Merry SKECH-mas, Part 2: Polo Book for iPhone 7 and Journal for Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro 9.7

skech-4Since I am on a series about SKECH products, I decided to end it with things that close. So I am going to write on the Polo Book for the iPhone 7 as well as two Journal slim fit folio style case for the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro 9.7.

The Polo Book for the iPhone 7/6S/6 puts Apple’s most famous smartphone in something that looks like a wallet. Most products that I see like these hold about three credit cards, and this one has one as well. This one has a transparent cover which is perfect for a driver’s license, and there is even a small pocket for cash, assuming you folded your bills and have no coins.

So it shuts on the iPhone 7 like a wallet, and it has a magnetic clasp to seal it shut. What is interesting is that Polo Book has an iPhone case that magnetizes and becomes a folio, so it is perfect for watching videos.

You should be able to purchase the Polo Book on the SKECH site for about $39.99 in Black, Brown, and Pink.

skech-5Now it is time to start reviewing the Journal, or at least one of them. I will start with a slim folio style case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I will have to admit that this has an interior shell to provide maximum protection.

It looks black, like it could be leather, but it really is not. It has an anti-slip lining so you can view your Surface Pro 4 from many angles. It is compatible with the Surface keyboard, so you can find the perfect typing angle. Oh there is also a pen holder made for the stylus. Those things always help, really.

In short, it is very slim fit design, and it is a pretty interesting product. You should be able to get it on the SKECH site for $39.99.

Those who know my usual routine that I usually put separate pictures by the text about this, but I found that the picture for the Journal for the iPad Pro 9.7 looks just like the image that I found for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Since I had both to review, I can tell you that they are different, but not completely different. I mean, they have a slim-fit design, hard shell, faux leather design, anti-slip lining for positioning, but the Journal for iPad Pro 9.7 has an Apple Pencil holder.

Oh, the price is different at about $34.99 on the SKECH site.

Nuevue case keeps your iPhone clean

Nuevue iphone_black_leather_front_largeI have seen a lot of cases for the iPhone, and most of them are designed to keep Apple’s favorite smart phone protected. However, even the best case or screen protector cannot keep the screen or its backside safe from smudges.

If you want to just wipe the screen, you can do that, but I am assuming that you don’t want to do that. Imagine if you just did it as you went. These is the Nuevue iPhone cases, and it is a pretty simple sleeve.

Just stick in the iPhone, and the case is lined with the highest grade microfibers, to grab the smartphone tightly but not too tight. Then, as you take it out, the iPhone gets another good wipe.

In addition to getting rid of smudges, the Nuevue case has a BioCote for continuous antimicrobial protection to make your iPhone even cleaner and last longer.

If you are interested in Nuevue, check out their website. They come in all types of colors and materials and made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. There are more models for more smartphones and tablets coming soon. Keep an eye on this company, and watch for others like it. I believe that there is a need.

OnanOff Dock Minimal for Tablets

SONY DSCNow that CES 2014 is over and done with, I can get back to doing some of my favorite things: gadget reviews. Especially since a lot of gadgets that I will review were obtained at CES.

One of them is the Dock Minimal Tablets, from OnanOff. I briefly stopped by their booth at CES, and they really have a lot of cool stuff. You can see how the Dock Minimal works in the image, but this is really interesting as it is capable of many angles that I didn’t show. For example, you can do landscape view, or slap it on the side.

What makes this different is it can accommodate just about any tablet, and I am assuming that will do the Samsung 12.2 inch tablet. Yeah, that was unveiled at CES, and I may or may not do a hands-on review of that. For all tablets, there are some rack holders that you stick in the side to adjust for the thickness of your tablet.

As an added bonus, the rod that holds up the tablet at an angle can also be used as a stylus. Yep, it is that good. You should be able to get it on the OnanOff site for about $39.95.

Slope Stand for the iPad/iPad Mini

SlopeIt is very interesting to see a Kickstarter project come to fruition, and I must have missed the unveiling of the Slope for the iPad and the iPad Mini.

The Slope is made from aerospace grade aluminum, and it has two nanofoam pads. This is how you can stick it on a car window like the image shows. If that isn’t a selling point, you should know that it holds your favorite Apple tablet at a 66 degree angle. Is that important? Apparently, Slope thinks it is.

So, if you want to get in on it, just go to the Slope site and pay $59.99 for the iPad and $54.99 for the iPad Mini.


Redbubble makes some of the coolest iDevice cases

ic,x350,ipad3_deflector.u3I’m sure that you know that this is blog is called The Geek Church for a good reason, with an emphasis on the geek in this review. I never heard of Redbubble before the company sent me their products, but I am glad that I did.

Redbubble has a lot of diverse artists and designers, and they make T-shirts, wall art, and iPhone/iPad accessories, something we cover a lot on this blog. It’s purpose is to give artists a chance to put their work on display on the gallery of humanity. I didn’t quote that from their website, but merely a description of what they do.

If you go to the RedBubble site right now, you will find all kinds of iPhone and iPad cases for anything that you like. You can see in the illustrations here the Firefly iPad case ($58.58) and the iPhone 5 case with the Tardis ($36.50) just as examples.

ic,x350,iphone5_deflectorThis is one of those times where I could discuss all the cool stuff at RedBubble, but it really would take up too much space. I highly suggest going to the Redbubble site and entering in whatever geeky fad you like. Chances are, you will find some accessories for it.

The iPad Telephoto lens by Photojojo

iPad_Telephoto_Lens_610x406I think we all know that the cameras on our tablets just are not that good sometimes, especially if we are trying to focus on something. Generally, it usually takes a somewhat blurry photo and make it even blurrier.

Also, is the tablet really made for taking photos? It really is quite big to point and click, but the iPad telephoto lens from Photojojo (not to be confused with Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls) could really make the iPad or iPad mini downright useful for photography.

As you can see in the image, The iPad telephoto lens gives a 10x Zoom for the iPad 3 and 4, while it is good for 12x for the iPad Mini. Of course, you will have to use the snap-on back cover for the iPad, which means your current cover might have to take a holiday if you are using the iPad to take pictures.

You should be able to get it at the Photojojo site for $24.