A New Kind of Drone, Titan, Being Backed on IndieGogo

Normally when we review a product, we get a chance to get our hands on the product. We hope that we’ll be able to do a second review when this Kickstarter project comes out, but here is an overview of something we think is really neat! Introducing, Titan- an underwater drone that will produce quality video footage at a depth deeper than its rivals.

photo credit: Geneinno

With a 4K camera and 1080p filming capability, great underwater footage can be taken with the aid of a 160 degree wide angle lens. A couple of LED spotlights on the drone give you a combined 3,000 lumens. This is good, because the drone is able to go down to depths of 150 meters (490 feet). This is deeper than other drones out there go (50 to 100 meters).

There is, of course, a handy app to download, and it has all these features shown here:

photo credit: Geneinno

Here’s a video to show you exactly what this drone is all about:

The first drones are said to be deliverable this month for the early backers. The basic Titan kit is currently available for $1799 on Indiegogo. This is 30 percent of the mfrp, so it’s a great time to get one.

The basic kit includes:

  • the Titan
  • 50m Tether Cable
  • Remote Controller
  • Titan Hard-shell Case
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • 4 * Weight Module

We can’t wait for a chance to try this underwater drone out for ourselves. I think it would be a great Christmas gift for the Jacques Cousteau in your family.

Our Review of the Jimu Robots BuilderBots Kit, plus a special book announcement!

By now, I have reviewed two Jimu Robot kits already, including the Tankbot and Buzzbot. For those who need a quick refresher, the Jimu Robot kits are these building kits similar to LEGO MINDSTORMS, and these creations can be programmed to do all kinds of things, with the controls being on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

The Jimu Robots Builderbots Kit

I recently got a chance to try out the Jimu Robots Builderbots kit. For reasons that I will get into later, I will explain why I didn’t review it earlier.

The Builderbots Kit has two basic robots that you can see on the box. The first is the Grabberbot with the big claw, and the other is the DigBot that looks like a small bulldozer. These came with special instructions that you can download off the Jimu Robots app, which tells you via 3D instructions how to build and program.

Of course, there is nothing new about that, as you can read in my other Jimu Robots reviews. The reason why it took so long for me to review this product is that the instructions took a while before they appeared on the Jimu Robots app, not to mention the product on the Jimu Robots site.

It took a while, but the review unit that I was sent months ago is ready to go, and I like it a lot. There are a lot of colored pieces that are great to work with, and I enjoy the Sensor (also in the Tankbot kit) as well as the LED light. The LED light is very great as it can shine with many colors, and even create these emoticons.

You should be able to purchase the Builderbots kit on the Jimu Robots website for about $99.99. That is quite a bargain for a construction kit like this, and for two reasons, I will recommend it.

The UBTECH Jimu Robots Builder’s Guide: How to Create and Make Them Come to Life

Yes, here is the second reason! It is time for me to announce my 8th published work! This is The UBTECH Jimu Robots Builder’s Guide: How to Create and Make Them Come to Life.

This has been quite a journey for this past year. I pitched this book last year after I reviewed the Buzzbot/Muttbot and Tankbot kits, and it fell through by Christmas. Then, sometime in January, it looked like it would happen again.

And so it did. I had a chance to try out just about every Jimu Robot kit available, and then I combined them all to write a book about them. The book goes into detail about each piece, and then how to get these pieces together to do all kinds of things. For example, I have a chapter on how to make a vehicle and make it drive, as well as one on how to make a walking vehicle. There is an entire section on coding, as well as other special projects.

Yes, I had a lot of fun writing it, and it took a lot of work. It is available on Amazon now, and of course I encourage you to check it out.

The Mug That Won’t Tip Over- Review of the Mighty Mug ®

MM_Go_Red_-_Front_1024x1024So this was a fun product to receive to review. Taking a break from the headphones and cases, and now we get a product that will save the computer/gadget world from the inevitable drink spill. A lot of us like to drink coffee or some other beverage while surfing the web. Do you ever get nervous that you might bump your drink and knock it onto your keyboard or other nearby device? The Mighty Mug ® is the solution for you!

These amazing mugs come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, but they all have the same concept- a Smartgrip ® Technology that will hold your mug/cup in place when you bump it, knock it, or smack it(the instructions say not to punch it).

The amazement doesn’t stop there, though! You would think that suctioning your mug down to a table might be disastrous if you try to pick it up, but it easily lifts up when picked up above the wavy line.  That is on their travel mugs, which we were sent to review. The mugs are BPA free, fit in your car cupholders, and are dishwasher safe in the top rack.

Note: These do not work on carpeted, heavily textured or rounded surfaces. If you have a smooth desk top or table top, this is what you will need for your Mighty Mug to stay upright.

3_1024x1024They have other kinds of Mighty Mug products. What we got to review was the travel mug in 12 and 16 oz. sizes. The 12 oz size says it fits most single serve coffee machines. My coffee machine is unfortunately too small for it, but at about 6 inches tall without the lid on, it may fit yours. Back to the other kinds of products, there are some stainless steel mugs, some clear ones for cold drinks with a straw, and there are even bar glasses! You can drink wine or beer without knocking them over, too!

Prices vary by item, but for the 16 oz Mighty Mug Go, you can expect to pay $19.99. You can buy this and others on the Mighty Mug website with a 100% Happiness Guarantee.

30th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Pixel Pals

chun-liPixel Pals™ are an officially licensed collection of light-up, pixelated iconic characters brought to you by Performance Designed Products. Such characters include Mario, Luigi, Link, and Vault Boy from Fallout 4. We have been given the new 30th Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Pixel Pals™ to review.

Chun-Li is number 11 in the Pixel Pals™ series. Fans of Street Fighter II will recognize her as the first female fighter. She became a playable character in the game in 1991, and now is one of the most popular characters of the game. Now her fans can have a little 8 bit Chibi form that glows with the addition of two AAA batteries- not included.

Number 12 in the series is Ryu. I would think that he would come before Chun-Li, but ladies first, eh? Ryu, of course, was a main character in the very first Street Fighter game- which premiered in 1987. His character is wearing ryu1the classic gi, black belt, hachimaki(headband), and sparring gloves.

The plastic, pixelated, glowing characters stand at almost 5 inches tall, and a little over 4 inches wide. If you have a long shelf, you could line up all the 8-bit characters from your favorite game classics and have a little lighted parade!

We’re told that the next release will be announced shortly. What game character would you like to see from Pixel Pals? Leave your favorite in the comments below, and go purchase the other characters for $14.99 on their website, or at Amazon.com. They are also available in Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop stores.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Review

ReconChat-PS-PackagePhoto-1200x1200For the video gamer looking for a simple way to chat while playing on their PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One, or even mobile device, Turtle Beach has a relatively inexpensive answer: the Ear Force Recon Chat.

This product would primarily be used for chatting during a game. If you want to include your family and friends in the room with you during the game, this would definitely be the ideal way. Anyone can still hear the volume coming into/out of the ear cup. The description on the box says that this “Open ear-cup allows you to hear game audio in both ears.” Likewise, you can reverse what side you have your ear-cup on.

The shape of the earcup is unique to allow it to fit over glasses. That might be a bonus to many gamers. There isn’t a lot of padding to the headset, but it does feel reasonably comfortable. There’s not really a fair comparison to other Turtle Beach headsets that are more expensive. They aren’t bad for the price. You get what you pay for. Some gamers might prefer the non-bulky experience of this headset to the heavier ones that weigh you down after a while.

The mic does make your voice heard clearly, and it is adjustable, as well as having the toggle on the wire for volume control, or to mute the mic. This gaming audio product is not yet available in the U.S., but you can pre-order one on the Turtle Beach site for $19.95. It is anticipated to ship starting May 15th. You can either get blue for PS4, or green for XBox.

Disclaimer: Turtle Beach sent this free product to TheGeekChurch in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received, and this review is not influenced in anyway by the company.

YouTube user creates 40W Laser products

laser-shotgunThere is a YouTube users known as styropyro who has created some interesting laser creations, including a lightsaber. He has recently created a 40W laser rifle that makes me wonder about the legality of weapons.

I am assuming that you can just make a weapon like a nuclear bomb, right? Well, I suppose that this laser gun, which uses eight parallel 5W laser beams fastened to a huge heatsink and has a giant diode laser array regulated by 24 LM317 drivers.

You can see on the video how this user can blast things like ping pong balls and wood igniting them until they burn. I have to admit that would come in handy, but it would also kill your eyes, wouldn’t it?

Yeah, there is no reason to have this laser, as an over-the-counter laser should have only 0.005W of power. I don’t think that is enough to burn eyes, but the prototype lasers used by the U.S. Navy have 30,000 Watts of power used to shoot down drones.

This leads me to wonder if someone can just build a weapon like this, and will the law look the other way? I mean, what is keeping an army of laser wielding soldiers from invading?


Acme Made Charge™ for iPhone 6

CaptureAcme Made sent us this nifty little case for the iPhone 6 (also comes for the 6 Plus). It’s called Charge™, but it is not a case that will charge your phone. Instead, it has a kickstand that comes out(the red part). Underneath the kickstand lies the secret to the case- a little Lightning to USB cable that snaps out, so you can hook your phone into a USB port.

I suppose this could be useful if you have your laptop with you, and you don’t want to forget your USB connecting cable. The world might be a better place if there were USB ports in all electrical outlets, of course.

CaptureBut in the meantime, unless you have your computer with you, you will have a hard time finding a place to plug this into, I think. I could see the usefulness of having this cord hiding in your case if you are always misplacing your charging cord.

The case itself is an impact resistant, polycarbonate, and the kickstand allows you to view your phone while it’s charging in both portrait and landscape mode.

You can purchase Charge™ for $49.95 on the Acme Made website.

Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air

Ergo iPad CaseWe received the Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air from Acme Made to review. If you like to use your iPad while walking around, you definitely want to look into this product!

The Ergo Book Sling has an adjustable/removable strap that allows you to carry your iPad like a purse (or a Murse), and you don’t even have to take it all the way out to use it while you are strolling along. You can simply slide your device out a bit if you need to take a picture, or you can rotate it using the QuickSpin 360™ feature to view your tablet in a landscape view. There is a pocket to carry credit cards or other items- so you don’t even have to carry a separate wallet- perfect for the person always on the go. I would exercise caution, though, and not try to walk while using your device, or you could end up like that person who fell in the mall fountain while walking and texting.

When you are not wearing it to use your iPad on the go, you can detach the straps, and the Ergo book sling folds to become a stand for the device- which can also be viewed in a horizontal or vertical position. The case comes in a super slim design and has a smooth and stain-resistant outer shell. You can also buy it in a size for your iPad Mini. Note that it will not hold an iPad Air 2, and they currently have no plans to make one for that size, but may reconsider if there is a high enough demand.

The Ergo Book Sling for iPad Air is available for purchase for $79.95 on AcmeMade’s site and also in the Apple store.

Solowheel and Hovertrax from the Inventist

hovertraxToday’s review is of two new, cool gadgets that will propel you around and get you where you are going in style!  These were items that Mark came across at CES.  Next year, I’m going with him so I can experience all these cool things firsthand.

Hovertrax is like a light-weight, “look-Ma-no-hands” Segway! I could see people on the college campuses in our area riding around on these.  That is, if they want to pay $995 for one.  The Hovertrax goes 5 mph and will get you 8 miles before you have to charge it for 45 minutes.  This item is due to come out this year.

solowheelAnother thing that can move you at Inventist.com is the Solowheel.  If you have a little more money to spend($1595), you can ride this motorized unicycle without a seat around town, or around campus, too!  It’s a bit faster than Hovertrax- between 10 and 12 mph.  It runs for about 10 miles, and will need to charge for 3 to 5 hours after that.  The weight of the Solowheel is 24.25 lbs, and will hold up to 220 lbs.  It is supposed to be good for your core and balance.  When they reviewed it on the show “The Doctors,” the new rider reported it as being quite a workout, and, of course, it takes a little practice to be able to control it.

Solowheel Extreme promises higher efficiency in power, more sleek,an LED light for nighttime riding, and built-in Bluetooth capabilities. Apps for smartphones, tablets and watches will be available in the near future. The Solowheel Extreme is more expensive at $2,295. You can pre-order this item, and order all other items at The Inventist website.

I’m back from PAXPrime 2014 and I have some awesome Cosplay pictures!

Last week, I reported that I was headed to the Penny Arcade Expo. If you have never been to a gaming convention, comic convention or any other type of con, you know that there there are a lot of cosplay going on. I have to say that the best part of the convention was when I just walked around and just took pictures of the cosplayers.

After the jump, you are going to see quite a few pics of some of the most awesome cosplayers that I saw.

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