back are some interesting Independent games, and a lot of these are actually quite good. I hope that these get picked up by some big company or just make a lot of money on their own.

Two floors up, there are more independent games, or I’m guessing that it must be cheaper to have booths there. Again, they are awesome as well, most of them.

All in all, I highly recommend going, and trying to adjust my schedule to accommodate for these.

Another Day at PAX Prime 2015!

Today was my last day at PAX 2015, and I decided to spend it taking pictures of all the great cosplayers! It was quite a day.


Here’s Liara from the Mass Effect series. It is a great costume.


This is Liara reading my awesome book.


I believe that this is from Tracer Overwatch, and it is pretty good.


An employee from Aperture showed up to Portal here.


This is Aerith/Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.


Hey, it’s Jasper from Steven Universe, in male form!


This is Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill series. This version is female.


The one on the left is an original character from World of Warcraft, and then there’s this guy from League of Legends.


Another shot of the Crystal guy from LOL.


I am told that this is Nahiri and Sorin from Magic the Gathering.


This is Nahiri and Sorin enjoying my book.


Hey ho! It’s Casey Jones!


I believe that this is Zachariah from Off. I don’t know what this is.


Here’s Junior from RWBY.


Buttercup from The Princess Bride loves my book.


Female versions of Mario and Luigi and Princess Rosalina.


Here’s Ayla from Chrono Trigger, I believe.


This guy is from Corps of Discovery.


Here’s Ryu and Juri from Street Fighter. They have my book!


Ryu and Juri also like fighting.


There are two links in the chain of…you know, I can’t think of a good joke for this. I thought I would have by now.


This is Princess Hilda.


It looks like Princess Hilda is getting into my book!


Oh, it’s another Pearl from Steven Universe! She’s got my book!


This is Vella Tartine from Broken Age. Not familiar with that game, but it looks good.


Uh-oh! Looks like we got two Deadpools. The plural is something like Deadpoolae, I believe.


This is Shy Gal. I don’t think she is part of the Mario mythos, but I like her.


Shy Gal was willing to remove her mask to enjoy my book. Thank you!


It’s Terminator! I mean, Deathstroke! I mean, Slade! Do we need a good name. He’s just plain cool.


Slade is liking my book.


Here’s Mario and Luigi in Slender form. It is unusual, but welcome. I like it, and I’m glad they like my book.


It’s Anders, from Dragon Age 2! He/she has my book!


Three guys from Racoon City and/or Resident Evil!


I believe that this is Fetch from Infamous.


Renegade Femshep from Mass Effect, yes!


These two gals have my book! Exciting!


Ash, Misty, and a familiar Pokemon.


Squid Sisters from Splatoon.


Sindel and Scorpion.


Mega Man likes to stop and read my book.


Oh wait, Mega Man has the arm on again!


I always liked Rosalina!


Sweetheart Annie from League of Legends.


One of these is a Techno-mancer (right), but I don’t know what the other character is. He took a phone call after I had shot the photo.


This is Midna’s true form at the end of the Twilight Princess game.


It’s Balrog from Street Fighter!


Oh hey, Balrog has my book as well!


Spider-man, Spider-man!


So here is Yukimura and Motochika from Sengoku Basara. Oh hey, they also have my book.


It’s one of those guys from SG-1. I hope it’s not one of those other SG teams that keeps getting killed.


Jinx from League of Legends with Link.

PAX Prime 2015, Day One

I’ve had an awesome day at PAX Prime, and one of the best part of it seeing all the cosplayers. There are just some that I was able to take pictures of, and I saw want to have more pictures by tomorrow.


I thought this was Poison Ivy, the Batman villain. Was I wrong! This is the fairy from the The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.


It’s Amethyst from Steven Universe! Yes!


Kim Possible fans will know this character as Shego. I got her to pose with my book.


These ladies are from an anime, and I’m not certain that I got the name right on it.


Anyone who knows the God of War franchise knows this as Kratos. He didn’t mind posing with my book either.


These are characters from Borderlands. Also, they like my book, or at least were willing to pose with it.


I believe this is a Final Fantasy character.


This is Pac-Man with a Final Fantasy character. I got them to pose with my book.


It’s Pearl from Steven Universe! Hooray!


This guy is a male version of Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph. He didn’t understand that “kitten whispers and tickle fights line either”.

My Presentation at MomoCon 2015: Video Games and Storytelling

Momocon 2015Well, as I have been over posting on this blog, I have been to MomoCon 2015. Yes, it was a good time for me, and the reason why I went was to deliver a panel. I’ll go ahead and put the panel here in Prezi format.

If you aren’t familiar with Prezi, it is a place where you can post your presentations for free, and if you want to see Video Games and Storytelling, just click the link.

I’m not going to give away too much, but I start out by explaining that video game movies don’t work. I then discuss how the history of video games have allowed them to have stories, but the simplest of them don’t necessarily require one. However, this has changed, and video games can use storytelling methods to its great advantage.

I will explain how video games and stories like books and movies will influence each other. I had an audience of about 30 at the conference, and I would like to see how the rest of the world responds.

More shots from Momocon 2015, Day 4!

I’m still processing all the stuff at MomoCon 2015, and I have one more picture gallery to show all of you.

Picture 1Arrr! It’s a Scottish Kilted Pirate with a Pirate Wench! Harrr! The other is a very interesting character called Lady Gotham.

Picture 2Okay, the one on the far left is Blight from Batman Beyond. The other is Dipper and Sous from Gravity Falls. Yeah, I like that show.

Picture 3Here’s the Evil Jester. I think this is from something.

Picture 4This is Light Yagami from Deathnote. Yeah, I should probably read that.

Picture 5Here’s a pair of Wonder Women! I like these two.

Picture 6Here’s a Lolita style, black and white, actually.

Picture 7Another Lolita style.

Picture 8I believe that these are OCs (that is an acronym for original character, in case you don’t know).

Picture 9Here’s Aladdin and Abu. Abu is cosplaying too, as Diddy Kong, I think?

Picture 10These two are from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Picture 11One is Iria from Zeirami: The Animation, the other is a gender-swapped Harley Quinn. I’ll let you decide which is which. I found them both very, very cool.

Picture 12Misaki from Maid-Sama, and I don’t know much about that anime series.

Picture 13This is Eevee and Jolteon from Pokemon Fight Club. I guess that is a thing and the first two rules are not to talk about it.

Picture 14This is Ringabel from Bravely Default.

Picture 15This is Greg Warden from Dragon Age, completely hand-made. I’m impressed.

Picture 16Here’s Vivaldi from Alice in the Country of Hearts, and the other is Harley Quinn.

Picture 17This is Agent Venom. I am told that he does visits to children’s hospitals. I think this is pretty awesome.

Picture 18This is Kurloz from Homestuck. I seriously got to get updated on that web-comic.

Picture 19Cool! It’s Black Widow! Great costume.

Picture 20Here’s an awesome Steampunk Mario and Luigi. They had their own moving parts on their backs and everything. This was so cool.

Picture 21A Republic Commando from Clone Wars. The costume looks very, very cool.

Picture 22And another Gravity Falls cosplay!

My Trip to MomoCon 2015: Part 3

Okay, this is another day at MomoCon!

Picture 36I’m going to start with this one, because I love Rob and Doug Walker. I plan to do a separate article about them, and I’m trying to get a review. I left him my card. Doug, you know where to contact me.

Picture 1Here’s Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler.

Picture 2Mikasa Akerman from Attack on Titan. Sorry I didn’t get a clearer shot.

Picture 3Isn’t awesome to see Wonder Woman and Blackbeard at the same place? I would say only at Cons, but seriously, I’m sure that you imagined this.

Picture 4It is Korra and Amon! I found them in another costume the next day.

Picture 5Here’s Rinoa from Final Fantasy, and she’s advertising Seishuncon!

Picture 6Here’s a great family, with some great kids! The father attended my panel, and the mother has a great fairy costume.

Picture 7This is another Lolita dress-up!

Picture 8This is another time where the blurry background really works for the picture. This person is Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.

Picture 9I love the Fairy and an Amime-Zing Escape Maid.

Picture 10I have here that this is Order of the Banana Soraka. I think she is one of those professional cosplayers, as it is a great costume, and a lot of people were there taking her picture.

Picture 11Hey! It’s Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon films! She had an armful of stuffed dragons when I met her.

Picture 12Here we have two Marvel Mutants with Gambit and Quicksilver.

Picture 13I’m sure you recognize Gandalf, but the other is Yona from Yona of the Dawn.

Picture 14These are two characters from Trigun and Killing Floor II.

Picture 15This is PB and Marcy from Adventure Time, and, with one exception, I stopped taking pictures from this point because it has that stupid green filter effect.

Picture 16Another Lolita!

Picture 17This is Non Jakuzure from Kill a Kill, also Team Aqua Grunt.

Picture 18This is Valka from How to Train your Dragon! You know, when I saw this character, I thought it could only exist in CG. Was I wrong!

Picture 19Then we see Alois from Black Butler.

Picture 20This Queen of Hearts costume is oh so creative! I love it!

Picture 21This is Kakashi. I know it’s hard to see because it was so blurry. I take three or four pictures, but even then some don’t turn out.

Picture 22Thomas from Daft Punk. I had all day to get lucky, and I got several good shots.

Picture 23Here’s Akio and Anothy from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Picture 24It’s Dark Phoenix! Hopefully she won’t eat a star and destroy a planet or anything.

Picture 25The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

Picture 26Here’s Connor from Assassin’s Creed.

Picture 27I really like this Harley Quinn.

Picture 28I couldn’t read the handwriting of these characters.

Picture 29It is Cheetara, from Thundercats!

Picture 30I wish I got a better picture of Spawn.

Picture 31There’s another Alice with a dark touch, again.

Picture 32I’m told this is Ho-oh from Pokemon.

Picture 33This is Inu-Sakuya, from Touhou.

Picture 34This is a character from Over the Garden Wall.

Picture 35This is a talented artist I met while waiting in line for the Nostalgia Critic.

My Trip to MomoCon 2015: Part 2

In case you didn’t notice, we did not have Speculative Fiction Saturday this week because I am quite busy at MomoCon. Here are some more pics of the cosplayers. Check it out!

NightwingWho are you? I’m Nightwing! Good design on this one, and I think it is quite different than its source material inspiration.

Picture 1Not a costume, but I do love me the Mystery Machine with Scooby-Doo in the process.

Picture 2I can’t remember if I got permission to use this one. I hope this guy doesn’t mind.

Picture 3Princess Peach!

Picture 4Here’s Link playing the Ocarina of Time.

Picture 5This is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts with Alice from Wonderland.

Picture 6Cloud and Chibi Moon.

Picture 7Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. I saw a lot of these from this source material. I believe that I took a picture of this woman on the last post.

Picture 8Here’s Kirito from Sword Art Online. I give him points for intensity.

Picture 9Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. Again, saw a lot from this source material.

Picture 10Omigosh! It’s Static Shock with the Dolorean time machine from Back to the Future! If this isn’t neat to you, then you are heartless.

Picture 11Here’s Thor with a cute dress.

Picture 12Skitty from Pokemon, done in Lolita style.

Picture 13This is OmniMan from Digimon and a feminine version of Nightwing.

Picture 14We have Harley Quinn. Gotta love her!

Picture 15Not certain who this is.

Picture 16We have Lady Ragyo from Kill a Kill and The Signless from Homestuck.

Picture 17It’s Hodor with a young Bran Stark.

Picture 18Celty from Durara with Juvia from Fairy Tail.

Picture 19It is Jesus. Jesus-sama.

Picture 20It is an ice queen.

Picture 21What are we seeing? King Begela from Dragon Ball Z.

Picture 22Hawkeye. In whatever world, you want to like this guy.

Picture 23I’m told that this is Simon.

Picture 24This is Sera S Victoria. I hope that I got that right.

Picture 25It is Kim Possible and Guns for Hire Felix.

Picture 26Here are some serious cosplayers and the oldest people that I met on the floor besides my Dad.

Picture 27One of the best cosplayers that I have ever seen.

Picture 28I had to pick up a weapon and try this for myself.

Picture 29This is a melon from a web series known as Suspension of Disbelief.

My Trip to MomoCon: Part 1

Well, I am at MomoCon, and I did one of my favorite things: Take pictures of all the great cosplayers at MomoCon! I’ve got a bunch here, and I hope that you all got a chance to see yourself. All of you were so friendly, and you worked so hard on your costumes. Please attend my panel at 11:00 PM in Room 404 (GWCC 4) on Friday!

Picture 1Some Japanese Cult Party Kei, I’m told, some Lolita fashion? I am not certain, but it looks lovely.

Picture 2I’ve been seeing a lot of Homestuck characters at these Cons. Clearly, I need to be more “with it”.

Picture 3A little Alice Madness. I could have used the pic with the non-blurry knife, but I think this pic sells it.

Picture 4I don’t know how to pronounce this, but it is from Evangelion. This is Asuka Langley.

Picture 5Assassin’s Creed! Yes!

Picture 6In case you don’t get it at first, it is Smaug.

Picture 7Again, some Lolita street fashion. I’m clearly not “with it”.

Picture 8This one is just a variety.

Picture 9She tells me it’s Sakuga from Touhou. Just go to 2Shades of Geek to see more from her.

Picture 10A Ghostbuster in the world of Fallout 3? Where is that crossover?

PIcture 11What a bunch of Tricksters!

Picture 12Sorry you came out blurry, Raven.

Picture 13One of these is The Batter, and I lost track of the other one.

Picture 14I think this guy said he was Sid Barett. I hope I got that right.

Picture 15Uh…I think I got my names crossed on this one.

Picture 16This is Still Alice.

Picture 17You know here from Game of Thrones, complete with dragon.

Picture 18These characters are from Death Parade.

Picture 19Sailor Pluto!

Picture 20I’m told this is Morgiana from Magi. I feel bad if I botched that one.

Picture 21Alexander Anderson!

Picture 22Three characters, all from Fairy Tail.

Picture 23I probably didn’t get this right, but this is Mallo and a Maid.

Picture 24The stars of Gravity Falls, with an extra Mabel thrown in.

Picture 25The Red Ranger, and he really got into his role, believe you me.

Picture 26Alucard, just spell it backwards already.

Picture 27Another Alice, complete with rabbit.

Picture 28I think I have this mispelled but it is Nyo Netherlands on my notes Adelle Janson. I could and probably am wrong.

Picture 29Check it out, another con is on!

Picture 30Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter, you never get old.

Picture 31Mario Time!

Picture 32These are Aoba Seragaki and Noiz from Dramatical Murder. I’m told this is a gender-swapping one.

PIcture 33Rock Blackrock, so I’m told.

Picture 34I call this one the Doe or Fawn Princess. She gets points for originality.

Picture 35Vega from Street Fighter!

Picture 36Yet another Aruclad! Did you spell his name backwards yet?

Picture 37Fionna from Adventure Time.

Picture 38Not cosplay, but I liked her look.

Picture 39This is Static the Object head and Flareon.

Picture 40Purple Guy from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Picture 41Hei from Darker than Black along with a traditional Japanese foot soldier.

Picture 42Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, the comic. TsunMoki is the other, but I’m not certain I spelled that right.

Picture 43Asa Shigure from Shuffle.

Picture 44Kirito from Sao and a female Naruto.

Picture 45Nana Kiomatsu, and I definitely typed that wrong, unless I did. I like the baby.

Picture 46Sailor Moon meets Soul Eater meets Toyko Ghoul. Someone make this anime crossover!

Picture 47Twilight Sparkle, sans wings.

Picture 48Armin from Attack on Titan.

Picture 49Lumpy Space Princess.

Picture 50This isn’t the Nostalgia Critic that I was looking for.

Picture 51Esmeralda and Goofy.

Picture 52Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Picture 53Another Lolita fashion and an original elf. I don’t know what is up with the green.

Picture 54This is the mascot of MomoCon, Blue Steel.

Picture 55Garrus from Mass Effect 2.

Picture 56A Red Priestress from the Game of Thrones.

Picture 57Jinx from League of Legends with Zero from Code Geass.

Picture 58Another con is coming!

Picture 59This guy is a mix of Cloud from Final Fantasy with Tron. He rocks.

Picture 60Another Thor. This time, I didn’t try to pick up his hammer. That joke has been done to death.

Picture 61Trunks.

Picture 62A Hunter from the Destiny game.

Picture 63Even though it reminds me of the sad ending of Alien 3, it still cracks me up!

Picture 64Fluttershy and a new Spider-man.

Picture 65 Got a female Trunks, Rikku from FFX2, a Steampunk Poison Ivy, and…Scissor-runner. That’s an original character, people. She will run with those scissors.

Picture 66Rosie the Riveter and Jasmine. I wish that this one had turned out not so blurry. Sorry, ladies.

Picture 67Matuka Magica, maybe? I really need to know my anime.

Picture 68Gender-swapped Misty with Atri from League of Legends. Only at cons, people!

Picture 69Nanamimi and Saya of Blood +, I think.

Picture 70Lapis Lazuli from Stephen Universe. Need to get around to watching that some day.

Picture 71Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get this at first, it’s Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon.

Picture 72Another Homestuck character.

Picture 73Doll from Black Butler.

Picture 74Inuyasha and Kagome, I think I spelled that right.

Picture 75Ririchi yo of Inu and Boku and Kikyo from Inuyasha.

Picture 76One isn’t cosplaying around, and the other is Marilyn Manson. See if you can figure out who is who?

Picture 77Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Picture 78Two more from Tokyo Ghoul.

Picture 79Steampunk women.

Picture 80Mihu Cantarella (Vocloid).

Picture 81Cerys from World of Terkara.

Picture 82Last, but never least, it’s Ms. Marvel!

I am at MomoCon 2015!

MomoConAs you read this, I am hopefully in Atlanta enjoying MomoCon 2015. If you aren’t familiar with MomoCon, it is one of those events made for fans of anime, comics, video games, and all thinks geeky. Yeah, I haven’t been to one of these in a few months, and I flew down from Washington state across the nation just to attend.

As it so happens, I am also going to be speaking. I’ll be delivering a lecture on Video Games and Storytelling, and it is at a weird time-slot of 11 PM on Friday, May 29, 2015.

MomoCon Guest ListHere’s the exciting thing, I am actually on the docket as a “Gaming Guest”, and I am right next to Keith David, an actor who currently appears as a regular on Community and is the voice of Goliath on Gargoyles.

As usual, when I got to these conventions, I will take picture of the cosplayers, as well as spreading the word on my Labyrinth House book. Check out what I will have tomorrow here and on Facebook, and I guarantee this will be fun.

As for my lecture, I intend to have it ready on Prezi after it is over. Prezi is a place where you can put Powerpoint-like presentations, and it should be good.